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ELC Rosebud Village Bus

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Brand: ELC / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2014 17:41
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      A lovely addition to a Rosebud collection

      My daughter received the Rosebud dolls house for Christmas 2012 and as it is well loved I decided to buy her a couple of sets to go with it for her fourth birthday in November and for Christmas. One of the set's I purchased was the bus.

      ~*~ Price, packaging and assembly ~*~

      The Rosebud bus is an Early Learning Centre product so it can be purchased from ELC either in store or online and from places like Mothercare, Boots and Amazon. It has a full price of £20 but can often be found on sale for £10.

      The set comes inside a pretty, girly cardboard box and features the normal Rosebud branding. Inside the box is the bus, a bus stop and a bus driver. The only kind of assembly you have to do is to put the bus stop into the stand so it can stand up straight and all this involves is simply pushing it in. I love the Rosebud range for the lack of assembly, even the house just slotted together!

      ~*~ Rosebud bus ~*~

      The bus itself is a very good size, it's bigger than I imagined looking at the pictures of it. It's approximately 30cm high, 45cm long and 10cm deep. It is a beautiful pale pink colour and has lovely detailing around the outside of the bus including the bus number and destination on the front, and Rosebud village advertising on the sides. Even the lights and bumpers are included to bring it to life. The bus is actually a double decker and the top floor can simply be pulled out to allow you to get dolls into their seats downstairs without having to try and get your hand through the door at the back of the bus. By the door there are some stairs so that the dolls can get up to the top deck. The bus is open topped so that it is easy to play with the dolls inside without a strain.

      ~*~ Our opinions ~*~

      My four year old daughter has been a huge fan of the main dolls house and tree house she received last year so I knew that this bus would be well received as it gives her more things to do with the dolls that are in her collection. I wasn't surprised with how excited she was when she opened this. It was one of the things she wanted me to take out of the box so I'm glad there weren't any of those damn plastic ties or anything when I opened it.

      The overall quality of the wood used is fantastic, the main body of the bus is quite thick so it withstands a lot of rough and tumble play. It has been sanded down and painted so there are no signs of any splinters or anything that could possibly hurt a child which is always a plus. It has a smooth feeling and looks nice although the paint is of a matt substance rather than having a glossy finish. The whole bus is made from wood, even the wheels are wooden and have no problems in turning.

      The bus has plenty of seating which is ideal for my daughter as she has had the doll children set to accompany the doll family set and dolls that come with other sets. She has a lot of the dolls so to take them all on a day out on the bus, it needs to have a lot of seats! Other than the bus drivers seat, on the bottom level there is a single double seat and two double seats next to each other and on the upper deck there are three rows of two double seats. As all of the dolls have rope type legs it is easy to get them to sit down on the seats and there is a little raised back so they don't just topple backwards. As the top floor can be removed, my daughter finds it easy to seat the dolls on both levels of the bus opting to make the dolls walk up the stairs if they wish to sit on the top deck. There is quite a lot of room between the two levels so the dolls on the bottom deck don't look squashed into place.

      The bus set comes complete with its very own bus driver. The bus driver is approximately 7cm tall, this is slightly taller than the Rosebud children so it's nice to have a bit of realism in terms of sizes. He is wearing a bus drivers uniform of grey trousers, white shirt and black shoes. The detailing on the shirt is fantastic with a tie, pockets and shoulder pads, he really does resemble a bus driver. As with all of the Rosebud dolls, the driver has rope style arms and legs so that he can be moved into whatever position you would want.

      There is also a bus stop included. This is quite a simple piece of the set, it's around 15cm tall and includes where the bus is going 'Rosebud Village' and the bus number 23 as shown on the front of the bus itself. The stand is of a good size and keeps the bus stop perfectly upright.

      My daughter has had the Rosebud house since Christmas 2012 and has been a well loved toy ever since so I knew the matching bus would be a hit and I was right. My daughter had a few extra Rosebud sets and this bus helps the dolls to travel around the different sets and around the downstairs of our house! Sometimes it's only the children that go out on school trips and sometimes the family uses it to go to the park. My daughter is four years old and I really do believe this bus is helping her imagination alongside the rest of the Rosebud toys she has.

      I do think this bus set is best used along with other Rosebud toys as the playability of it on its own isn't that great with only the bus driver being included but I guess that's the joy with a collection like this, you can have as many sets as you want and a simple doll sets would be good to purchase alongside the bus or it would also be an excellent addition to an already growing collection of Rosebud toys.

      £20 is a little steep for this Rosebud bus but as it's often on sale I would definitely recommend it. It ties in with the rest of the range well, being pink and girly. It is extremely well made, looks cute and works well. I'm sure it is going to be equally as loved as the rest of the range my daughter already has.


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    • Product Details

      Includes 1 bus, 1 driver, 1 removable upper deck and 1 bus stop.Let's help the bus driver drive round Rosebud Village. We can add our own engine sounds, and make the bus screech to a halt at the bus stop! Let's invent a route for the Rosebud Village Bus. We can pretend it's going to the school, playground, or the shops. Or maybe it's a magic bus that can drive to the rainforest, fly to the moon or dive underwater! Great for.... Driving around your Rosebud Village Pushing around the floor Inventing bus adventures Giving your other Rosebud dolls a ride - there's room for 9! Inspiring fun pretend play Building confidence and social skills

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