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Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House

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Brand: Hello Kitty

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    3 Reviews
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      12.10.2013 14:36
      Very helpful



      Hope likes it

      Hope adores Hello Kitty as do lots of children around her age (4). For Christmas last year lots of her presents were Hello Kitty themed and this was just one of them. We bought it from Tesco's for about £10, I know it was reduced in price but cannot remember what the original price was. All I know is that I am happy with spending £10 on it but don't think I'd have paid any more.

      This is a little house which closes up so you can carry it around and it means it doesn't take up as much room. It is very pink, very girlie and ever so Hello Kitty! It isn't very large, I would say in total it's about 20cm x 10cm and about 10cm high too so it's very compact especially considering all the little bits that come with it.

      It is a Hello Kitty house. The front of it has a little patio area and the back is which opens up and pulls down to reveal the inside out of the house and then a little garden complete with swimming pool and very cute picket fence.

      Within the house you get various pieces including a bed, dressing table, sofa, table and other little bits of furniture. These are small- some as tiny as 1cm. You also get a couple of Hello Kitty figures too to play with.

      But how practical is this? The pieces are tiny so they can be easily lost and also we have to be careful that Hope's baby brother doesn't get hold of any as he could easily choke on them so you have to be very careful about these small pieces. The little pieces are a challenge for children's fingers to hold and work but that makes it more exciting. Hope does like playing with Happy Land that has big characters and pieces but now she is growing up her ability to play with tiny things is increasing. She likes to set the house up and play imaginative games with these and it's nice to see her doing so.

      The quality of this is actually fairly good. The house has been opened and closed lots of times but it has never come off the hinges unlike with many other toys that we have and the plastic is a good sturdy type so I am happy with the quality.

      The level of detail that has been included in this toy is very cute and nice. I think it's very well designed.

      I am pleased with it, Hope will play with it for quite some time, it isn't her favourite toy but she certainly does like it and I like that you can fold it up so you can carry it around too.


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      19.04.2013 21:38
      Very helpful



      A lovely toy for little kitty fans

      **What is it?**

      The Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House is a small(ish) plastic house which you can carry along, open up and use with small Hello Kitty figures (some are supplied) for imaginitive play. If you were around in the late 80s / early 90s you might be able to remember Polly Pocket sets - this is the same type of thing.

      **Price and Availability**

      The price varies as far as I can see between around £15 and £20, with a postage and packing fee usually applicable on top of that. I actually bought the Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House from Debenhams just before Christmas where I took advantage of a 20% off and free delivery code, bringing the price down to around £14 delivered which I was happy with.

      You can also find it on Amazon, eBay and at independent retailers.

      **Hello, Kitty!**

      Now, you can buy non Hello Kitty versions of this house at a lower price, I've seen them in Smyths toy shop, however my little girl is Hello Kitty mad so we went for this. It's a licenced product and features not only Hello Kitty but her friends and family too (yes, there's loads of them!!)

      My daughter also has the Hello Kitty Busy Book which has lots of little Hello Kitty characters, these are compatible with the Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House so something to bear in mind if you want or need extra characters because you can pick the busy book up in Asda for £5.

      **What's in the Box**

      The Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House (which has a hinged front, which pulls down to reveal the 'garden'). The house is divided into rooms which are open fronted like a dolls house and allow play. It also has windows and a back door and porch.

      Lots (lots!) of little accessories which you can place in the house as you wish -

      A large bed
      Dressing table
      A long table with drawers, there is a small old fashioned tv on this
      A bedside table with a lamp on it
      A bath with taps
      A lavatory
      A make-up table
      A television on a television table
      A side table with a vase of flowers
      A telephone table, with an old fashioned telephone
      A sofa and chair
      An ottoman

      You get three of the Hello Kitty mini characters, Kitty herself, and Mummy and Daddy. This is sufficient for play but I am glad my little girl has the benefit of having the other characters from her Busy Book - Kitty's friends, pets, sisters, grandparents and so on.

      All of the pieces and characters are made in a durable plastic well moulded, no sharp edges and painted with lovely bright paints.

      Overall I do think you get plenty with the house to provide lots of options for entertaining play.

