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Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame

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Brand: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2013 22:21
      Very helpful



      She's a hottie

      ~*~ Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame Doll ~*~

      Lalaloopsy are a range of dolls produced by M.G.A. Entertainment, the story is they were once rag dolls that magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn.
      Starting with just 8 different dolls in 2010, there are now over 100 different dolls in the mini collection , and over 40 are available as a large doll, Ember is number 26 of the large dolls to be released.
      The large dolls have a R.R.P. of £24.99-£29.99 but do come up on sale I always keep a look out on Amazon and if any are reduced that's when I snap them up and was lucky enough to pay around £15 for our Ember.

      ~*~ The Box ~*~

      Like all large Lalaloopsy dolls, Ember comes in her own house shaped box, the front of the box is a hard see through plastic so you can see the doll and her pet. Also in the box is a double sided poster measuring 28 x 43 cm, 1 side has Ember Flicker Flame and the other side is a group picture of 8 Lalaloopsy dolls.
      The boxes are a pain to get into I always seem to hurt my hands undoing all the string and plastic bits even when using scissors to cut all the tape and cardboard.
      The boxes are highly decorative and very appealing to young children. The handle on the boxes is shaped like a nappy pin and decorated with buttons and advertised as a collectors handle on the box, I have never understood why to be honest as lovely as they are they don't do anything and are a very random thing to collect, we always recycle the boxes as we just don't have the room to keep them all so inevitably that's where the handles end up.

      ~*~ Ember Flicker Flame ~*~

      Ember is a firefighter girl of the heroic and brave type who always saves the day when there's a problem, whether a pet is stuck up a tree or there's a real fire, Ember will always be there to help out. She's courageous and strong, however she has a fiery temper and it doesn't take much to make her frustrated. Nothing is too scary for her to take on because she was made from a firefighter's uniform .
      Ember is the bravest Lalaloopsy doll, her birthday is on May 4th, the same as St Florian who is the patron saint of firefighters.

      Ember is 33 cm tall, with bright orange - red hair and the usual black button eyes typical on most of the Lalaloopsy dolls although there are some green and blue eyed dolls now they are a lot rarer.The dolls are top heavy and the heads have a wobble to them , while the bodies are a lot smaller, both the arms and the legs are movable , while her hands and feet are a very simple shape with no fingers or toes. When undressed the doll has a pair of pants painted on with her birth date wrote in a small heart on her bottom.
      Ember's outfit is very cute her dress is a 1 piece that opens with velcro at the back , the top part is a stretchy cotton t-shirt style material , while the skirt part is made of a thick plastic coated material, just like a real firefighter. The dress is trimmed in a day-glow safety strip and she even has braces.
      Her shoes are black fireman style boots with yellow toe caps , but to pretty them up Ember wears hers with pink spotty leg warmers.

      ~*~ Pet ~*~

      All lalaloopsy dolls come with their own unique pet, Ember's pet it a Dalmation puppy. The puppy measures 8 cm high and 7 cm across at the widest part. The puppy will stand up by itself and has the same black button eyes .

      ~*~ Playtime ~*~

      My daughter has been a Lalaloopsy fanatic for over 3 years now and has a huge collection , I don't think a day has gone by where she hasn't played with her Lalaloopsy dolls even if its only taking them in the car to school or to bed with her if is she's having a particularly busy day and not been home a lot.
      The dolls are tough and strong and do withstand dropping on hard floors and rough play. One of my daughter's favourite things to do this summer holiday has been to take them all outside for a picnic and a paddle. She puts out a blanket to put the dolls on then lays out her tea set complete with biscuits of course. My daughter makes up all the voices for each doll and has a whale of a time playing through different scenarios while eating biscuits , then 1 small bowl of water provides the pool for them to paddle in. This has kept her entertained for hours.
      These dolls aren't designed to be fully immersed in water but being plastic they don't come to any harm getting their legs wet.
      She then lies them down for a sunbathe and to dry off .
      Her clothes are easy to take off and put on again, thanks to the simple hands and feet there are no annoying fingers to get the dress snagged on and my daughter has been able to dress them by herself since she was 4.
      The only thing that lets the doll down is she can't sit up without being propped against something this did cause some frustrations for my daughter when she was younger, but now she is 6 years old she can prop them up herself or will use them lying down.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      We love Lalaloopsy in our house and Ember is a lovely doll , her dress especially is very cute with all the details. The clothes and shoes are well made and apart from a few stray threads none have ripped or torn. The dolls clean up well, I find a wet wipe is enough to clean up any marks from play, although the felt tip eye shadow my daughter applied did require some scrubbing !
      The age range is 3 years plus on the dolls, my daughter had her first one at nearly 3 years old and I think that it's an appropriate age range, while there are no small pieces to worry about the dolls are rather heavy and a younger child might hurt themselves if they were to drop it on their toes or find them hard to carry due to the top heavy heads.

      4 out of 5


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    • Product Details

      Nothing is too scary for Ember Flicker Flame to take on! Because she was sewn out of a firefighter's uniform, 33cm high Flicker is the bravest Lalaloopsy doll. Her Birthday is on May the 4th, the same as St Florian, who is the patron saint of firefighters. She comes complete with her pet, an adorable dalmation puppy. Encourages imagination and creative play. Recommended For Ages 4 Years Plus

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