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Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2012 16:28
      Very helpful



      Lovely idea, Gorgeous to look at, Impractical for play.

      My Seven year old daughter recieved the Sylvanian Berry Grove School for Christmas, which does come with some furniture and equpiment but also has many add on packs to enhance it. Most of these are themed...there's Sports Day, The School Play and School Dinners. Hower it's this one that my daughter was most keen on purchasing with her Christmas money...School Music Lesson.

      Like all Sylvanians, it's pricey. We bought it in a local independent toy shop for £15, however I noticed it today for just over £12 on Amazon so shopping about is advised. The set comes with one figure, a gray adult bear who plays the part of music teacher, and several musical instruments including a piano and stool, drum kit, xylophone, flute, triangle, symbols and harmonica.

      I do really think this is a gorgeous set. Looking at it makes me happy, let alone my daughter who at present is showing a big interest in music in general. It's quaint, traditional, charming and innocent and stands out in a mass of plasticy, grotesque dolls (some of which make my stomach churn) It exudes the quality I've come to associate with these toys and appears well made and durable.

      My daughter couldn't wait to get her Music lesson set up in her new school. Thankfully, unlike most Sylvanian sets, this one didn't need any preparation and there were no awkward stickers to place. Apart from the music books which needed folding into shape, everything was ready to go. The music lesson fits nicely into the school although you wouldn't manage all the add on sets at once and would need to take turns between the various 'themed' lessons.

      Some of the pieces to this set are minute, such as the stick for the triangle, so this isn't a toy for younger children at all. As soon as we opened the set we found a tupperware box to house the pieces and strict instructions to put them away as soon as finished with. Luckily, she understands this and is generally very careful with her toys anyway but if your child is less conscientious you may find this becomes a waste of money very quickly when half the bits are missing.

      Lucy has a range of Sylvanian sets and families and so has plenty of children to incorporate into the music lesson, but as a stand alone toy I can't see this working. Straightaway she sorted her toy figures into a class and deligated them an instrument to play...and this is where we ran into a pretty big issue. The figures hands are apparently designed to hold utensils and such like, however we couldn't get any of them to hold the instruments causing quite a bit of frustration. Eventually she came up with the idea of tucking parts into clothes but I think this fault took a lot of the shine from the toy making it's playability pretty poor. Similarly, it's impossible to get the teacher to stay seated on the stool and he constantly topples backwards in a drunken manor. Spending a lot of fixing the setting up means less actual play and I think overall this set didn't really live up to my child's expectations.

      This is a very nice set to look at, I can't fault it in anyway looks and quality wise. Unfortunatly it's not the best set for playing and as it's primarily a toy for children I think this is disappointing. I do think that sometimes the makers of Sylvanian need to remember that their main audience are children and not middle aged women collectors (who I'm sure do buy a lot of the stuff but from the advertising are not the target market) These sets have been either hit or miss with us, and unfortunatly this is one that hasn't quite hit the mark in the way we'd have liked it. Lovely idea, gorgeous to look at, impractical for play.


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    • Product Details

      Age: 5-8 Years / Suitable for 4 years +. / Henry Bearbury is the music teacher at Berry Grove School. The school orchestra is very well equipped with a grand piano, glockenspiel, accordion, recorder, drums, cymbals, triangle and a conductor's baton. Mr Bearbruy leads the school orchestra from his seat at the piano, the orchestra performs at all school concerts, school plays and other special events

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