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Lalaloopsy Large Doll Wooden Playhouse

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Manufacturer: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2013 15:19
      Very helpful



      A LARGE dollop of Lalaloopsy lovelyness.

      ~*~ Lalaloopsy Large Dolls house ~*~

      My daughter first spotted this monstrosity on a video on youtube last year , a little girl was showing her Lalaloopsy birthday presents and it included this dolls house .
      My daughter was immediately eager to also own it and after a quick internet search it was only available in the U.S.A at the time.
      Thankfully she was content with this and we added it to the things to buy in America list we have started for when we visit later this year.
      Let me say now there is no way you would get this in a suitcase , it was more a rouse to keep her happy.

      A few months later I first started seeing the houses available in the U.K but they came with the massive R.R.P of £180 .
      As my daughter already has the Early Learning Center Rosebud Dolls House , I could not justify such a cost on a 2nd dolls house .
      Roll on a few months later, and when I spotted it online at Smyths Toys for the sale price of £60 , yes 1/3 of the price ! I was so excited knowing it would make the perfect birthday present, it was in my basket, bought and on its way , before I really had chance to think about where it would go , or where I would put it till her birthday 3 months later.

      The house comes boxed and is flat packed . The box is big and heavy and not easy to hide , I had to scribble over the packaging that said Lalaloopsy House as my daughter can read , and it was covered in a blanket and left in the porch .

      ~*~ The House ~*~

      The night before her birthday came and it was time to put the house together . The house is made from wood pieces that are covered in a sticker / paper with all the picture details on. Also there is an extra sticker sheet in the box nice but not really necessary as the house is full of detail and there isn't much room for the extras.
      On first inspection the assembly looked like it would be relatively easy as all the pieces are alphabetically lettered from A-Z . I set them out in order and left my husband and his father to crack on with it .
      3 hours later and it was done , whilst the lettering had made finding the pieces easier the diagram to show where to put them was small and confusing . Twice they had to undo parts to swap them around as it wasn't clear which side they should be facing, and a couple of screws didn't go in as well as they should have. An electric screwdriver would have sped up the process but we don't have one.
      The finish on the house is overall very good , one piece did have a small dink in and because of the paper like sticker covering the wood I did cover it in a little clear glue as I didn't want to risk the paper peeling off.

      But at last it was up and boy is it big , the measurements on the internet give the height 102 cm, width 99 cm and depth 38 cm but in actual life it needs more space than that. Due to the design the 3 levels are not straight up , and the added lift on the side it needs a bigger area . A space of 112 cm wide , 114 cm high, and 42 cm depth would be more accurate to ensure it fits.
      Also the door opens from the inside of the house outwards so can't be opened if placed against a wall.

      So what does it look like apart from BIG and rather pink .
      The bottom floor is half decorated to look like a living room and the other half a kitchen. There is a window on each side of the house
      The middle floor is the bedroom and bathroom. There is also a window on each side of this floor.
      The top floor is the attic which looks like a playroom. This is a completely closed 3 walled room with no windows.
      All the floors are highly decorated , pictures on walls, rugs on floors lots of detail everywhere . It all corresponds to all thing Lalaloopsy, I especially like the pictures of the Lalaloopsy pets on the walls and fits it well with any of the dolls and the furniture available.

      On the outside , the front of the house is completely flat and closed in except the door which opens outwards. The door is made of plastic and has a click closing. There is again lots of lovely detail on the covering , on the bottom floor is a cake shop design and on the middle floor windows and window boxes, and pretty french doors. The top floor has attic windows with 2 pets peeking out.
      On the outside on the opposite side to the pet lift the cut out window is made to look like a lemonade stand.
      Pet lift, on the left hand side as you are facing the back of the house is a wind up pet lift , a cute addition ,the crack that you turn looks like a cotton reel its nice and chunky and turns easily to pull up the tartlet case lift that fits a pet in nicely .

      Structure wise it is solid , very sturdy and strong and completely stable on the floor.

      ~*~ In Play ~*~

      Wow my daughter's face was a complete picture when this was revealed , her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she was completely dumbstruck. It is actually slightly taller than she is as she's a shortie .
      The play space is amazing the large dolls fit nicely as do the little sisters. We have the stove for the house and that also fits to the right scale.
      The bottom floor has a play space of 73 cm wide, 38 cm deep and 38 cm high.
      The middle floor play space is slightly smaller 70 cm wide, 38 deep and 37 high.
      The top floor is smaller due to the attic design and is approx 75 cm wide, 35 deep, and 28 high.

      This space gives lots of play options , not only is it perfect for the Large dolls , but my daughter also plays with her mini dolls and pets in the house too , the playsets for the mini dolls such as the ferris wheel, funhouse and bus all fit in the house also, which not only makes it perfect for playing without them being scattered all over the floor, but the added bonus is due to the size being like a large bookcase its perfect for storing all the toys in at the end of the day. I have since bought 2 storage boxes that fit the bottom floor to store all the mini Lalaloopsy dolls and pets so it can look quite tidy when packed away.
      Originally I intended the house to go in the dining room , but due to the extra space needed it didn't quite fit and frankly it looked all wrong so after a shuffle around it now lives in the living room , not ideal due to the pinkness, and I do joke about opening up the living room as a Lalaloopsy theme park as it has kind of taken over , but it's very practical for play and what is the point of having lovely toys if they are not out to be played with, and now with the addition of the storage boxes it looks neater too .It is against a wall which isn't ideal for the door , but we can pull it out slightly if needed.

      At my daughter's birthday party (which was Lalaloopsy themed of course) the house was a huge hit with all the party girls and we actually ran out of time to do all the crafts planned as they were having such a good time playing with the house . There were 12 party guests and while 4 were doing crafts there was plenty of room in and around the house for the other 8 to play .

      ~*~ Extra Info ~*~

      There are currently 3 pieces of furniture available for the house at an extra cost , an stove, a bed and a sofa. The stove is quite reasonable and is less than £15 , but the sofa and bed are nearer the £30 mark and a lot of money for what they are.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      If you have the space this is a cracking dolls house, bright and pretty and very strong and sturdy and for the price of £60 with free delivery it is amazing value for money. There is no reason to keep it just for Lalaloopsy's either , even though it has the Lalaloopsy details, the pets and the buttons etc , it is just a pretty girls dolls house and would suit any doll. My daughter plays with her Disney Princess dolls in there too as well as her Littlest Pet Shop , Chipettes and anything else that takes her fancy , there was some Star Wars Lego men riding the pet lift just the other day.
      As I mentioned previously we also have the Rosebud House from the E.L.C, to compare the 2 , the Lalaloopsy house comes out on top . The build quality is better , it's stronger and sturdy enough to move , and longer lasting ,in terms of age range this house could last years , you could start of with Happyland type dolls with a toddler before moving on to Lalaloopsys or similar before moving on to more grown up dolls like Monsters High etc . In fact it is so solid I think in years to come I will paint it and turn it into a bookcase.
      The only downside is it might be just too big for some , but with that comes the plus side that it does store a lot and has masses of play space.

      Still smiling about my bargain
      5 out of 5


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