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Flair Sylvanian Families Cottage Hospital

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 17:47
      Very helpful



      Probably the cleanest hospital you'll ever come across

      The name Sylvanian families has been around for about thirty years now, with a bit of a drop in popularity during its reign but soon jumping back to its feet and becoming even more popular. So, as it has become more popular it has grown and grown, taking over peoples houses with the myriad of items that the Sylvanian families range has brought onto the market since day one.
      For those that have never heard fo Sylvanian characters I will tell you that they are indeed a varied assortments of little creatures, such as dogs, cats, birds and others, which live in an lovely play world consisting of houses, vehicle and other things.
      Each set of characters usually comes in a family, with a mum, a dad, a couple of kids and maybe grand parents thrown in as well. With each family living in one of the many buildings that belong in the Sylvanian world, building such as quaint little cottages or massive mansions, even a caravan or boat.

      It is this type of Sylvanian families items that my daughter has been collecting for several years now and has filled her room, and beyond, with many many such collectables, such as the quiant cottage and massive mansion, several of the vehicles, including a rather fetching ambulance, and, which I am going to tell you about today, a place for the ambulance to take its precious cargo of patients to.
      The place I am referring to is in fact called the Sylvanian cottage hospital and, you can guess from the name that it is indeed a small cottage hospital for the Sylvanina characters to go to when they are sick or injured.

      What does this hospital look like then..?

      It is a single floor building with cream wall and a lovely green colour slate roof edging.
      The hospital itself is a good size as well, being about 290mm high by 310mm wide and 185mm deep, which allows you plenty of room inside to fit several characters without it looking to over crowded, although I wouldn't throw a party in there as matron may just get a bit upset about you upsetting the patients.
      The front of the hospital has a ramp leading up to the single front door, which is underneath a lovely porch way, enticing you into the building.
      Just around the corner from the front door there is a small bench for those patient to rest on if they want to sit outside for a little fresh air.
      There are also a couple of windows which let light into the hospital room itself, although as there is no rear wall, nor is there a ceiling, there is plenty of light getting into the room anyway.
      When you step through the front door, or turn the building round to reveal the inside room, you'll see that it is in fact one single room, although there is a sort of separate little area which can be classed as a second room.

      That's it for what it look like as a building, which doesn't sound like much, but, due to the many items you get with this one, this building really can bring the imagination alive
      Such items that come with the hospital include a bed, which is very useful in a hospital these days, a little screen to give the patient a bit of privacy, a cupboard to store all the medical equipment inside, a desk with a chair for the doctor to sit on whilst they write up their notes, a bench for the patients to wait patiently on when the doctor is busy and more.
      Also you get many many smaller items, such as which are easy to lose if you're not to careful, such as a bowl, a neck brace, plaster cast, bottle and a few other items as well
      You also get a few things that you'd expect a doctor to have such as a stethoscope, thermometer, tablets and more.
      Most of these small items, which I have to say will cause a choking hazard for children who like to put things in their mouths, all store nicely away in the rather fetching little cupboard that I mentioned, which has two opening doors which have clear plastic fronts so you can see what's in there.
      And it's that cupboard, together with everything else in the hospital, that really does make it look and almost feel like a place you'd like to go if you did become ill

      I nearly forgot, you also get a little figure who is dressed up as a doctor, which is something that all hospitals need really, otherwise it wouldn't be a very good hospital would it.

      In all it may not be the most sophisticated of the Sylvanian buildings, it has no ceiling and it only has three walls, but it comes with a lot of little items that make it feel like what it is supposed to be, a hospital for the sick and needy.
      The actual construction of this hospital is pretty good, being made of a sturdy plastic and is able to withstand a fair bit of knocking about, which is useful for those smaller hands which can be a bit on the clumsy side

      As for the cost of this hospital, well, the price won't make you ill as it sells for around the £30.00 region which, for what you get and the amount of time a child can spend playing with it, is great value for money really.


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    • Product Details

      Dr Murdoch is everyone's favourite doctor. He runs the Cottage Hospital very efficiently and it's a pleasure to come in for a check up or for something a little more serious. He can treat all kinds of ailments from a cold to a sprained ankle, and sends his patients on their way feeling a lot better

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