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Flair Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2012 17:00
      Very helpful



      If only all farms were as easy going as this one...

      Sylvanian families have been around for quite some time now, since the mid 1980's I think, and since they have become more popular than a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub.
      Sylvanian families products consists of what you would expect from a family based product, with the Sylvanian characters being animals, such as rabbits, mice, bears, dogs, cats and more, including more 'exotic' critters such as Koalas and even the very popular meerkats.

      These Sylvanian creatures have a variety of things to help them through there daily lives, such as car, bikes and even boats, which may sit along side the vast array of buildings that the Sylvanian creatures actually live in, such as a Grand Mansion and even a caravan for those little holidays away.
      Then there's this particular building, the one that my daughter has recently added to her ever growing collection of Sylvanian Families objet d'art, which is called the Sylvanian HighField Farm house.

      So what does this farm house look like then?
      As you look at the front of the farm building it is quite quaint, looking like a rather lovely place to live. There are several windows, including two arched dormer type windows in the thatch of the attic roof, with the second floor windows being symmetrical. On the ground floor, at the front, there is the barn door, split into two halves, with the top half having yet another window in it. All these windows offer plenty of light into the building itself, again giving it that warm, homely feel to it.
      As I said, the roof looks thatched, although it's not real thatch it is a plastic look-a-like but this still gives it a farm building look, with the chimney stack on the side setting it off properly.
      The side walls have what I can only describe as a stone effect look, although it is all one colour so it's hard to tell if that's the look they went for in the design studio.

      Then, when you turn it around, the first thing you'll notice is that there are no back walls, so you can clearly see the interior in all its glory, which consists of three floors, the top floor being the attic.
      The floors have a bare floorboard look, with each level having open beams supporting them, especially the attic.
      There is a set of stairs leading from the first floor to the second, with the second floor being split into two rooms, one room about two thirds the size of the floor.
      The attic is split in half, with one half having no floor so this can not be classed as a room at all, but the single room in the attic can be accessed by a ladder.

      What else do you get with this farm?
      You don't get any added extras, such as figures or even furniture, so you do have to fill it with what ever you've already got or buy some things for it. There is a massive range of furniture with some being made specifically for this farm.

      But what you do get with this is a rather cosy looking fire which, with a couple of AA batteries installed, glows almost like the real thing. Plus, there are a couple of lights to give this farm building more of a homely feel. In fact it looks rather cosy as you see the fire in motion with the characters sitting around it, keeping warm on a cold winters night on the farm.

      As for the size of this farm house, well it's not the biggest building in the Sylvanian land so it will fit on a table top or shelf, but it's not the smallest so you can't stick it in a shoe box either. In fact the approximate size of it is 285mm deep by 365mm high and 420mm wide, weighing in at a mere 2kg when empty.

      So what about the price then?
      The price of this building is around the £50.00 to £60.00 region but at the moment amazon are selling it for around £35.00, which for a Sylvanian building is pretty good value for money, so if you're a collector or just want to get a bargain ready for next Christmas, then get onto Amazon and get it at the bargain price today as this price will not hold for long. (and no, I don't work on commission I just know a bargain when I see one)

      And for the record the actual owners of this farm building, well, according to the little leaflet it is the Hunter Smyths, the Labradors, but I suppose they can rent it out to any of the Sylvanian families if they want to so you're not restricted to just them living in it, then maybe the Hunter-Smythes could go off on that caravan holiday they've been meaning to have....


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy the fresh air and peace of the country, with the Sylvanian Families Highfields Farm. With a thatched roof, exposed beams and stable door, this house is full of rustic charm. Your Sylvanians will love the views from the large windows in the attic room and the working lights and glowing fireplace will ensure they stay nice and snug

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