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Lala Oopsie Doll Princess Juniper

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Brand: Lala Oopsie / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2013 14:06
      Very helpful



      You get more for you money with a Lala than an Oopsie.

      ~*~ Lala Oopsie Doll Princess Juniper ~*~

      Now you are all familiar with Lalaloopsy , I thought it time to introduce Lala-Oopsie. Not content with me spending a fortune on Lalaloopsy dolls , M.G.A Entertainment have now released a new range of dolls called the Lala-Oopsie dolls .
      So not to send you all loopy with confusion , for the review I will refer to Lalaloopsy dolls as Lala and the new Lala-Oopsie dolls as Oopsie dolls.

      ~*~ Who Are The Oopsie's ~*~

      The Oopsie range of dolls were released in autumn of 2012 in America and by the new year were available in the U.K .
      In a wacky and silly world of colors and wonder, there are giant mushrooms, curvy roads, and magical kingdoms. This is the land of the Lala-Oopsies! Four princesses rule over each of their own special kingdoms, each being unique to their own personalities. In this world there are also four magical little fairies who love to play together.
      There are 4 large dolls available the R.R.P of these is £29.99. The princesses are also available as mini dolls for £5.99.
      There are 4 smaller dolls the fairies the R.R.P is £19.99.
      There are other pets and accessories and also a dvd available.

      ~*~ In The Box ~*~

      Princess Juniper is the pink and yellow princess , the box is designed to look like a cardboard book with the doll attached to the front with a clear plastic window covering . The packaging is very bright and colourful and full of detail . Once you have cut all the seloptape and ties the box and got your doll out , there is no other purpose to the box and it will need to be disposed of , except for the handle with turns into a cute bookmark.
      The mini Oopsie dolls however have a box again designed to be a book but can be used as a playhouse once opened.

      ~*~ Princess Juniper ~*~

      Juniper is approx 37 cm tall not including her crown , which is fixed to her head and not removeable.
      Her head and hair differs from the Lala dolls ,who are made of hard plastic . The Oopsie dolls have heads made of a touch dense sponge like foam , and therefore are not as top heavy as the Lala dolls and are lighter to carry.
      She has the typical black button Lalaloopsy style eyes which are also the same foam material as the head and hair . Her body is slightly smaller than a Lala doll , but only slightly so you can change the clothes around and they fit fine.
      Her arms and legs are bendable and twistable and are long and thin and made out of a pliable plastic , her legs are 22 long and are miss-matched in pink and yellow designs.
      Her dress is a pretty pink party dress that does up with velcro at the back and is easy to put on and off . The finish to the dress is good quality and has been nicely made.

      She also comes with her pet rabbit that stands 12 cm talls and has a mushroom look about her. She is made from a hard plastic and is very durable.
      There is also supposed to be a pink milk carton with the doll , but it's made of cardboard and isn't actually a full carton so pretty useless and went in the bin .

      As with all Lala and Oopsie dolls she has her own personality, Princess Juniper is the Princess of Know-How. Creative and clever, shes a little-miss-fix-it who can solve any problem that comes her way. Royally handy with her knitting needles, shes able to make something out of nothing to save the day at a moments notice.

      ~*~ In Play ~*~

      My daughter plays with her Lalaloopsy dolls every day , and Princess Juniper has slotted right in with the other dolls . She has become a favourite with my daugher who's favourite thing is the world is Lalaloopsy closely followed by princesses so you can imagine the pestering when she saw these on the television adverts, a perfect mixture of the 2 .
      As she is lighter and her head is slightly smaller than the Lala dolls I think she is easier to play with and carry around .
      She is able to sit up , which the Lala's dolls don't so for tea party play she is much better so it terms of play I would recommend the Oopsie dolls over the Lala dolls especially for younger children .

      Unfortunately that's the only thing they are better at .
      In terms of quality we have had ours since Easter and already on one of her eyes the black has started to come away . Nothing like this has happened with the Lala dolls we have .
      Another disappointment is the bendable twistable arms and legs , yes they bend slightly and you can cross the legs over , but its stiff and hard going and they don't stay where you put them . Luckily for me it has never bothered my daughter as she wasn't really interested in that feature , but its still annoying as you have paid for that somewhere in the price .

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      We paid the full price of £29.99 for this doll or should I say Grandpa did , when my daughter gave him the puppy dog eyes it was bought and paid for before I had chance to step in .
      As much as my daughter is a fan and I knew she would have hours of play with the doll there is no way it is worth the £30 price . We have since bought the mini Oopsie dolls and a few other accessories but Princess Juniper remains are only large OOpsie doll and will until they come down in price .
      Personally i would pay up to £20 and that is because I know it will get played with , but in reality it is probably worth more like £15 , as once the packaging is off it looks a lot less substantial .

      ~*~ Conclusion ~*~

      I am finding it hard to give this a rating as I think a 3 1/2 out 5 would be fairest , although my daughter would give it a 4 ....
      but for non obsessed Lalaloopsy fan I think 3 out of 5 is fair due to the lack of twisterbility .


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