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Flamenco Betty

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Betty Boop Figurine.

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2010 07:49
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous Betty Boop figurine from Danbury Mint

      Firstly, I would advise that I cannot speak a word of Spanish and I used Google's translator for my title, which in English translates "Please let me introduce Flamenco Betty Boop". I apologise, but this is yet another Betty Boop review as Dooyoo have kindly agreed all of my product suggestions.


      This gorgeous 17 inch figurine is brought to us by Danbury Mint, a company who were founded in Connecticut by Ted Stanley in 1969. They offer a huge variety of collectables, which are available by mail order, telephone or online and you will not find any of their exclusive stunning products in the shops. Although the company was initially launched in America their popularity brought them to London in 1976 and they are now situated in Chessington in Surrey. If you are unfamiliar with the company I would advise that they sell anything from Steiff Teddy Bears to Flower Fairies, Football collectables to Historical, Religious to Trains and of course, Betty Boop!

      For those of you who are not aware of Betty Boop I would advise that The Hearst Corporation owns her trademark and all genuine figurines will have their stamp on their underside. They manufacture exclusive pieces for Danbury Mint, so unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase any of the Betty collectables in any high street or online shops. I first became aware of Danbury Mint a couple of years ago whilst browsing through the pages of What's on TV and it is then that my eyes nearly fell out of my head when I spotted a gorgeous Betty Boop figurine, which I have previously reviewed.


      I was initially presented with this beautiful hand painted figurine named Flamenco Betty approximately eighteen months ago, but unfortunately whilst having a new kitchen installed in November of last year the builders knocked against her and she fell to the floor! Arghhh! Not only was I really distraught that over £100's worth of Betty had smashed to tiny pieces, but at that point in time Danbury Mint had discontinued this gorgeous figurine! I was absolutely devastated, particularly as I had relocated the figurine to a place that I thought was safe and due to the fact that this was a very special gift to me from my husband. Whilst liability was not disputed I honestly thought I would never replace her and although she appeared on eBay several times I was a little reluctant to purchase due to a few prior mishaps that I had experienced with broken or damaged figurines. Imagine my sheer delight when this figurine stared back at me whilst I was browsing through Danbury Mint's web pages just three weeks ago. Consequently, an order was placed and my second Betty arrived.


      The Betty Boops that I purchase from Danbury Mint are absolutely exquisite and this one is manufactured entirely from porcelain. The figurine was despatched to me by courier and arrived in first class condition due to the fact that she is perfectly packed and inside the box I found her large black circular stand together with various pieces of jewellery wrapped in individual cellophane packaging. On the underside of each of Betty's high heeled red shoes is a long metal spike, which needs to be pushed firmly into the appropriate opening on the inch high stand, which will subsequently allow the figurine to stand safely and securely. On the right hand side of Betty's black and red tiered dress is a narrow almost transparent piece of cord, which needs to be lifted and placed over her right hand. Consequently, the dress is raised to reveal her long slender sexy legs.

      The dress is absolutely beautiful, as there are several layers of black and red silk with each edged in a red netting material and displaying small diamante sparkles. Whilst the clothes on the smaller figurines are manufactured from resin the larger figurines wear actual fabric clothes and the finish is simply superb, even down to the first class finish on each of the layers of hem. On Betty's right thigh is a white lace garter adorned with a red heart, which seems to be an important part of her attire with almost all of the figurines that I own. Betty's tight fitted strapless red bodice is porcelain and displays dozens of tiny sparkly diamantes along the outer edges. I had to place a set of black realistic looking castanets in each of her hands, together with her diamante bracelets decorated with tiny red hearts. Betty wears a stunning pair of sparkling earrings, which are neatly glued onto her ears (although I have to say that none of my figurines actually show her ears!) To complete her Spanish look Betty wears a huge red material corsage on the right hand side of her head. I was able to manoeuvre her arms to place her in the correct position in order to effectively display her in my glass cabinet.

      Betty's facial features very rarely differ from one figurine to the next, as we see her huge green eyes looking towards her right hand side, her puckered ruby red lips and her rosy cheeks, which she has made up with a little rouge. Her black glossy curls are depicted by eight points, which run along the top of her head and there are a further eight curls positioned around the edge of her face. As previously stated, Betty is despatched by courier and presented in a beautiful box, together with a certificate of authenticity. As you are provided with the certificate there is no logo on the underside of the base, as is the case with the majority of the smaller figurines.


      Whilst this figurine is absolutely stunning I have one real frustration where dozens upon dozens of diamantes have been covered with silver glitter and each time I lift the figurine it falls from her dress! I have removed her from my display cabinet and placed her on my computer desk for review purposes and am now covered in the stuff! I also noticed that the entire area where she was positioned in my display cabinet is also covered in glitter, so she really needs to be moved as little as possible. It was only now that I am closely examining her that I realise that each of the diamantes on her dress are actually circles of glitter and not stones as I initially thought. Consequently, constant moving of this figurine will result in her losing her entire sparkle, so as soon as I complete this review she will be returned to her display position and will remain there forever! Cleaning this figurine is a relatively easy task where I use a small clean paintbrush to give her a quick dust several times throughout the year.


      Now for the most important part - the price. Flamenco Betty is one of the more expensive figurines from Danbury Mint and will cost you £111 plus £4 postage and handling. However, you are able to spread your payments over four interest free instalments where you would need to pay £27.75 plus £1 postage and handling. Payment can be made by cheque, credit or debit card and your order can be placed by post, telephone or online. In my experience the figurines seem to be rather slow being despatched, as the company tend to dispatch only once a week, so you may find yourself waiting a little longer that you would hope for. However, I'm sure that once you receive your figurine you will realise that it was worth the wait.


      Unfortunately, I cannot give this figurine 5 stars, as Danbury Mint have really let themselves down with the rather cheap and tacky glitter, as in my opinion small diamante stones should have been carefully glued to the dress, particularly due to this figurine's hefty price tag. Consequently, Flamenco Betty receives 4 stars from me. I agree that this figurine is pricey, but in my experience of being an avid collector the beautiful figurines tend to either increase or hold their value and maybe one day some of mine will appear on the Antique's Roadshow! Despite my grumble with the glitter, Flamenco Betty still receives my full recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and I would thank you for reading or as Google's Spanish translator informs me - Espero que hayas encontrado mi reseña útil y gracias por leer. I really hope that this is the correct translation and not Google playing a rude joke and if so, I truly apologise!

      This review will also appear on Ciao under the same user name.


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