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Flair Sylvanian Families Conservatory and Accessories

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2013 00:21
      Very helpful



      Great gift

      My niece is a massive fan of SF, my sister brought her a whole range of sets for Xmas and her birthday. I was so excited at assembling them all. My contribution to the set was the conservatory.


      I brought mine off Amazon priced £12.99 which is a fair price to pay. It is also on EBay for the same sort of price and Argos for around £18. This is widely available in most toy shops for around £20 so it's best to shop online for the best deal.


      It's packaged well in the box. SF comes in really pretty colourful boxes which shows the item in the box and a "scene" it could be used for. SF has been around for many years, I have fond memories playing with it and very little has changed since I was a child.


      Inside is the conservatory along side furniture to put in the conservatory. This makes it even more value for money because, as my sister found out alot of the houses, cottages, hotels etc SF do don't come with accessories but this did. It has a great little wicker chair and table set aswell as cups, spoons and magazines. Without needing to add extra accessories it can be used straight away, with the help of the little SF themselves!

      Now my sister brought a SF house which was great but it did need bits and bobs fitting to it and stickers adding, the conservatory is complete and ready to go, it's also good because there are no small part, if you take away the furniture!


      My niece loves this set. It terms of where it goes I'd say it doesn't really fit well against the house she has but it still makes a great addition to her set. She likes to add her own bits to it but her collection is so vast I think she likes the change of furniture! Price wise, for what I paid I was very happy. Amazon does great deals on SF and its worth looking out for them not only on the conservatory but on SF in general. At a full retail price of £25 I still think it offers good value because it is complete no need to buy extra furniture which in itself can cost as much. I think this will make a great gift for any child into SF.


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        28.01.2012 19:04
        Very helpful



        Relax in your barnd new glass house, (if you're a Sylvanian character that is..)

        Anyone who has read some of my recent reviews must by now know that my daughter had been building up a rather impressive, and very large collection of Sylvanian families, with her collection growing day by day, or more birthday by Christmas.

        But firstly for anyone that has never heard of Sylvanian families I will tell you that the Sylvanian families are a range of little animal characters, or little figures, which come on the form of little dogs. Cats, beavers, hedgehogs and others.
        The Sylvanian families travel around in some lovely little vehicles as well, such as cars, motorbikes and maybe a boat too for those trips down the river.
        These little animals live in some lovely little houses, such as small cottages, farm houses or even caravans for those trips away, to massive mansion and even a hotel for those more upper class holidays.

        And it is one of those little houses that I am going to tell you about here, well sort of, it is more an extension for some of the houses that the Sylvanian families live in.
        This particular Sylvanian accessory, which my daughter was given as a gift to add to her collection, is on fact a conservatory which, as I say is a lovely addition to certain Sylvanian buildings.

        Let's look at the conservatory first...

        At first glance, when taken out of the box, it looks quite remarkably like a miniature version of a very well made glass conservatory with the main frame of it being made of what looks like UPVC plastic, which is what real conservatives are made of. Then there's a brickwork look on the lower section which shows off the white plastic frame very well indeed.
        Finally there are a set of white double doors on the front which both open up fully to allow air to gently blow through the conservatory.
        The two ends have the sort of 'apex' appearance having a lovely little design on the top, like a real conservatory has in fact.

        It has three sides, well, three frames anyway, with the back end not being there, which is the end that attaches to your chosen house.
        The floor has a tiled effect with the outside lower section being made to look like brickwork, and the designers have done a good job in making it look like the real thing.

        As I said earlier, this is not designed to fit along side all the Sylvanian properties, mainly due to the fact that it's size is approximately 155mm wide by 255mm long and 180mm in height, so it may look a little out of place sat next to the smaller buildings in Sylvanian land. But it does sit exceptional well perched next to the Regency Hotel, Beachwood Hall and maybe even Sycamore cottage, at a push.
        Sadly though, even though this quite a good size, there's not a lot of room inside it, especially when the wicker chairs are in it, which take up much of the floor. Then when you put the table in you'll be lucky enough to be able to get around from one side to the other.
        In fact that's all you can get into this conservatory without making it look to over crowded.

        Are there any extra that come with this Conservatory..?

        Well, apart from the conservatory itself you do get a few bits to put into it, which you don't get with all Sylvanian buildings, such as a couple of wicker chairs, a table, some cups, saucers, spoons, teapot and even a tray to carry it all on, together with a magazine.
        Sadly though you don't get any Sylvanian characters to put into the conservatory so you will have to supply your own.

        What about the price then..?
        This lovely little addition to some of the building in the Sylvanian families world is selling for around the £20.00 mark, although as I write this amazon are selling it for £16.00, which isn't too bad really. It's just a shame that they don't supply a figure or two so that if a person buys this for the beginning of their collection they have a figure to play in it, or am I just being greedy? Although as this is designed to be added to a building I can't see why people would buy this one first.

        In all, a fine addition to anyone's Sylvanian collection and a joy to watch as the kids use their imagination when playing with it.


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      • Product Details

        This beautiful conservatory would make a wonderful extension to any Sylvanian home and makes a great addition to Beechwood Hall. The conservatory has an open side, which means it's easy to play with and two doors, so that your Sylvanians can enjoy sunny afternoons in the garden. With two wicker chairs, a table, tea set and two magazine, your Sylvanians will have everything they need to put their feet up and relax

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