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Flair Sylvanian Families Garden Playground

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      A lovely place for Sylvia's kids to play

      With Christmas well under our belts now in our house it was time to put all the new presents away, or, in the case of my eldest daughter, it was time to re-arrange her latest additions to her ever growing collection so that the new things that people had bought her would fit in with the rest.
      The collection I am talking about is in fact a rather impressive looking collection of something called Sylvanian Families.
      For those people who have never heard of Sylvanian Families I will tell you that they are a very popular mass of little animals, such as dogs, cats, penguins, mice, rabbits and others. A typical Sylvanian family consist of a dad, a mum, a couple of kids and the odd grand parent too.
      These families live in a fictional village which has several different size houses, such as cottages, farm buildings and even a very impressive hotel. And to get around from house to house, or just tootle around the village, the Sylvanians do so in such things as buses, cars and even motor bikes.
      As per usual in any village there has to be certain things, such as schools, a church and even a shop or two, which this little collection has.
      And, to keep the little members of the Sylvanian families happy, things to play on, such as the latest addition to my daughters collection which is a garden playground for those happy times in the garden.

      Firstly, for me, the actual name of this one, the Garden playground, could be a little misleading as it's more a play frame than a play ground, mainly due to the fact that, to me, it looks more like a bit of a mix of a tree house, without the massive tree. Although there is what looks like a bit of one holding the ladder end up, together with a couple of swinging basket, a helter-skelter slide and a bit of a viewing platform.

      There is a ladder that has to be climbed to get to a narrow walkway which lead you to the main part of the feature, which is the hut itself. This hut has a wooden slotted roof and a post on each corner, keeping the roof steady, with a lovely picket looking fence being used as a safety barrier which is on the opposite side to where the slide can be positioned. This hut section can actually be taken off and used on the ground, so if someone has a fear of heights then they can still enjoy the hut regardless, although using the slide may cause a few issues.
      Underneath this hut, if it's in the raised position, there is a little 'decked' area for the little ones to play on, and it is underneath this area that there is a little surprise hiding there. This surprise is in the shape of a lovely little trampoline, and when I say little I do mean little, it can maybe fit two little people on at once, and even then there could be clashing of heads, but a trampoline is a trampoline and as long as there's adult supervision things shouldn't get too rough.
      Then, it's a matter of where you want to put the slide itself, which can placed as if coming off this central section, or at the end of the far walkway. The slide itself comes down with a little bump in the middle instead of straight down, hence why I called it a helter-skelter slide.

      There are two swings which come in this playground, a double one and a baby one, the double one being nearest the steps, underneath the first walkway. With the second one being at the opposite end.
      The first swing, nearest the ladder can take two little critters whilst the other can take only one, as it is more a baby swing, but both can swing away like there's no tomorrow.
      And there's no need to worry about this one taking up most of the space on the table, or looking out of proportion against other Sylvanian properties, because this playground is only 360mm long, (in total, from ladder to slide), by 170mm wide, (including slide if positioned there) and 250mm high.

      Apart from the play frame, or play ground as it's officially called, you also get a couple of extra bits, but not many, such as a little see-saw contraption, which is basically a little yellow semi-circular device which the babies sit either end and it rocks. As first I though it was a rubber stamp device that would leave an imprint of something on a piece of paper, but no, it's a see-saw.
      But for some reason you don't get any figures at all with it, which is a bit mean really, they could have thrown in at least one figure just for the sake of it.

      So what about the price of this lovely little garden playground, well it sells for around £20.00 to £30.00 which is not a bad price for what you get, especially as it has the Sylvanian stamp of approval on it.
      But as I said they could have thrown in a character or two, maybe even a few more playground items such as a sand pit or even a round about.
      So, if you're a collector, like my daughter is, or just want to enjoy playing with lovely cute little toys, then this is certainly well worth going after.


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