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Halsall Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram

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2 Reviews

Brand: Halsall / Model: Ranger / Type: Dolls Pram / Dolls Buggy

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2012 18:44
      Very helpful



      A great buy

      We brought this pushchair for my daughter for Christmas as any little girl she really loves dolls and although she has had other pushchairs I liked the style of this one and at £35 I decided to buy it for her. It is available from all large toy stores and also a lot of the supermarkets too.

      Setting it up

      When you receive the set it is flat packed and you do need to add the wheels to the pram but this really only takes a few minutes and even with all the other toys we had to put together ready for the morning this was not a hassle and really was one of the easiest to set up. Then you just open the pram up from the folding position and the pram and it is ready to go. The cover also needs to be added with pop buttons but it is great that it can come on and off as it means it can be washed which I have done and they did not shrink or lose any of its colour meaning they looked as good as new again. You do not need any tools to set this up you just push the wheels on until they click and pop the covers on.

      The pram

      The pram comes in different colours we have the poppy red version which is red with white dots on it and really is lovely and bright. The pram is made up of the carry cot and chassis and the pram lies completely flat just like the prams I had for my children and I am sure this is why my daughter favours this one. It is a good size and can fit a large doll in their easily my daughter often puts her baby Annabel in there as I am sure it is surgically attached to her arm and her favourite doll and this fits perfectly.The hood can be lifted up or pushed down so when my daughters doll is 'sleeping' she can cover her up and when she has woken up she pulls it back down so she can check she is ok. The cover can be popped off and then re added once the doll in the pushchair but my daughter tends to leave this fastened and just slip the doll into it. This is very easy to do and my daughter manages this herself with no problems at all.There is a storage tray that sits on the bottom of the pram and this is a fair size so it can hold my daughters other toys or sometimes rather than hanging the changing bag on the pram or carrying it on her arm she will put this underneath.The wheels are nice and large and made of plastic they fit the size of the pram well and give it a good base height, as they are made from plastic they are really durable and suited for outdoor use as well as in.You also receive a changing bag with this pram which matches in colour and again has popper buttons to seal it closed. This is a fantastic addition to the pushchair it is the perfect size to actually be practical and my daughter often empties my changing bag into hers and it easily holds nappies baby wipes and a spare change of clothes. It is made from the same high quality material as the pram and it really is the perfect accessory to fuel my daughter's imagination and makes her feel like her pram is even more like mummy's.

      In play

      The pushchair is a good size it is recommended from 3 years to 7 years and as the handles can be adjusted with the push of two buttons so this seems fairly correct although I do think it will be two small for anyone over the age of 5 or 6 but I suppose that depends on the child and how tall they are.The pram although large in size is actually really light meaning little one can push it around with ease but it does not tip over at the slightest touch either which I was a little worried about as my children have a tendency of knowing things over as they are clumsy just like their mother.The handle is a good size for her to hold and although the foam padding has now come off after 5 months of use the handle is curved and still comfortable to use. The large wheels make it easy to push around and it can be turned around corners very easily. When we have used it outside we found the large wheels help give the pram a little suspension and it is just as easy to push around outside as it is in and my daughter has no problems at all even over stones and grass. The wheels have shown no wear from being used on tougher surfaces and they look as good as new with a wipe down.

      It is perfect for pushing around just about anywhere and the durability of the pram shines through apart from one small problem this pram has been pushed in to things bashed off walls and had a lot of play and it still works perfectly. My son has tried to climb in to the pram a few times and although I have got him out straight away it still held his weight a few times without any ripping or stitching coming loose.The tray that sits at the bottom of the pram does not attach and does just sit there so if the pram receives a knock or goes over a bump it just falls out but this does not cause too much annoyance and if we are taking the pram out with us we just leave this at home to stop us having to pick it up every 2 seconds.

