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ELC Rosebud House Kitchen Set

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: ELC / Type: Doll House Furniture

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    2 Reviews
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      18.02.2013 17:55
      Very helpful



      A lovely addition to the rosebud dolls house

      My daughter received an Early Learning Centre rosebud dolls house for Christmas just gone and also received some of the accompanying furniture sets from the same rosebud range. One of these sets was the kitchen set.

      The rosebud kitchen set is an Early Learning Centre product so can only be purchased from their stores or online or it can sometimes be picked up from Mothercare and Amazon. It costs £15 but like all ELC products, can be picked up on sale quite often and there are always discount codes floating around.

      After opening the cardboard box that the pieces come in, I was quite surprised at the amount of pieces to this set. All of the furniture sets contain the normal big bits and pieces but with this kitchen set you get a few small kitchen utensils along with the normal kitchen items, an oven, fridge freezer, sink unit with a cupboard, counter. The small items feature a chopping board, 2 saucepans, rolling pin, spoon and a kettle.

      Each of these pieces is made from an excellent quality wood that has been painted in colours that coordinate with the rest of the rosebud range. The wood has no signs of small splinters and has a nice sanded down feel to it. The pieces are mainly white and fuchsia pink with the odd splash of blue and green to break it up a little. The attention to detail is excellent with the cooker having a cut out heart at the top and comes complete with knobs; the sink even has a small tap on the top.

      The size of the different pieces is spot on and in perfect proportion to the rest of the set and the rest of the rosebud range. There would be nothing worse than having a saucepan bigger than the cooker hob but the sizes are spot on, they are also perfect to use with the rosebud doll figure set as they stand at the cooker and counter without any size difficulties. As some of the pieces are miniscule (the utensils, mainly), I like to supervise my three year old when she is playing with it and wouldn't recommend any younger children playing with it. This set is the one that contains the smallest pieces so maybe buy the other furniture sets before this one, I'm sure a house could go without a kitchen...!

      My daughter loves playing with her rosebud dolls house and accompanying furniture sets together so the kitchen set doesn't get used on its own. It fits inside the house with ease and my daughter has no trouble in rearranging the kitchen pieces to how she wants to have it. At the moment the kitchen is on the top, attic level of the house so not very realistic but it has spent time on the bottom floor in the past! My daughter loves using the dolls to do some pretend cooking and once she's finished and washed up the pieces she puts them back in the cupboard and fridge so she hasn't lost any of the little pieces just yet but I think it's only a matter of time.

      My only disappointment with this furniture set (and the rest of the furniture sets my daughter has) is that it doesn't come with any dolls included, nor does the house, so a doll figure pack does need to be purchased to get full play out of the set. This adds on more cost to the range and I dread to think how much different people have spent on her rosebud dolls house and accessories.

      I'd definitely recommend this set if you are purchasing the rosebud dolls house too, or any other dolls house for that matter. It looks realistic and ties in with the rest of the range well. It contains quite a few pieces and is made to a very high standard.


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        27.07.2011 17:51
        Very helpful



        See title!

        The Rosebud Kitchen Set can be found in the Early Learning Centre and Mothercare and is made to go inside the ELC Rosebud Dolls House.

        **About The Set**

        The Rosebud Kitchen Set consists of a cooker, sink, fridge, table, pan, pot, tea pot, spatula, spoon, rolling pin, chopping board and holder.

        The cooker is light pink with a white hood and white door. The door can easily be opened and closed via a little pink knob. There are hobs on top of the cooker and a heart shape at the very top of the cooker.

        The sink is pink with a little tap on top and a cupboard underneath. The cupboard has 2 white doors on which are easy for little fingers to open and close.

        The main part of the fridge is white and the fridge door is pink. It's a good size and can easily be opened by little fingers via a little pink knob on the door. Unlike the other doors in the set the fridge door springs back if you let go of it - I like this idea as it's what most real fridges do and also it stops my daughter from leaving the door open and cluttering up the kitchen.

        The table is white and has 2 shelves underneath. The chopping board and holder are all a light pink colour. The tea pot, spatula, spoon and rolling pin are all a slightly lighter shade of pink. The pot and pan are a baby blue colour. They are all very small and quite basic. You can easily tell which each object is - they look like the real thing but shrunken! A very nice touch. The holder is handy to keep the utensils together and the chopping board is just the right size to fit on the tabletop.

        **Overall Thoughts**

        The Rosebud Kitchen set is really cute and really girly. It is beautifully made and is very good quality. All of the furniture seems sturdy, chunky and durable - we've had the set for around a year and a half now and it's still in great condition. The set is made entirely from wood and isn't flimsy in the slightest. The colours all match (white/pink/baby blue) and although everything is minature it isn't too fiddly.

        I also love the little details such as the knobs on the cupboards, the hobs on top of the cooker and the heart shape cut out of the top of the cooker.

        The furniture is very smooth (no splinters!) and the whole set seems very safe. The only thing which could prove a hazard is the utensils as they are very small and could be classed as a choking hazard - something to be aware of if you have babies/toddlers at home.

        The set can be used on either the bottom level, middle level or top level of the Rosebud house and can be moved around accordingly. My daughter likes to keep her kitchen set on the ground floor - where most kitchens are! The kitchen can be set up in lots of different ways, there isn't a particular way that it should look.

        I would say that the Rosebud Kitchen Set is a great addition to the Rosebud Dolls House but would also suit many other large dolls houses (you don't have to use the ELC Rosebud dolls either - my daughter occasionally adds dolls and toys from other sets). My daughter has had hours of fun playing with her set and helping her dolls to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner! It really encourages imaginative play and can even help to build social skills.

        As far as I'm concerned there are no downsides to this set, apart from the utensils may go missing!

        The set is recommended for children 3+ but my daughter has been enjoying it since she 2 years old, under supervision of course.

        It comes in a nicely decorated cardboard box with a full list and photo of contents.

        The set costs £15.00 which might sound steep to some but in my opinion looks alot nicer and is a lot better quality than many other cheaper versions. Total value for money.


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