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Flair Sylvanian Families Dining Room Set

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2012 22:58
      Very helpful



      You won't find style like this in that little Swedish store

      For anyone that has read some of my previous you'll know that my daughter has a vast collection of what is called Sylvanian families.
      But for those people that have never heard of the Sylvanian families range then I will quickly tell you about them, just so you don't think I've gone mad.
      The Sylvanain families range is a popular collection-slash-playable little animal figures, ranging from little rabbits to meerkat, badgers to beavers and more. These animal characters travel around in their own little vehicles, such as motor cycles, cars and even boats, so they can get around the properties in there village more easily.
      As for the properties that these animals live in, well these range from small cottages to massive mansions, and even hotels to stay at when one wants a break away.
      But each of these properties needs to be kitted out with there own little pieces of furniture, and it is a certain set of furniture that I am going to tell you about now; one of the many sets of furniture that my daughter has bought, or had bought for her, during her many years of collecting the Sylvanian families array of figures, vehicle and houses.
      This particular set of furniture is in fact the Sylvanian families dining room set and, as the name suggests, is designed more for a dining room that anywhere else.

      What is in this dining room set then?
      There is a lot in the box when you get it home, with a lot of the pieces being smaller than a gnats left foot, almost.
      You get the dining table and four chairs, plus the small items I mentioned, such as plates, cups, glasses, jugs, cutlery and more even smaller items.

      The table itself is made to look like a fine wooden table with curved edges everywhere. The chairs have the same styled design in the frame and have a rather 'dark' green coloured material seat.

      As for the myriad of accessories that you get with this, well, there's quite a bit of it, a bit too much to go into here, but I will say that those accessories are exactly what you'd expect to find in or around a dining table, so when you put the lot together it really does look the part.

      My Opinion...

      This is another fine addition to the my daughters Sylvanian collection, even if most of the pieces are so small that they could go through a rats digestive system without touching the sides.
      The larger items, the table and chairs, are well built, being made out of the usual Sylvanian plastic, with the chairs being fashioned on the lines of a Chippendale, (no, not the rescue rangers, the furniture), although the green cushions do look like they have just fallen out of a walrus's nostril. Each chair can easily sit an adult character without them falling off the sides so that four of the family can sit around the table for a nice meal.
      The table is designed in the same fashion as the chairs, curved corners and 'routered' edges, with the table top standing proud on top of two fine legs which are both in a type of tripod style.
      The good thing about the table and chairs is that they come ready made so there's no worries about having to spend hours trying to put them together with all the fiddly messing about, and as they are ready built they are strong and well built so they will last quite some time, unless you try and sit down on the chairs or go to sleep on the table.

      As for the smaller bits that I have mentioned, and there are a lot of them, these are all made well, with four of each items, with the plates of food, glasses, utensils, cup and several other bits all fitting fine on top of the table without looking out of place at all.

      This dining room set fits into almost all the Sylvanian properties, in fact the only one that it doesn't seem to fit well in is the smaller building, such as the cottages, as it does look a little too big. But put it in the larger houses and it looks the part.

      And the price of this dining room set that you can't get from Ikea, (fortunately)..?
      This dining room table and chairs, together with the four place settings, sells for around the £15.00 to £20.00 region, which is not too bad really considering that they are made well and fit into most of the properties in the land of Sylvanian.

      In all, if you're a collector, or just want to buy your little one a nice little present for their ever growing collection of Sylvanian families belongings.
      But do be warned the many small pieces can be easily lost or can be swallowed by a greedy little teething child who finds it funny putting things in their mouths.

      © Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      Designed specially for the Sylvanian Grand Hotel, this dining room set comes complete with over 40 pieces, including a table, 4 chairs, 4 place settings and cutlery

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