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ELC Mrs Goodbee's Interactive Dolls House

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Brand: ELC / Type: Doll House / Age: 3 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2009 22:11



      I highly recommend this

      My daughter got this for christmas and she was so delighted with it and it was her favourite. Its the main toy she plays with. It only comes with 1 figure and a dog you have to buy the bed, dining table, sofa, tv etc at around £10 a set so it is rather expensive. i think its more durable than traditional wooden houses which are easily broken, paint chipped etc. She has drew on it a few times with crayon and its wiped off which I cant say would be the case with a wooden one! She loves the sounds, its a working doorbell which when pressed sounds plus mrs goodbees eyes open. Says hundreds of phases such as when you flush loo, "wash your hands", open teh fridge door "snack time" etc. When it first came out it was priced at £100 which i refused to pay and after a few months came to £60 which I think its worth. Not worth £100 though especially when you think it costs £10-£15 to furnish each room!


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      16.01.2009 14:00
      Very helpful



      A great dolls house to encourage imaginative play

      Father Christmas was incredibly kind to my youngest daughter this year bringing her this wonderful interactive dolls house. She was absolutely over the moon when she first saw it on Christmas morning and has hardly stopped playing with it since. It is such an amazing dolls house that it's difficult to know where to start to describe it!

      It is quite tall standing at probably about two and a half feet tall. When you first see it it looks quite narrow but it very cleverly folds out providing lots of space for playing. Also because it folds out to six rooms on each side it means that both my daughters can play at the same time without getting in each others way - in other words without arguing! The rooms include a kitchen, living room bathroom, bedrooms, baby's room and attic. It comes with a few bits of built in furniture and three small dolls (a lady, a bby and a dog) but there are many other sets that you can buy separately to go with it. (I know what we will be buying for Natalie's birthday in March!)

      This would be a fabulous dolls house just as it is, as it is very attractive and with so many rooms there is lots to fire up a child's imagination. However, it is so much more because it is an interactive dolls house meaning that there is lots to do and discover in every room.

      The front of the house looks like a big welcoming face with windows for eyes and a big smile on the front door. The doorbell rings and the window eyes open and close and move from side to side. When you ring the bell the smile lights up and the house (Mrs Goodbee) talks and sings as she welcomes you in!

      There is so much going on in the other rooms too. In fact it states on the box that there are over 400 activities, songs, words and sounds and I'm pretty sure that my girls have not discovered all of these yet. I won't describe them all but some of our favourites are a toilet that flushes, a revolving door, a cradle in the baby's room that plays lullabies, bunk beds that fold up and down and a pet bed that barks! The list is endless and everything is so very carefully thought out that it will really enthrall any small child - just like it does my daughters everytime they play with it.

      When we bought it, it arrived in a box and there were a few pieces that had to be constructed but not too many much to the relief of my husbnd! However, there were a large number of stickers that needed to be applied to all the rooms just to add the finishing touches. This was quite fiddly and time consuming (unfortunately it was my job to do this) but there were very good instructions to follow making sure that you put them all in the right place.

      The doll's house was supplied with batteries which are obviously needed to operate everything. One good thing which helps preserve the life of the batteries is that if your child stops playing with it, it will turn itself off after a short while - I do think this is very helpful.

      The doll's house is made by Caring Corners which is a company that really likes to develop caring and sharing in young children. One of the features of the house is the 'good deeds' garden and if you want you can use this to encourage your child to do responsible things like brush teeth, tidy up or share toys. The idea is that when they do this they can pick a flower sticker to place in the garden. Apparently some of these stickers reveal codes and there is a website you can go to:

      www.caringcorners. com

      and enter the code to gain access to lots of activities. I have not tried this yet but I do think it is a nice idea and will probably use it with my younger daughter to encourage her to be more tidy!

      At the website there is also a parent's corner which gives us a lot of ideas about ways to teach caring and sharing. I have only had a quick look but it looks very useful.

      Overall this is a fantastic dolls house and already has provided my daughters with lots of imaginative roleplaying fun. When I first saw it in the Early Learning Centre it was priced at £125 which really was beyond my budget but luckily they brought it down to £75 which was really good value. It's always worth shopping around for these more expensive items just in case you come across a bargain.


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    • Product Details

      The house includes an incredible 400+ activities, songs, words and sounds. The house opens to show six rooms on each side. Mrs Goodbee's eyes move and blink and she smiles and talks. Comes with a girl, baby and dog for imaginary creative play.

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