      Our opinion

      What we like is that the push chair can be folded down so when we go out for the day if my daughter wants to bring it along with us it takes less than a minute to fold down and it is compact. This also means that if you are short on space in the house you can fold the pram down and it takes up minimal space.From my point of view the pram is very well made looks lovely and I know it can grow with my daughter as she gets bigger the pram can be adjusted to suit her needs and I think this is great. I was a little worried as I am with all toys that fold down that there may be a chance of her working out how to do it and trapping her fingers but the metal clips are easy enough for me to fold the pram down but too stiff for my daughter to manage it no matter how much she tries so I know there is no way she can trap her fingers while playing.

      My daughter adores her pram she uses it each and every day without fail sometimes she will only use it for short amounts of time but on the whole it receives a great deal of use. She loves that her dolls big and small can fit in there and that it is just like mummy's more so than any of the other prams that she has owned.She really would give it 10 out of 10 and although the padding on the handle coming off ruins it a little for me it is still very well made and the main body is durable yet light I love it too just for the fact that each time my daughter uses it I can see her enjoying herself and she is always smiling.


      The foam on the bar of the pushchair has completely come off now at first my son had just picked a small hole in the foam but as the pushchair was being used this became ripped and really messy so I removed it completely. The pram is still usable and it does not look to bad without the foam handle it just gives little one less of a grip and is not as soft on their hands.


      We knew as this was made by silver cross it would be well made and although it retails anything up to £50 it would be worth it for the durability of the pram. Although we were a little disappointed that the foam came away from the handle so easily this has in no way stopped my little girl from using it and she really does use it every single day. It is easy to clean can be used in doors and out and overall is a fantastic pram for any young girl, as the pram can be adjusted in height I know it will last her a few more years and with washable covers it is extremely easy to keep clean. I would recommend this pram to anyone we have owned a few but they have just not lived up to be what we hoped whereas this pram has passed our expectations and really is one of my daughters favourite toys.


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      06.02.2011 23:19
      Very helpful



      Great little pram

      My 4 year old and 2 year old daughters have one of these prams...EACH. I would say this Silver Cross Ranger Pram is one of the smaller doll's prams on the market, but it is by no means lacking in what it provides for the budding young role playing child. With my children being quite close in age and with similar interests, we knew it would be impossible for them to have one pram to share, so we had to get them one each, and these seemed like the most suitable option, size wise (the pram body is approximately 55cm long and 30cm wide) and price wise.

      If you look in Toys R Us/Tesco/Argos they are priced at around £35 or more, which I think is quite expensive, especially when cheaper versions seemed to be popping up everywhere last year in the run up to Christmas - they had them for £25 in Netto, and I even saw some for £19.99 in The Entertainer. It just depends what colours you like, the less fashionable colours tend to be cheaper...and I think that's why they bring the cheap ones out at Christmas. But let's be honest, what 4 or 2 year old is going to be bothered about the colour of a doll's pram?!

      **The Pram**

      The pram is classic in its design, with a carrycot style body, a steel chassis, 4 large wheels and an adjustable handle which can be lowered to a height of 60cm or raised to 74cm - which is quite a good range, and it therefore suits both my daughters, my 4 year old has it half way between these heights, and my 2 year old has it quite low. The pram is aimed at 4-8 year olds, but I would say it might not be quite big enough for an 8 year old, I would recommend it for 2-6 year olds.

      The carrycot section looks just like a full size pram would look, although not quite as sturdy! But it has a hood which can be adjusted easily, and a removable padded apron/footmuff/cover to keep baby warm in the pram. This fixes to the body of the pram with 4 press studs; this is a drawback to the pram, neither of my daughters can undo or even do up these press studs, so they either stuff their babies in the pram through the hood, or scream for my help to remove the apron/footmuff.

      The carrycot is long enough to hold dolls up to 46cm in length, and this is perfectly adequate for most children's dolls. My 4 year has the latest Baby Annabell which is actually 46cm in length, and she fits nice and snug in the pram which is just what you need. My 2 year old has a smaller doll, and she tends to get lost under the footmuff and often disappears from sight when she's careering about the house with the pram.