      **Fun Times**

      I find that with the Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House my little girl, who is two, will sit and play with this and arrange everything and talk to the little kitties and so on, pretend to give them a bath and put them to bed and tell them what's on the tv - it's very sweet to watch! She has had lots of peaceful, imaginitive fun with the Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House and I do think it's been value for money.

      The top of the house has a big handle (made to look like smoke coming out of the chimney, a nice touch)which is pretty sturdy and means she can carry the set around with her like a handbag, and take it to my family's homes to play with if they don't have any toys.


      Well, there are two but they are only minor. Firstly, I don't know if it's because my girl is only just 2, but the actual closing slider to open the top of the house is a bit hard for her little hands, so I have to do it for her.

      Secondly (and this is more of a personal gripe!) you have to be aware that you will end up with bits of this set all over your house, right now I have kitties on the rug, a bed on the hearth and a television on the dining room table...! So you will spend much time rounding up little plastic bits and bobs and returning them to their (literal) home. So maybe not a great gift for someone who already bemoans the state of their house!


      Overall I think for the money the Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House is a great little gift and my daughter does love it (hence why it's all over my house right now..!). It does make a nice gift for a little girl especially a fan, it's just so sweet and provides hours of play. Overall I do think it's a lovely little set. Four out of five for Hello Kitty Mini Dolls House.


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      22.03.2013 16:37
      Very helpful



      Great play set for imaginative play.

      == Hello Kitty Carry Along Mini Dolls House. ==

      Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. This mini house is licensed product of blue box international and approved by Sanrio.

      == The box. ==
      The box itself measures 20cms high, 20cms wide and has a depth of 13cms. In the top is a viewing window where all the small accessories are packed, so you can see straight away what you get with the set. The box is easy to open at the top , you pull the accessories out from the top and the house is packed underneath.

      == The House. ==
      The house its on a base measuring 17 cms long and 11.5 cms wide. The height of the house is 13cms to the roof , and 16cms to the fixed handle.
      The front of the house has a small opening door with a window and bay window to each side on the bottom floor , and there are 2 small windows on the second floor . There is a fence around the front with a sticker garden.
      The back of the house is plain to look at , as this is where you open it up. There are 2 sets of catches to clip it open and shut and they are very stiff and need an adult to do.
      Once open up at the back the house has 2 floors , where the back comes down it makes an extension to the ground floor.
      The extension consists of 2 areas , a swimming pool area complete with 2 fixed sun loungers , and a patio area with a fence around it .
      The bottom level of the house is the living room and has stickers details of a floor, rug, and wallpaper detail around the windows.
      The top level of the house is the bedroom and bathroom all on one level , again the sticker detail to the floor divides up the areas.

      == Accessories. ==
      The house comes with lots of tiny accessories, for the living room you have,
      3 seat sofa,
      television on stand,
      small table with flowers,
      even smaller table with phone,
      small pink thing. [ not sure what it is , maybe a footstool ?]

      And for the bedroom you have,
      double bed,
      dressing table,
      sideboard with tiny television,
      table with lamp.

      For the bathroom there is
      a bath,
      vanity unit.

      There are also 3 small Hello Kitty figures , a Hello Kitty and a Mum and Dad .

      The house is a lovely play set, there are lots of accessories and even though they are tiny, they fit very well with the house and the quality is good. My daughter has had her set since she was about 3 and a half , the box does suggest an age range of 4+ . This is a sensible age range due to the size of the small pieces.

      ==The best bits. ==
      What's nice about the house is once closed it is very secure and can be carried around without anything falling out, or the back dropping down, so it is idea to take out and about . The handle is solid and fixed so again it feels secure to carry.
      There are plenty of accessories ,so nothing else is need to be able to play with the set . For an average price of £12.99 I think its a great value set and makes a lovely gift .[ I have one in the present cupboard for a birthday next month ]

      == The bad bits.==
      The 2 sets of catches used to open and close the play set are very hard to do , and sometimes the back comes off in your hand as you are fixing it , despite this they have not become slack over time or had any damage and you do have to push it in with some force . So it's only a minor problem.

      All in all this is a lovely, good quality play set that I would recommend , great for imaginative play and especially good for those children who love making up stories with little figures like my daughter does.
      4 out of 5.


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