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ELC Rosebud House Children's Bedroom Set

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Brand: ELC / Type: Doll Accessories - Children's Bedroom Set

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    2 Reviews
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      18.02.2013 17:11
      Very helpful



      My little girl's favourite room-set

      One of the presents that my daughter received for her third birthday recently was the ELC Rosebud Dolls House. Of course, once you have a dolls house, you need all the furniture to go in it, so she also received several sets of furniture. This particular set, the Children's Bedroom Set, was actually received as a Christmas present in preparation for the arrival of the dolls house (which was sitting in our loft having been purchased when it was on sale) and she has been using it with the Rosebud Treehouse set.

      * The Product *
      The Rosebud House Children's bedroom set is one of several sets designed specifically for the Rosebud Dolls House. It contains pink bunk-beds complete with blue and white gingham duvets and pillows, a rocking baby crib, a rocking horse, toy train and a minature version of the dolls house itself. It also has a baby doll with a bottle of milk. The furniture is all made of wood and the quality is excellent. There are some lovely little details, such as the heart cut outs on the headboards of both the bunk bed and the crib. The furniture is in perfect proportion to be used by the dolls and also the ideal size to be held by little hands. Although the suggested age range for this product is 3 years plus, the furniture is chunky enough that you wouldn't necessarily about a younger sibling/friend playing with it, as it is much more durable than some dolls house furniture and the only genuinely tiny piece in this particular room set is the baby's bottle.

      * Playability *
      As previously mentioned, my daughter actually had this room-set before she had the house and she did play with the furniture and the figures on their own on a few occasions. However, with the arrival of the Rosebud House, this set has really come into its own. She has chosen to set up the loft room of the Rosebud House as the Children's Bedroom and this seems to be the set that is most played with. I am not sure whether that is because the loft is the most convenient part of the doll's house to play with, or because she can relate best to this set as it is the children's room, but she clearly gets a lot of enjoyment from it. She loves putting the children into their bunk beds and tucking them it, using the Mummy or Grandma figure to rock the baby to sleep in its crib and making the children ride on the rocking horse and play with their toys. It is fantastic for developing those all important 'small-world' and imaginative play skills by encouraging a child to re-enact scenarios that are familiar to them through their play with the dolls and furniture, as well as firing their imagination to create new scenarios through their play. The relatively small size of the furniture also encourages fine motor skills as there is a certain amount of dexterity required to put the children to bed or fit one of the dolls astride the rocking horse. It is genuinely lovely to listen to my little girl chattering away as she plays with her dolls, giving them different voices and personalities. Of course, being children, the furniture isn't limited just to being used exclusively by the doll family - in the short time that this room-set has been in the dolls house, it has also been used by two Duplo penguins, a Hello Kitty figure and several Star Wars characters - back to the theme of imaginative play again!

      * Price *
      The Rosebud House Children's Bedroom set is currently available from Early Learning Centre for £15.00. As they have frequent sales / discount codes, it would probably be possible to get it cheaper than this if you keep an eye out for the best deals. All the room sets are the same price.

      * Final Thoughts *
      This is a beautfully made set and a perfect accompaniment to the Rosebud House. It looks lovely in situ in the house and my little girl is really enjoying playing with it so far. As a stand alone set, I would suggest that it has limited value - she did play with it occasionally before we bought her the house, but it never really held her attention for long. I think that it would work in any dolls house with similar dimensions - obviously it has been designed with the Rosebud House in mind so the proportions are ideal for that, but I have also seen similar sized wooden dolls houses that I think would be enhanced by the addition of this particular room set. The theme of this set is clearly appealing to a pre-school age child, being something that they can instantly identify with - familiarity is definitely still an important concept at this age - and I think this enhances my little girl's enjoyment of playing with this. Overall, if you own or are planning to buy the Rosebud House, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this set.


