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ELC Rosebud Family Figure Set

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Brand: ELC / Age: 3+

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2011 22:53
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money!

      My daughter loves playing with dolls and is really starting to develop imaginative play. When I was in our ELC recently, this was on a half price offer so I decided to buy it for her as a treat. She was 21 months old when I bought this for her.

      ---About the range:
      The Early Learning Centre Rosebud Family Figure Set is part of the Rosebud range available from ELC. All of the range are in the main colours of pink and white making them more suitab le for girls. The range includes the actual Rosebud dolls house, furniture sets for different rooms, dolls families, pet sets and smaller dolls sets.

      ---About the product:
      This set is one of the smaller sets and includes an adult female, a child and a baby doll as well as a pram and a trike with trailer. The mum and child have wooden heads, hands and feet which are joined together with rope to form the body. They both have blonde hair (the mum's is long and the child's is curly), blue eyes and a big red smile. The mum is wearing a pink dress with green cardigan and the child is wearing a pink striped top with denim dungarees. The baby has a wooden head and is wrapped in a pink a pink shawl that is stuck down so can't be removed.

      The pram is wooden white with pink wheels and a little heart carved out of the end. It is designed to contain the baby and be pushed by the mum. The trike is light purple with blue wheels and has a pink trailer that is attached by a hook. The front of the trike can be turned round so it can be steered. When we got this product, it came in a cardboard box with pictures of the items on the front. Each piece was wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with sellotape that took quite a while to unwrap.

      ---Our experiences:
      My daughter was very excited when I started unwrapping all the bits for her and was even more so when she saw the dolls coming out. Since recieving them she has not stopped playing with them and takes them with her everywhere. I have had to find a small bag for her to take them in and she knows what pieces there are and will complain if she can't find one of the dolls or the pram. She has made them into a family and unfortunately for my husband she has decided that as there is a Mummy and a baby, the other one must be Daddy which is very sweet. The dolls have movable legs and arms which mean it is easy to put the child (or Daddy...) onto the trike and make Mummy push the pram. They can be quite hard to get them to stand up so my daughter gives them to me and asks for them to stand or sit depending on what she wants. She absolutely adores playing with these and I have now bought her some of the furniture so she can play with that too for Christmas.

      ---My findings:
      These have been an amazing addition to our toy collection as they have kept my daughter quiet for ages. When we go out for a meal or in the car, we take the dollies with us and she sits happily playing with them and making up stories of what they're doing so they are really helping her imagination develop. We don't have a dolls house as we don't have the room but we make houses from her Duplo and the dollies go in that and up and down the stairs we make for her so they can easily be played with without the house or any other sets. The only problem she has with them is getting them into the position she wants or trying to make them stand up, but this is probably because they are designed for older children with more co-ordination. I cannot praise these enough and my parents have also commented how useful they are for her to take out when she needs to sit still for a while. We do have to make sure that we don't lose the baby as it is quite small and easy to get lost underneath something.

      I am happy with the quality of this product as there are no rough edges and the trike and pram have good details in them and move along when pushed well. They are painted in nice colours that match the rest of the set and this set would be suitable for girls or boys as it is not too dependant on colour. The dolls are also well made and the clothing fits well and the hair has not fallen out despite my daughters rough play.

      ---And finally:
      I would definitely recommend this dolls set as it is well made and has been a delight for my daughter to play with. Full price they are £8 which I think it excellent value for the amount of play she has had from them. They can obviously be added with other sets which will enhance the play, but can be used with any other toys with a biot of imagination. They state they are suitable for over 3 years, but with supervision I would lower that to 2 years. The only small part in this set is the baby, and although my daughter has chewed it a couple of times, she has been told not to enough that she hasn't tried to again. After one month of play most days, I would be happy to buy this again and am looking forward to her getting some of the furniture sets to add to the play value of these dolls.


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