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King Features Syndicate Betty Boop Vampire

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Brand: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible doll

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    1 Review
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      20.09.2010 08:24
      Very helpful



      A stunning figurine for Betty Boop fans

      Yes, this is another Betty Boop review, but I would say that I'm nearing the end of discussing my latest additions, so until I can save up my Amazon vouchers and buy some more there's only one more review to be posted.

      This little beauty arrived a couple of months ago thanks to all of you continuing to read and rate my reviews - thank you! I had to smile at the comment left against one of my previous reviews by a fellow Dooyooer, words to the effect of "we rate them and provide you with Dooyoo miles, which you subsequently turn into Amazon vouchers and buy another one, which you review". Quite true, but she missed out one thing - I buy through Nectar so I earn myself further points to convert to Amazon vouchers! It's a never ending circle, but wonderful as it feeds my Betty Boop addiction!

      The figurine I am reviewing today is quite unique and was launched only a few days prior to my purchase. Her name is Betty Boop Vampire and she is manufactured from resin, stands at 11 inches in height and weighs just over a kilogram.

      What I particularly love about this figurine is that normally Betty displays rather a considerable amount of her long slender legs, but Vampire Betty wears a stunning dress that reaches the floor. Her dress is absolutely beautiful with its' black edging on the tightly fitting bodice and a bold red stripe, which runs the entire length of the dress. Generally Betty wears the highest stiletto heels that she can find, but this figurine shows just the tip of her right foot; on which she wears a tiny black boot.

      Betty's hands are each positioned on her curvaceous hips to allow her gorgeous cape to be beautifully displayed and show off her tiny waist. Her stunning bat cape mirrors the gorgeous colours of her dress where it is black on the outside with a ruby red lining. I would love to be able to provide an additional photograph to show you the rear of the cape, particularly as it has five huge points to give Betty a real devil appearance.

      Unfortunately, the picture I provided to Dooyoo you with my product suggestion really does not do justice to this gorgeous collectable. As with all of the Betty Boop figurines the attention to detail is simply perfect, as a few tiny creases have been designed on the cape to depict the fall of the resin "fabric".

      Betty always wears beautiful jewellery and in this figurine we see her wearing a stunning pair of vampire bat silver earrings, which provide the final touch of her dramatic looking outfit.

      The facial features are generally similar in every figurine where Betty has puckered ruby red lips and gorgeous wide-open green eyes, which allow us to fully see her stunning long black eyelashes. However, this figurine is quite unique, as the manufactures, namely Hearst Holdings Inc, the owners of the Betty Boop trademark, have painted two tiny white fangs to fit in beautifully with Betty's vampire image.

      Betty's gorgeous jet-black curls are identical in every figurine and are depicted by eight points running along the top of her head. She can be displayed firmly and securely on her base where you will see the official stamp of the manufacturer and a tiny image of Betty.
      I cannot recommend this figurine highly enough and she was most definitely a welcome addition to my rather large collection. If you are interested in purchasing Vampire Betty she is available from Amazon for £39.99 + £3.96 P+P.

      Consequently, this gorgeous collectable receives a full 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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