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Fisher Price My Baby

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      25.10.2009 21:07
      Very helpful
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      look around as the prices on this doll seem to change alot

      I bought the Fisher price - my baby doll as a last minute christmas present for my just under 3 year old daughter.
      I was looking for a un expensive doll to go with her buggy as she had many presents already and just thought it would be nice for a little extra present.
      I didnt realise that this doll was attually worth just under £60 as I got it in Toys R Us for £15 and just wasent until I wrapped it up I realised it did so much!
      She is a very very cute looking doll with blonde hair in pigtails and a pretty pink gro and hat and you can give her a name (you attually programme it in) and then she can respond to it.
      She comes with a little blanket, a nappy, a bottle and her teddy. The items (except the nappy!) have magnets in them which means she can hold them on her own!
      She will ask for specific items and when holding her bottle will move her arms so it goes to her mouth to drink - her blanket she will play peek a boo and put it up over her face and she likes to also hold her teddy.
      My child at first was attually a little wary of this doll!! It took a little getting used too but once I showed her what the doll did she started to play with her more.
      I think all in all a very nice little present for a little girl who likes dollys. At one point our baby doll got a little bit confused and I had to reset her but other then that no problems... I did find the batterys get used up quite alot though especially if permenently on! So might be a good idea to use rechargeables.
      If you can get her for discount price definatly worth it but personally I dont think I could justify spending £60 on any doll!!


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        26.01.2009 12:06
        Very helpful



        Bit tricky and time consuming at first but good when done

        Fisher price -My Baby

        I got this doll as a christmas present for my daughter as it was in the sale down from £50 to £15 so seemed too good to miss.
        I looked at it full price but dismissed it as £50 for a doll is just too much although just noticed when writing this reveiws that they have come down in price, The entertainer currently selling for £26.09.

        Slightly off topic but worth a mention was I the only one wondering at christmas with huge discounts and sales exactly how high profit margins must be on toys?
        I expect they cost very little to make as most manufactured in china.

        Right I shall start with new babys arrival to our house.
        It was xmas eve my daughter had far too many presents under the tree and she was so exitable.
        So we decided she could just open one present and picked this doll.

        Once I managed to get through the usual stupid amount of toy packaging we then had to find a small screw driver to place AA bateries which either took 3 or 4 cant rememember.
        Now for the tricky bit teaching the doll its name.

        I carefully read instructions turned doll on and then you meant to give it a name and its suppost to say please repeat that name then remember it forever.
        However after repeating the name it failed to register and kept saying please give me a name over and over again.
        We tried different names and talking louder it seemed to take the name the first time but not the 2nd needs to be accepted twice.

        I tried using a pin and press reset button at back as instructions said but made no difference.
        I thourght great faulty and my daughter was eager to play with it
        Last attempt was to take it upstairs and try and bingo it worked.
        So warning you need very quiet environment with no tv or music in background.
        Name the dolly once then repeat the same name and it should be programmed for you.
        Ensure you keep instructions safe for this one.

        Once programmed the doll responds when switched on as soon as it hears its name mentioned it says something.
        Examples of some things its says is

        Im sleepy
        I want my teddy of blanket
        Let play, plays peekaboo and does hand motion over eyes
        Im hungry
        I love love you mummy.
        My daughter likes it as young toddler she believes shes actually having a conversation with this doll as when she calls its name it talks to her and moves.

        Right bit more about the dolly itself

        Its quite big size and fairly heavy
        Because its electrical you can hear the whirring sounds as it does things.
        You cannot use with water becuse its soft body and electrictrical
        Its designed to look like older baby one years old not newborn.
        The doll speaks a number of sentances and moves its arms to play peekaboo and give hugs.
        The doll itself is well dressed, short hair and very pretty to look at.

        The doll comes with a few accesories which are handy to keep safe as dolly asks for a feed, blanket or teddy bear.

        Due to its weight and size better for older toddler 3+ although im sure school age child would also enjoy this doll.

        It is nice my daughter enjoys the interactive functions I would not have paid full price for this doll but its worth £30- as it does more things than baby annabel or chou chou its leading competitors.

        It does not seem the most popular doll on market but it is sweet idea although drives me mad at times as its so noisy.

        Overall glad I brought it as daughter likes it which is all that matters infact poor baby annabelle my mums brought hers been rather negelected!

        Handy suggestion if you do buy, take out of packing,put batteries in and programme name in before you give to your child will save so much time as kids can be so impatiant.


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    • Product Details

      The sweetest, most realistic baby for you to name! Includes teddy, food, bottle and blanket.

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