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        08.01.2012 22:48
        Very helpful



        Lots of fun for small people

        As previously written, I really wanted to get my daughter the ELC Rosebud House but it was deemed too big and too expensive so I decided to just get her some of the dolls and then the furniture sets instead that could be stored in a box as needed. She later got a much smaller dolls house so is now able to play with her dolls in her house. My sister bought her this set when she was 28 months.

        ---About the range:
        The Early Learning Centre Rosebud Children's Bedroom Set is part of the Rosebud range available from ELC. All of the range are in the main colours of pink and white making them more suitab le for girls. The range includes the actual Rosebud dolls house, furniture sets for different rooms, dolls families, pet sets and smaller dolls sets.

        ---About the set:
        The children's bedroom set comprises a cot with bottle and baby; a set of bunk beds with bedding; a toy doll's house; a toy rocking horse and a toy train. The cot is pink and is a small wooden rocking cot with heart detail carved in the ends of it. On one side there is a small hole which a very small white bottle can be placed into - although slightly precariously and there is a small blanket that fits in the bottom of the cot. There is a small baby that fits into the cot who unlike the other dolls in this range has a soft body, arms and legs and just a wooden head. The bunk beds are pink (unlike the picture) and have a matching ladder which hangs over the end of the top bunk so the dolls can get into the bed. There is also bedding for the beds comprising a checkered sheet for each bed and a checkered pillow for each as well.

        As well as the beds, there are small toys that your dolls can play with. The first is a blue rocking horse which actually rocks and can fit one of the smaller dolls from the other sets on. There is also a little green train which has an engine and two carriages. These are joined together by string and can be pulled ablong although the wheels don't move. Lastly there is a pretend dolls house which is painted pink and white similar to the Rosebud doll's house itself. It is a solid house so nothing can be opened but is very pretty. Everything matches the other furniture sets and the Rosebud doll's house which can also be purchased.

        ---Our experiences:
        My daughter already had a couple of sets from this range so recognised the box when we opened it and wanted to put it in her house straight away. Everything came out easily as it is in a box which has pictures of everything on it and the items are then in a cardboard tray with some items in little bags. We started to put it all into her dolls house and even though it is smaller than the ELC one, everything fitted nicely and she was able to play with it. All the items are recognisable to her so she was able to play with them and develop her imaginative play with little encouragement.

        She's had the set now for about 2 months and the set is still very much played with. Her favourite thing is the baby and the cot and she loves putting the baby in the cot and rocking it or getting one of the other dolls to play with it. She also loves to shout 'Mummy, Daddy!' as if the baby is calling for them which confuses us a lot as we keep running in to see her and she's playing with her dolls! She also plays a lot with the bunk beds and enjoys putting different dolls to sleep in it as well as occassionally trying to fit the bigger dolls into the cot which is also amusing to watch.

        ---My findings:
        I really love this range of toys and if I had the money and the space I would probably buy an awful lot of it. The colours are lovely for my little girl and the quality is excellent although after about 6 months of rigourous use some of her other sets are starting to have paint chipping off them. I would probably rate this as a very good set to buy although it really does need some other dolls to be able to play with it effectively as you need to be able to put some of them in the beds! It fits nicely into our much smaller house and has a lot of items to encourage imaginative play. The only issues she has when playing with it are that she 'rams' the baby into the cot so she gets stuck and then moans as she can't get her out again. She also doesn't play much with the bedding as it just gets in the way and she is not that interested in it.

        ---And finally:
        This is a very girly set with the colours and my daughter really enjoys playing with it. I would definitely recommend this set as I think it has a reasonable value for money as you get a lot of items in the set. It costs £15 for this set although I managed to get it with 20% off with their Big Birthday Club offers and I feel that you get enough play for your money. This set is fine for my 2 year old daughter, even though the age range is for 3+. Although there are some smallish pieces like the bottle, I feel my daughter is sensible enough at 28 months to play with it, but I am ususally around to watch her anyway. Overall, I think this set will give her a lot of joy for many years.


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