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Sylvanian Families Baby Highchair

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 09:08
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      When my daughter was little she collected Sylvanian Families and had lots of fun with them. I have saved some of her collection and we have got recently got them out of the loft cleaned up for the grandchildren to play with. They love it and over time they have added to this collection. Although I do think that they are very expensive I do think it is good value seeing as they can last a long time because they are very good quality- it just goes to show that they must be good quality considering I'm still using the ones my daughter played with when she was little and she is 30 now!

      What are Sylvanian Families?

      Sylvanian Families are toys for children to play with that will help them with their imaginative play. They are family of animals that live in interesting houses and you can buy them in a variety of guises. They were first made in the 1980s and still remain very popular today and it's easy to see why are they are very sweet. There are lots of different things you can buy- houses for them, caravans, cake shops, supermarkets, narrow boats, furniture, Christmas decoration set, wedding set and various family members too. There really are lots to buy that is for sure! They are quite expensive- the narrow boat is around £70. A family set usually costs around £15 so as you can see they are not cheap toys but as I say the quality is so good you do get what you pay for. One thing that I really like about Sylvanian Families is that there are lots of detail within them, some of the things are very, very small like little cucumbers only being a few milimetres long but they are still full of detail and I think it is this that makes these toys so appealing.

      The highchair

      I bought this highchair because my grandchildren play with baby family members in a nursery set they have but they don't have a highchair so I thought it would compliment the set they already have. It cost me £7 which I was expecting really and was happy to pay it as I know it will be played with a lot, maybe even by my own great great grandchildren in many years to come!
      This highchair is made from wood (like all Sylvanian's) and is painted white. It has lots of detail on it such as little cut out pattern on the back rest and a little foot rest at the front of the seat. It comes with a little feeding set too which is a plate, spoon and little beaker. This is green and cream and so tiny it's difficult for my fingers to work them but perfect for little children. They are so cute, lots and lots of detail.

      Playing with it

      This highchair is the perfect height for the adult family members to stand at and the perfect size for the baby members to fit in. Because the animals have moveable legs they are able to sit in this although some of the babies we have don't have legs that move so they have to stand but they are still then at the right height to bed fed and they don't slip down and fall off.
      My grandchildren adore using this. They put the baby in and like pretending to feed it either themselves with the set included or by the adult family members doing it. It has definitely added a nice new dimension for when they are playing with the nursery set but it has also been moved to the house they have too so it can be swapped around the sets depending upon what the child wants which is nice.

      The little feeding set is very small but this doesn't have any problems with my little grandchildren who will quite happily play with it, their little fingers are perfect for it.


      Imaginative play can teach children all kinds of things. I love watching the grandchildren be imaginative and one thing I like about this is that the highchair can teach them about caring for another. It's very sweet to see them caring for a baby and seeing them talk to the baby whilst they're feeding it. hey are also learning about fine motor skills as they learn to hold the tiny pieces and control them. I have also tried to use this set to teach my little grandson about the importance of not climbing out of the highchair. He is only 2 so too young to play with this but I have set it up and shown him how the baby Sylvanian tried to climb out and then fell. He found it amusing so maybe it didn't have the desired effect but it could be a useful prop!


      A note of caution is how tiny the items are. It is a choking hazard for young children so we always keep it way out of reach and only get them out when we are able to watch the grandchildren play to make sure the babies don't get hold of any of the tiny bits. As well as being small it can be fragile too. The highchair is fairly robust but it doesn't have chunky legs or anything so if it's thrown or stood on it will snap. We have had a few breakages with Sylvanians over the years so you do have to be careful as some children are learning to adjust from playing with the chunky toys to these more fragile ones.


      This highchair doesn't come with a baby but does have the feeding set and my grandchildren love playing with it. It can be used with the sets they already have and they are really pleased with it. It is lovely being white it seems nice and modern! It is a really good size so will fit with other characters and furniture that you may already have. The level of detail on all of the parts is really nice to see and I think that is what makes this brand so popular today, so many years after they were first brought out. The quality is very good but they are fragile pieces so you have to be careful they are treated with care as they can be snapped. I love the detail of these, it makes such a change compared to other toys that are just as basic as they can be. My grandchildren enjoy playing with this and I am glad i bought it for them. £7 was well spent in my opinion.


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      18.08.2012 19:05
      Very helpful



      This is a good single item that helps the families to seem more lifelike

      WHAT IS IT?

      A high chair for use with the Sylvanian Families babies.  It is the correct size for a Sylvanian baby to sit in and the height is right for an adult figure to feed the baby.  


      The chair is white and looks like a box high chair, it is dated but suits the style of the Sylvanian buildings and furniture.  The tray and foot rest and right for most of my daughter's baby figures apart from the fox baby because the tail doesn't fit right in the chair.


      I buy this high chair from an offline toy shop, they cost £5 and I have bought five for my daughter now that she uses in her houses.   If you have purchased the extended families of babies then any room in any Sylvanian house will be made better with a high chair.

      It is sturdy and there is a large gap between the tray and the back of the chair so you can slip the baby in easily. The high chair comes with a feeding set of plate, spoon and cup and these all fit onto the tray with enough extra room that they won't fall off, the feeding set is green on all of my daughters high chairs and three pieces is not so many that they will be lost.

      It's quite a big piece relative to the size of an adult figure so looks best in a bigger room but you could use this without a building if you have a family with baby, my daughter has a very large Sylvanian collection but had one of these classic high chairs before she built up her village.  This is a very good inclusion if you buy a full Sylvanian Family because the babies do not always come with cribs so the high chair is also a place to keep these very small figures safely in one place.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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  • Product Details

    Age: 3 to 5 years / Suitable for 4 years +. / Babies high chair which includes baby dinner set: plate, cup and spoon

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