      The pram also comes with a tray which fixes onto the chassis under the body of the pram and your child can use this for various items, my kids tend to use it for spare blankets, and other toys. My 2 year old is currently storing her Waybuloo characters and a bracelet in here.

      Finally you get a changing bag in matching colours to go with the pram. This is a simple messenger style bag with a long strap, and a press stud flap (also difficult to open and close for my kids). The bag is large enough to store a blanket and a change of clothes for the dolls. My 2 year old never uses the bag to carry anything, but always has it swinging around her neck when she is pushing the pram. My 4 year old likes to keep her spare nappies, blankets and clothes in it so it is packed quite full (just like Mummy's bag!)


      Both my kids love these prams and have so far had a lot of enjoyment from them. They don't just use them to be pretend mothers, but also as battering rams when they are feeling particularly violent. Sometimes they can both just be running up and down the hallway with the prams causing general havoc, and I find that because they are not an obscene size, it is quite possible for them to do this without causing too much damage or injury to each other.

      Because the top of the carrycot stands at approximately 40cm high, both of the children can easily see into the pram and fuss with their babies/teddies with no trouble at all. If the apron was more easily removed with the press studs then it would be perfect, but to be honest this fact doesn't seem to bother them that much. Sometimes I just leave one side undone so they can fold the apron to the side as they mess about with their dolls.

      A good thing about these prams is that they are very realistic in their design, and for a child who wants to be 'just like mum' they are perfect because the child will feel like they have a real pram and are replicating what a real mother might be doing.

      **They Go Outdoors Too!**

      I have actually had the pleasure of pushing these prams outdoors (when the kids get bored of pushing and we are miles away from home...luckily the highest handle height is just high enough for me to rest my finger tips on and push without having to stoop!!) To be honest I was quite surprised at how smooth running they are; the wheels are pretty big and cushioned so I imagine the children push them quite easily, and because the pram is a very lightweight unit, they can manoeuvre them up and down bumps and around corners with relative ease.

      I was worried that there might be a tipping hazard for my 2 year old if she got too excited and pushed down too hard on the handle. So far this has not happened, she seems to have quite good control and doesn't need to put pressure on the handle, but I suppose this might be a danger for a younger child.

      Both prams have had quite a few outdoor outings and also a lot of indoor use and they seem to be able to suffer this very well. Children are not the most delicate of creatures and some toys don't seem to withstand this, especially toys that have to be moved about and crashed into things, but these prams have survived so far and I expect them to survive until they are no longer needed.


      If your children have a period of no-pram-play, as children do tend to go through phases with their toys, then these can be folded up for storage, or for travel (we only found out they could be folded down the other day, and had been transporting them rolling around in the boot of our estate!). They are easily folded down (once you have removed the tray) using a couple of clips/levers on the chassis, and then it just folds flat - not completely flat I might add, but the base of the carrycot also collapses so it does compress slightly, and it is small enough to go under a bed (depending on the height of your bed of course!).

      This is great because although my 4 year does love to play with hers, we do have periods of weeks at a time where she is not bothered and it sits there gathering dust, so now I can put it under her bed until she wants it again. My 2 year old however would cringe at the thought of me folding hers away!! There is always something happening with her pram, so we don't attempt to fold hers down, unless we are taking it out in the car.

      **Final Thoughts**

      I would definitely recommend this pram for your child, if you are in fact thinking of moving into the world of doll's prams. It is a basic design but replicates the look of a real pram and has everything you would expect or need from a doll's pram. It is slightly more upmarket and better quality than the cheap prams available but not as expensive or bulky as some of the larger ones on the market.

      I'd recommend for 2 years and above.

      Prices can vary, ranging from £19.99 up to £39.99, so make sure you look around before taking the plunge!


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