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Hello Kitty Castle Playset

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Brand: Hello Kitty

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2013 22:34
      Very helpful



      Bad kitty , much better out there.

      Hello Kitty Mini Castle Playset.

      My daughter received this on her 4th birthday from her friend, the mum had phoned me while in toys'r'us and asked if my daughter had the castle as she knew we had other Hello Kitty playsets. The castle was one we didn't have so made a perfect present at £10-£15.

      The box it comes in is about twice the size it needs to be , but easy to open, inside there is no packaging as such just the castle and the small accessories come in a small plastic bag.
      Once taken out of the box my 1st thought was oh ......and a feeling of disappointment . Now i wasn't expecting it to be huge , our other play sets aren't big , but this is small measuring 13 cms wide , and 18 cms high to the tallest part [ the top of the flag], and 9cms in depth. It probably looks smaller than its actual measurements because the plastic is very cheap looking and what i can only describe as thin looking, compared to the more chunky plastic usually found on children's toys.

      Castle front.
      The base is plain lilac and has a cobbled effect in the plastic . The pale pink castle clips, and is already screwed into the base .
      On the front of the castle are cerise pink double doors , The hinges on the door are good , in fact probably the best thing about the castle is the good hinges ! the doors don't come off , but neither do they stay shut very well , and are always left slightly open and look a bit wobbly . There are 3 balconies on the 2nd level of the castle .
      The front of the castle opens from the right hand side to allow for the play . Again the hinges are good and it doesn't snap off. The 3 turrets are left on the back of the castle , with just the pink part of the front opening . There are 2 pendant flag stickers on the front which started peeling off very quickly.

      Inside the castle the play area is only on the bottom level and is very small it measures 10 cms wide, 5cms tall , with a 3 cm depth , and then a slightly bigger area in front which is the purple base . The inside of the double doors there are 2 fixed candle stands these are in the plastic mould, rather than a separate piece .Apart from that it is totally plain , there is no detail , no stickers , or anything molded into the plastic on anything else .

      The back of the castle at the bottom has a brick effect in the plastic, it also has 3 windows in the plastic these are the same pink colour, there is also some flowers [ i think that's what they are supposed to be] also in the same pink to be honest they don't stand out at all and are not adding anything to the toy.
      On the 2nd level is a small balcony with 3 arches that match the windows at the front . the actual play area on the balcony is only 3cm wide at it's widest.

      The castle comes with princess kitty figure and her handsome prince bear . These are of a good quality and best thing about the whole castle. They are small 2-3 cms but perfectly formed and look totally out of place with the rest of the poor quality castle.
      There are also a white plastic swan, 2 tiny white doves, a unicorn and a horse and carriage these are awful, so cheap looking, the plastic is not properly formed and edges are rough . They look like something you would get in a christmas cracker , in fact i've had better toys from christmas crackers from the pound shop !

      Even though my daughter does play with this castle and the hello kitty figure and bear, [ i took away the white plastic trashy accessories as i wasn't sure they were safe] i really can't recommend it .
      Take away the 2 small figures , which i'm sure are those found in the foil bags in supermarket for about £1, what you have left is a cheap thin plastic castle , i'm sure you could find something similar in a pound shop . Save your money as there are much nicer Hello Kitty play sets out there.

      1 out of 5 , and that's only because you can't give 1/2 !


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