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Flair Sylvanian Families Tailbury Family Sister At Home Set

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2013 21:15
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      When I was little I adores Sylvanian Families. I am now delighted that my daughter does too! I think I secretly want to play with them myself, they are just so lovely and remind me completely of when I was little. I cannot believe how well they have stood the test of time, they have barely changed at all. For Christmas I bought her a house but it came with very little in it so recently I bought her this set to help furnish it and it's a great set to buy, I definitely recommend it if you have a house with little inside!

      === Sylvanian Families ===
      Sylvanian Families have been around since the mid eighties (which makes me feel very old!) they are lovely toys for children to play with, with very little details in them so it makes them really interesting. They are lovely fuzzy animals that live in interesting houses and have lots of different accessories that go with them. They are rather expensive as the cheapest set is around £6 and the most expensive over £100. once you buy one it is hard to not begin collecting them and buy more!

      === Within this set ===
      I bought this set from Argos, it was on sale from £18 down to just £8. I couldn't believe how cheap it was considering how much you get in it. My daughter's Sylvanian Family house was larger but had barely anything to go inside it. This set had a variety of items so I thought it would be perfect. Within this set you get lots of furniture including a piano with a lid that can open and close, a desk with a little shelf above it, a vegetable preparing table, a little set of drawers and a fridge. You also get small items to make use of these pieces of furniture including vegetables, icecream, cheese, note pads, pencils and a pot, sharpener, memo pads, music for the piano, a globe for the desk as well as several others. There really is plenty to furnish the house and not just one room but two or three. You also get one figure; a female rabbit.

      === Detail ===
      I cannot believe the amount of detail in this set! I was more delighted than my daughter I think when we were getting the pieces out! There are little stickers to put on various items such as a sticker for on the cheese, one for on the telephone dial, another to put on the memo pad and so forth. Adding all these little touches made it seem really personal and my daughter loved it although she struggled to get them on herself as they are very fiddly. There is so much detail on everything, the fridge door opens and closes well and has a vegetable compartment which you can take out, there is even an ice section in the freezer with a little icecube tray in.

      === Playing ===
      My daughter loves these things. She loves to set up the house with everything in it's place and take her time over setting up the fridge and the desk and things. She likes to pretend that the mummy rabbit has been shopping and brought back lots of vegetables. I think the fact that they are so small makes it more appealing as she has to really concentrate and be careful not to knock things over and to treat them really carefully. She loves making up stories with them and creating scenarios. The set itself ties in well with everything else although she could just play with it on it's own without even needing a house to put it in although of course it looks best within a house! She will play with this quite happily for hours and I'm sure I would have done too! There is something really lovely about watching a four year old use their imagination and play with these toys.

      === Education ===
      There is educational value in so many things now, and in this set I think there is even more than normal! My little girl knows all of the vegetables and when she is pretending to cook them I sometimes give her little tips- "Why don't you fry the mushrooms? Oh you may want to peel the carrot first" and it's lovely to see that she is learning from playing like this. She is also learning simple things like when people play the piano they follow music and that sometimes people sit at desks to work hard and it's great to use these scenarios in her play for her to learn about the world around her and expand her mind. She is also learning the basics of being careful and concentrating as she learns to set the house up and not knock the tiny things off the table and things.

      === Conclusion ===
      If you have Sylvanian Families then I really recommend this set. It is amazing how much you can get for your money. Argos have it half price at the moment so if you can get it then I recommend you do! My daughter has had lots of fun out of this already and I know she will have much more. The amount of detail in each little item is amazing and it's no wonder it has stood the test of time and is still so popular today as it was when I was little. The quality is brilliant. The pieces are tiny and I think although this could be a problem if you have younger children who would choke on it, it is great as it is a good transition up from toddler type toys to slightly older toys. We keep all the little pieces in a box so that we don't lose them as it would be very easy to lose! I really recommend, can you tell?!


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    • Product Details

      Jeanie Tailbury adores her desk with all its drawers and space for her globe, school bag, pencil holder, pencils, pencil sharpener and papers. Most evenings she can be found sitting at her desk doing her homework, writing letters and drawing pictures for her favourite friends

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