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Flair Sylvanian Families Delightful Duo Carry Cases, Assorted

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      03.03.2013 16:10
      Very helpful



      Nice additions to our Sylvanian Families collection.

      My daughter's latest 'thing' is Sylvanian Families. Sylvanian Families are toys which have been going for years, I have fond memories of playing with them as a child in the late 1980's/early 1990's. The toys come in the form of little animal characters (that wear clothes) which are made from flocked plastic. The characters began as woodland creatures (foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs etc) but now include other animals such as cats, elephants, meerkats and penguins. Sylvanian houses, cars and furniture are also available. There is SO much Sylvanian Families merchandise to collect.

      Some recent additions to my daughters Sylvanian Families collection are a couple of Delightful Duo Carry Cases. Each Carry Case contains 2 different Sylvanian babies and a number of cute accessories. I do believe there are 2 different Delightful Duo Carry Cases to collect - we have them both.

      The Carry Cases are small transparent plastic boxes with handles on top. You can see exactly what you're getting (unlike much of the Sylvanian Families collection). The box looks similar to a chest and has a flip up lid. It is made from a good quality plastic so not only does it look smart, but it's handy to keep hold of. I'm sure that many children would like to keep their boxes to keep their Sylvanian babies in (particularly useful for taking out and about so you don't lose the babies - they are very small), however my daughter tends to keep all her small Sylvanian accessories in her boxes, which I think is an excellent idea otherwise they would all be lost by now! Unlike most Sylvanian characters, these characters don't appear to have names so your child can use their imagination to come up with brand new names for their furry friends.

      The babies in the first Duo Carry Case include a rabbit and dog. The babies in the second Duo Carry Case include a cat and rabbit. Both sets are lovely, my daughter doesn't have a favourite - she loves them both. The babies are very small and measure at no more than an inch tall.

      Our rabbit/dog Duo Carry Case includes a baby rabbit, baby dog, teddy bear rattle toy, toy duck, toy cat, 2 bottles, toy car and baby walker. The babies look very cute and have flat feet so they can be stood up. The rabbit appears to be a girl and wears a pink material all-in-one outfit, which can be removed. The dog appears to be a boy and wears a brown coloured material 'nappy', which can also be removed. Most of the accessories are tiny but have lovely detail. My daughter loves providing the babies with their toys. One downside is that they don't have mouths to wedge the bottles inside which is slightly disappointing (the bottles fit in other babies mouths though). The biggest accessory in this set is the baby walker which either of the babies can be put inside and pushed along (there are also moulded toys on the front of the walker). The walker doesn't have wheels so you have to glide it along surfaces instead.

      Our cat/rabbit Duo Carry Case includes a baby cat, baby rabbit, dummy, 2 bottles, bunch of bananas, food on a plate (with flower shaped lid), cart with duck toy and another accessory which we aren't too sure what it is! The babies both look very cute. The rabbit is different to the rabbit in the other Duo Carry Case as it's in a crawling position (not standing). My daughter has a soft spot for this rabbit as she doesn't have any other crawling babies! The cat has flat feet and can be stood up. The rabbit appears to be a girl and wears a pink material 'nappy', which can be removed. I'm not sure if the cat is supposed to be a boy or girl (your child can decide) but it wears a brown coloured material all-in-one outfit. Most of the accessories are tiny but have lovely detail. The biggest accessory is the cart which you can place the babies in and wheel them along by pulling the string (the wheels move). There is a cute duck toy attached to the back of the cart. Both of the babies have mouths which is great as my daughter really enjoys 'feeding' them with their bottles and wedging the dummy in their mouths!

      The babies are very small but they are just the right size for their accessories and other Sylvanian Families accessories/sets. They are in scale with other Sylvanian characters (such as the adults). They seem very durable and are not yet showing any signs of wear and tear. Sylvanian Families characters are generally pretty robust, I still have some characters from when I was a child! The babies also have movable joints (arms, legs and heads) which is a nice feature to have and allows my daughter to put them in different positions.

      Sylvanian Families Delightful Duo Carry Cases are suitable for children 4+ years. You wouldn't want to give them to children any younger because they contain so many small bits. Both of our Duo Carry Cases came from Tesco and cost £8.00 each. They're widely available and available in most toy shops etc. Sylvanian Families merchandise is generally pretty expensive and although these Duo Cases are one of the lowest priced sets, I still think they're slightly overpriced for what they are. However I would recommend them because they are lovely additions to my daughters Sylvanian Families collection and are something she loves playing with. They really encourage imaginative play, are very cute, include lots of nice accessories, are durable, have good detail and come in 'cool' carry cases.


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    • Product Details

      A delightful way to transport your Sylvanian babies! These new beautiful double carry cases feature two baby characters and a host of play accessories. Please note there are two different sets available. Unfortunately it's not possible to request a specific duo, so please let us choose on your behalf

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