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Flair Sylvanian Families Ambulance

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 11:45
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      you don't have to wait for an emergency to drive about in this

      My daughter has a vast collection of something that is called Sylvanian families, a collection that she has managed to amass over many years, and is very proud of every little piece she has.

      Firstly though, for those that have never heard of Sylvanian families, they are
      well known collectables, or even play things, consisting of small animal character, from dogs to meerkats, who live in lovely little houses, or even massive mansions, and drive around in cars, boats or even on motor bikes.

      Unfortunately, sometimes the Sylvanian characters may have a bit of an accident, maybe falling off a ladder whilst cleaning the windows of Beechwood Hall, or fixing the guttering at the Regency Hotel. Or maybe even a less serious accident involving a bumping of head at the Rainbow nursery or falling off the swings in the garden playground.
      What ever the incident, the Sylvanian characters involved will need a trip to the nearest hospital, be it by car, motorbike or, if the accident is a bit more serious, them the trip to the hospital may involve calling an ambulance.... (we are using our imagination here aren't we?).
      Anyway, luckily enough for the injured Sylvanian character there is an ambulance on its way to help you, and, with its bell ringing it should be with you in no time.

      So the Sylvanian families have an ambulance then?
      They certainly do, health and safety of course, and it seems to be one of the better built vehicles that belong to the Sylvanian collection.
      And it this ambulance that is in my daughters collection and is what I am going to tell you about today.

      It's not a modern style one though, looking more like an ambulance from the 1960's, something you might have seen on television shows such as HeartBeat. And it's not the biggest of items either, being about 200mm high by 400mm wide and 170mm deep.
      It's mainly a cream colour with some green markings such as the ambulance logo and a green cross. There's a lovely little bell above the drivers cabin with a leather like bench type seat for the driver to sit on. Also inside the cabin is a fetching little gear lever and a steering wheel, making the interior of the cabin look quite realistic indeed, Sylvanian families realism that is.

      As for the rear of the ambulance, the section where all the important work goes on, there has been a lot of thought gone into this as well as the cabin, making it look as good as people have come to expect from the Sylvanian collection.
      The back is split in half, sort of, with the roof, together with the drivers side rear wall, being able to fold upwards, giving you more access.
      Inside there is a lovely little cupboard, with sliding doors, which houses all the little bits and bobs that come with this vehicle, and there's quite a few 'little' bits.
      There's also somewhere to put the oxygen cylinder and a lovely little seat for the patients friend, if they have one that is. All this is around the edges of the vehicles insides, leaving plenty of room in the middle for the stretcher that all ambulances need.
      They've even thought about how to get the stretcher into the back of the ambulance instead of lifting it up, they have fitted a lovely little ramp with steps so that the Sylvanian ambulance crew don't have to struggle getting the injured party into the back.

      In all, this is a fine addition to the Sylvanian families collection and will bring a smile to anyone's face when they see it.
      Whoever designed this one really went to town on it, giving the bodywork some rather fie detail, including a radiator grill, lovely wheel arches and retro looking, if not working, headlights. Even the drivers cabin has been thought out pretty well with a leather look seat, which sort of makes it look the part, with the cabin area being able to accommodate two adult figures, with maybe a smaller one squeezed in the middle.
      As for the inside, well this may not be as detailed as the exterior but the contents that come with the vehicle make up for that, giving you many things that you should expect to find in an ambulance.
      The actual items that you do get are in fact a stretcher on casters, gas bottles, which aren't really filled with gas so don't panic, an oxygen mask, a drip, a blanket, some paper work and some other items as well.
      There is a lovely little bell on top of the drivers cabin, just behind the ambulance sign, showing you that this vehicle is indeed and ambulance, that and the big sign on the side stating 'ambulance' and the little green cross.

      What about the price then?
      Well it sells in the region of £35 to £40 which, as it is Sylvanian families, is not to bad at all and is well worth adding to your collection, or even buying for the younger one for a birthday or Christmas.
      So if you want to make sure that any injured Sylvanian characters are taken to hospital in style and comfort then this is the way to go.


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