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Disney Rapunzel Animator Doll

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2013 15:43
      Very helpful



      A lovely toy or collectable.

      Since my daughter received a Merida Toddler Doll (from the film Brave) for Christmas, she has been mad on the huge range of toddler/Animator dolls at The Disney Store. The Animator dolls look like different female Disney characters (mainly princesses) but as young children. The Animator dolls include Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Jasmine and Belle. We brought my daughter the Rapunzel Animator Doll for her last birthday. My daughter loves Disney Princesses, particularly Rapunzel who she often says is her favourite princess. I knew right away that my daughter would love this particular doll and I wasn't wrong!

      The Rapunzel Animator Doll comes presented in a lovely box. The box is made from cardboard, is nicely decorated and has a plastic front so you can get a good look at the doll. The Rapunzel Animator Doll is a Disney Store Exclusive and cannot be brought anywhere else.

      The first thing to mention about the doll is how beautiful she is. She is absolutely adorable, I felt bad having to take her out of the box! If I didn't have children I would probably be tempted to buy the Rapunzel Animator Doll as a collectible piece to put out on display (it almost looks like a porcelain doll).

      She has beautiful blonde hair, which reaches all the way down to her feet. She doesn't have hair as long as Rapunzel does in the film (it would be impossible!) but she has the longest hair of all the Animator dolls and this is one of her most notable features. She wears a silky purple dress which has striped pink/purple puffball sleeves, white lace around the neck and bodice top (with pink lace and bow at the top). The dress comes down to her knees. Our Rapunzel has a plain purple skirt with white lace around the bottom, although I've noticed the photo of the Rapunzel Animator Doll on the Disney Store website has a glittery overlay. There isn't much difference between the two skirts and they both look just as nice. The dress looks very similar to the one which Rapunzel wears in the film and can be removed. My daughter enjoys dressing/undressing her dolls, so this is a nice feature for her to have. The doll doesn't come with shoes because Rapunzel spends a lot of the movie not wearing shoes. This is great as it means my daughter can't lose them! Underneath her dress she wears a pair of purple knickers which are printed on. She has a lot of nice detail, such as her little fingers/toes and ears. One of my favourite features of the doll is probably her face - she has HUGE green eyes, a tiny button nose, slightly chubby and rosy cheeks, perfectly shaped eyebrows, a small pouty pink mouth and small freckles dotted across her the bridge of her nose and cheeks. All in all the Rapunzel Animator Doll looks beautiful, innocent, really cute and just like you would expect her to look as a youngster.

      All of the Animator Dolls come with pets/friends. The Rapunzel doll comes with Pascal the chameleon. Pascal is a few inches in diameter and is completely green. It's soft on the inside and silky on the outside. He was attached to Rapunzel's wrist but my daughter wanted to remove him as soon as she opened the doll. Pascal is very sweet and my daughter really enjoys playing with the doll and chameleon together. I've just checked the Disney Store website and unfortunately it looks as though Rapunzel no longer comes with a pascal. I think the new Animator Dolls may no longer come with pets/friends which is a bit of a shame.

      My daughter was delighted to receive her doll and wanted to play with it right away. Quite often my daughter can be rough with her toys and dolls, however I've noticed that she's very loving and caring towards her Rapunzel Animator Doll. She puts her in safe places, she plays with her nicely, she puts her 'clothes' back on when she's finished playing with her, she keeps her next to her bed when she sleeps - she really adores her! She hasn't put her down since she got her and takes her everywhere with her. I often find her playing with the Rapunzel doll with her other dolls and toys, but she also plays with her alone sometimes too. Her arms, legs and head can also be moved which allows my daughter to sit her down, stand her up and put her in different positions.

      The doll is made from a thick robust plastic. It seems like really good quality and something which will last a long time. I thought the silky dress may snag easily but it's in perfect condition so far. The hair could become a problem over time, however we have made sure to look after it to avoid getting in tangled and matted. She doesn't get thrown in the toy box with the other toys and my daughter regularly runs a brush through her hair. The doll is a really generous size (approximately 41cm tall and 16cm wide) and seems very safe. There doesn't appear to be any potential hazards, however the doll is recommend for children 3+ years 'due to small parts'.

      I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the Rapunzel Animator Doll. The only thing I would like to point out is that the doll isn't soft or cuddly in any way. It's purely for playing with and looking at.

      The Rapunzel Animator Doll costs £20.00 which I think is a reasonable price to pay for this doll - I've paid more for Barbie type dolls which are half the size and aren't half as robust or pretty! I thoroughly recommend this doll for fans of Rapunzel.


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