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Lalaloopsy Little's Matey Anchors

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Brand: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2013 13:26
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      Great for Lalaloopsy fans, but my daughter never really took to him.

      My daughter received this Lalaloopsy "Little Matey Anchors" doll for Christmas last year from a friend, to be honest neither me or my daughter had heard of Lalaloopsy before but apparently my friends daughter was an avid collector of them. I soon realised that there were absolutely loads of Lalaloopsy merchandise out there to collect. This was a gift so I am not sure how much my friend paid for it, but a quick look online shows me that Amazon have it for £14.78 (Dec 2013, delivery charges may apply)

      Little Matey is quite a cute happy looking little fellow, he is made out of thick durable plastic which is of a brilliant quality. He is quite small but rather chunky. Like all Lalaloopsy dolls Matey has buttons for eyes, a "cotton" stitched mouth and two large circles for cheeks. His hair blue and plastic, so it cannot be brushed or styled. Matey is also posable, and his head, arms and legs can easily be moved into different positions. His legs can be moved so he is in a sitting position but unfortunately his head is too heavy so he cannot sit by himself without just tumbling over. My daughter has found this quite annoying and has to prop him up against something whilst playing picnic or other such role playing games.

      As you can probably guess by his name, Matey is a sailor and is dressed appropriately for this role in his shorts and stripy red and white shirt. He originally came with a sailors hat which was attached to him with a plastic strap, it never stayed on properly and ended up getting lost. Matey's clothes and blue shoes are all fully removable, my daughter has no problem taking his clothes off by herself, but often needs help putting them back on. I think its a miracle that Matey's shoes are still attached to his feet, my daughter has a habit of loosing dolls shoes.

      Matey came complete with a Crab, a small plastic toy which is quite cute. There is no way of attaching Matey to his crab friend, and due to its small size he often gets lost in the toy box with all the other odds and ends.

      My daughter played with Matey on and off for a few days after receiving him, but he was soon put to one side when she received her Christmas presents from Santa. We recently moved house and Matey resurfaced, again he was briefly played with for a few weeks but my daughter seems to have lost interest in him again. I am not quite sure why my daughter hasn't really taken to Matey, perhaps its because she is not familiar with the Lalaloopsy brand itself. At times I think she gets a little frustrated with him, as I said before he cannot even sit up unaided. Since he is hard, my daughter cannot cuddle him in bed at night either.

      I have found it a little difficult to rate Matey, there is no denying how cute he is nor how well he is made, it certainly is a quality toy. But my daughter can find him a little frustrating to play with at times and she easily looses interest. Still, I have no doubt that Lalaloopsy fans would love him in their collection. I am giving Little Matey 3 Dooyoo stars out of 5, a nice enough doll but just not one for us.


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        18.09.2013 15:09
        Very helpful



        Love the Little's

        ~*~ Lalaloopsy Little's Doll Matey Anchors ~*~

        After the release of the Lalaloopsy dolls and them being so popular, M.G.A.Entertainment were quick to expand the range and along came the Little's. The Little's are the Lalaloopsy dolls little sister's or in this case little brother.
        The R.R.P of the Little dolls is £14.99 , then do come up on Amazon for around £10 and that when I tend to buy them. This one was a great bargain from B+M for only £7.99. I am not lucky enough to live near a store but a friend who knows of my daughters love for Lalaloopsy does, so picked this up for her.

        ~*~ Matey Anchors ~*~

        Matey was sewn from a sailors uniform and adores life at sea, from making and playing with paper sailboats to swimming the doggie paddle. Just like his big sister Marina Anchors he likes to tie knots but is not quite big enough to untie them yet. He was sewn on July 1st which is National Boating Day in the U.S.A.
        Currently there are 19 Little's dolls with Matey being the only little brother doll available.

        ~*~ In The Box ~*~

        Like all Lalaloopsy dolls Matey comes in the typical house shaped box. The boxes have handles so they can be carried and are very bright and colourful and appealing to children. The front has a see through window so you can see exactly what you are getting . Along with Matey come his pet crab and a poster. The poster is double sided with one side featuring Matey Anchors and a group picture of 8 Little's dolls on the other side.

        Matey is 18 cm tall and like all Lalaloopsy dolls has a bigger head than body, unlike the large dolls the Little's heads aren't as top heavy so this allows them to sit and not fall over. He has pale skin , blue hair and the trademark black button eyes. He comes wearing a one piece suit which opens with velcro at the back, the top part is red and white stripes with the bottom part being white denim with little gold studs and there is a necktie around his neck.
        He also comes with cute little blue trainers and a hat . The shoes are easy to get on and off and the hat has a large clear elastic band to attach it to his head so will stay on.
        His pet orange crab is obviously a cheeky one judging by his wink, he is a solid 1 piece and made of hard plastic, there are no sharp edges or breakable bits to worry about.

        ~*~ In Play ~*~

        Matey has fitted right in with the other Lalaloopsy dolls we have. I think its nice to introduce a brother into the mix especially as my daughter has brothers herself. This doesn't stop her swapping his clothes and dressing him in the Little sisters clothes though, which is fine as under the outfits the dolls all have the same bodies there is no difference between the boys and girls. The feet are the same as well so shoes can be swapped easily.

        My daughter spends a lot of time playing with her Lalaloopsy dolls , the Little's have proved very popular with her. I think this is down to their size being smaller than the large dolls and their heads not being so top heavy makes them much easier to carry and to sit up and play with. This is important if my daughter is playing tea parties as there is nothing more frustrating than a doll that won't do what she wants and keeps falling over.
        These are the dolls I encourage her to take out if she wanting to take something with her, not too small they could get lost or forgotten about, but not too big to put in my bag if she gets tired of carrying it or too cumbersome to play with if we are out for dinner.
        They are favourites to be taken to the park and put down the slide, as well as bounced about on the trampoline and none are showing any signs of damage yet.

        ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

        They are durable dolls and will withstand being dropped and are easy to wipe over if they get dirty. The outfits are well made and the finish is good on the stitching, my daughter can undress and dress Matey by herself which is perfect as she is quite stubborn at asking for help.
        A little imagination is all that is needed for hours of fun with Matey.

        5 out of 5


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      • Product Details

        Matey Anchors is captain of the fastest paper sailboats on the sea and is always showing off his knot-tying skills to big sister Marina Anchors . Lalaloopsy Littles dolls are the baby brothers and sisters of your favourite Lalaloopsy characters. At 18cm tall they're slightly smaller than their siblings, but they're just as cute. Each one comes with a cute pet , just like their big sisters, and they're made from the same plastic and fabric materials.

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