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Dora The Explorer Splash and Surprise Fairy Dora

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Mattell / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2013 12:04
      Very helpful



      fantastic bath toy

      My daughter Stevie is Dora the explorer mad and has been for a few years now. She was getting a bit old for baby bath toys so when I saw this I thought it was a great idea as it was still something she could spend time in the bath playing with but was more for her age range, she was 5 at the time.

      At the time I paid £19.99 from the Argos for this toy which all in all I think was a reasonable price for how much fun she has had with it and the fact it is still as good as new after 3 years of use.

      With the Dora doll you get a base, ours is blue but I have seen them I different colours, it has 3 suction cups on the back of it to attach it to the tiles in your bathroom or the side of your bath to sit the Dora head in whilst playing with it. As with a lot of suction toys I found it didn't stick very well to the plastic bath we have but stuck better to the tiles around the bath instead. The head sits on it in a slight groove so stays there without falling off whilst played with.

      Along with this you also get a hair comb to comb the dolls hair, clip in pieces of hair which are one of my daughters favourite parts to this as they change colour depending on weather you dip them in hot or cold water. You also get a sponge and a bowl too, these are to use with doras makeup. As she has designs on her face and swim suit that become visible when warm water is washed across them.

      I love this bath toy as do all three of my daughters, it is great quality and the hair is still as good as it was the day it was brought despite all the torture from my daughters with the brush, washing and general play, I expected it to start to fall out or tangle into a right mess but it never has. This can also be used out side of the bat too although in my house it mainly gets used in the bath.

      I would recommend this to all young girls as a bath toy for when they grow out of the baby and toddler toys weather they are a Dora fan or not.


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      06.01.2012 09:00
      Very helpful



      a grown up bath toy

      Despite having a four year old at home, our range of bath toys were slightly limited for a while. My poor daughter was still playing with one of the toys in the bath she had when she was a baby. We decided to get her the Splash and surprise fairy Dora when she repeatedly asked for it after watching the adverts before Christmas.

      ==What is Splash and Surprise Dora?==

      Splash and surprise Dora is essentially a bath toy and styling head all in one. Immediately I knew this would suit my daughter as she loves playing with dolls and taking them in the bath.
      Dora comes as a large dolls head on a plastic bust base. This base which is brightly coloured and co-ordinated to fit Dora's girly colours of turquoise, pink and purple has three suction pads attached to her back which can be attached to the side of the bath.
      Dora's head is the largest piece of the toy and is very big compared to the base unit. I don't think this overly matters as it doesn't look too out of place and to play with, the child needs to be able to access Dora's hair more than anything else.
      Her hair is something anyone would be jealous of. She has lovely thick dark brown hair with purple streaks in her fringe. She has a perfectly straight bob cut that many hairdressers could learn from.

      ==What's in the box==

      As well as the Dora styling head, you will also receive a few bits and pieces to make your playing experience even better. These include some clips, a brush, fake hair on a clip in a rather strange pink and blue shade, a sponge, dish that attaches to the side of the bust unit, and a brush.

      ==What can you do with Dora==

      This toy is designed to use both in and out of the bath, but to be honest you will get the most enjoyment from the toy when using in water, and like many bath toys, once they get in the bath one day they tend to stay there.
      Dora has little features on her that makes her playing experience come alive. The purple streaks in her hair will turn pink when warm water hits her hair.
      You can give Dora some lovely face paint or make up with the sponge. She has a design on each cheek which comes alive when water is passed over her face.
      A design on Dora's swimsuit will change colour in water as well. Then of course you cannot forget the styling, washing etc of the hair that little girls can spend hours on.

      ==What's Good==

      Immediately I loved the fact from a parent's perspective that this was a grown up toy for the bath not designed for babies and toddlers.
      Dora is solid and well made which was a great plus, and from a four year olds point of view, she can carry the toy around without it being too bulky or heavy.
      I was worried that Dora's hair would become matted ruined after the first time she went in the bath. If you leave the hair to dry completely, I am pleased to report that her hair can be brushed through almost like from the first use out of the box. I was really pleased with this as it's one of the main features of the toy, and would be ruined without this facility time after time.

      ==What's not so good==

      We found that Dora's suction pads like to come off the back of the bust when not attached to the bath. They are designed to be removed should you play with the toy out of the bath, but they don't lock in to place as well as I'd like. Once attached to the bath, I haven't yet found a problem, but it has to be noted that any over excitement and heavy handedness from the child would probably send Dora diving into the water for her own dip.


      I have been impressed with Dora overall. She cost £21.99 which is probably on the high side for a bath toy, but for the enjoyment my daughter has gotten out of her even in the short time she has had her, I cannot grumble at the money in the slightest. The fact that Dora doesn't need batteries is a bonus from any parent's perspective.


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