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John Crane Pintoy Dolls House Wooden Accessory Set Bedroom

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Brand: John Crane / Type: Doll House Furniture

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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2009 09:22
      Very helpful



      A great set to be played with

      My niece has a beautiful dolls house called the Marlborough Dolls House which is a John Crane Pintoy product - in fact I wrote a review about it some time ago.

      There are various sets of furniture made in 1:12 scale available to fit in this, or indeed any other, dolls house including bathroom, living room, kitchen, nursery and bedroom furniture.

      Earlier this year she received the set of living room furniture which she loves playing with and then for her birthday she received the set of bedroom furniture which she loves just as much! I thought I had better tell you about it in case it was useful as a Christmas present idea!

      Since I hadn't a clue how much it cost I have just searched via Google and found the set ranging from £14.99 at Mail Order Express, to £13.95 at Amazon, down to just £12 at www.kidsrooms.co.uk where they also stock furniture for all the other rooms too! Incidentally the pictures of the items on this website are excellent and can be enlarged so that you can really see the detail of the furniture.

      So what do you get for your money then?

      Before I go into detail I will start by saying that you get the John Crane Pintoy quality. These little items of furniture are made with the same care and attention to details as any of their larger toys. They are made from replenishable Rubber wood and are carefully finished so that there are no sharp edges to hurt little fingers and of course the paint used is safe and lead free.

      The bedroom set is made up of the following items:

      A double bed with headboard complete with a patterned duvet and two pillows.

      A combined wardrobe and dressing table unit which has two wardrobe sections with opening doors - one at each end of the unit and a dressing table surface, small opening drawer, niche, and mirror in the centre

      A dressing table stool

      Two bedside tables

      Two bedside lamps

      Incidentally I think the set must have changed slightly since this category was set up as the picture at the top of the page shows a slightly different set to the one currently available.

      This set is not designed to be displayed in a 'collector's' dolls house rather it is designed to be played with and that is exactly what my little niece does! She loves to arrange the furniture in the bedroom of the house and sit her little doll on the dressing table stool 'looking in the mirror to do her hair'! The various pieces are all easy for her to hold and play with as they have no tiny fiddly bits that little fingers might struggle with.

      The items of furniture are well made and robust and so withstand a lot of serious play! They are regularly dropped and bumped about when my niece and her friends are playing with them but they have suffered no ill effects and are just as good as when they were first bought a couple of months ago. The duvet and pillows are also made from good quality material and are well stitched so they will not rip or come undone during play.

      This and the other sets in the range are all designed to encourage imaginative play and having seen my niece playing with hers I can see that this is exactly what it does. It is so nice to see a child inventing scenarios in her mind and then acting them out with the little dolls and their furniture. Maybe I am just old fashioned but I think that these days there is far too much emphasis on computer games where the children just sit glued to a screen for hours on end.

      The furniture is recommended for children aged 3 years old and above as by its very nature the individual pieces are small and could present a choking hazard to a younger child.

      All in all I would say that this set of furniture is well worth the money as little girls (if you'll pardon my being sexist!) play with their dolls houses for many years and, from what I have seen, this set will last the distance.

      Of course now I have an idea for a Christmas present - I just need to check which of the rooms still remain unfurnished.


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        20.01.2009 20:32
        Very helpful



        another set for the malborough dolls' house

        We bought this set just after this Christmas (jan 2009) to go with my daughter's pintoy malborough dolls' house.

        It would fit any 12:1 scale house and comprises a double bed and other accessories. My daughter greatly enjoys putting the dolls to bed (mummy, daddy and sometimes assorted child which speaks volumes of the disturbed nights in our house).

        Now looking at the product picture and description I have noticed that this set has changed. I ordered it online from John Lewis but to my surprise the poor dolls have been downsized! Shock, horror and confusion - the product description still says that the bed comes with 2 bedside tables, lights, pictures and a dressing table, wardrobe and stool but this is, sadly not true!

        I have the packaging and have to report that the dolls have been duped of the two pictures and the dressing table. They have had to make do with a small bench as a replacement and a mirror has been added to their wardrobe.

        I might never have known this had I not looked at the description here, however having looked on other websites it does look pintoy have changed the set to the detriment of the dolls. I have checked on the manufacturer's website and the product has changed http://www.pintoys.com/catalog/subcategory/17-Dolls-Houses/#06566-BEDROOM so be aware when buying that you are not getting all the accessories pictured.

        That aside the furniture is well made and finished. There is a little drawer to pull out (not the three pictured - maybe mummy and daddy have cut back on clothes) on the wardrobe and the bed has a mattress, two pillows and a duvet so I would imagine is quite comfortable for the doll family! The furniture is of better quality than some of the other manufacturers - and so is the upholstery, it is well stitched and not nasty cheap cotton.

        This would make a good addition to any dolls' house but it is a bit of a pity that the set has been changed so that there are less pieces - admittedly this is something I might never have known and it doesn't matter to my child.


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      • Product Details

        7 piece set includes double bed, wardrobe and other essentials

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