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Lalaloopsy Little's Trinket Sparkles

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Brand: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2013 20:20
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      The start of a collection?

      Please note the doll pictured above is not the Silly Hair version of the character however Dooyoo instructed me to write the review under this entry.


      My eldest daughter has recently had her 6th birthday and as we have quite a large family, grandparents that spoil her and a birthday party with over 20 guests she was pretty spoilt. Sophie ended up with quite a lot of money for her birthday as well as the huge pile of presents so I took her to Tesco to see what she would like to buy and she choose this doll. I was really surprised at her choice as she is not one that really likes make believe play and prefers much more to be creative but as it was her money and the toy was suitable I let her buy it.

      ==Cost and Availability==

      The doll cost £25 from Tesco but it is readily available in most toy shops and also online from the likes of Amazon. The doll is part of the Silly Hair Littles dolls and comes in 4 different character options which are Bundles Snuggle Stuff who has blue hair, Squirt Lil' Top who has purple hair, Specs Reads-a-lot who has orange hair and this one who is Trinket Sparkles who has pink hair. It was no surprise to me that Sophie picked the character with pink hair as her favourite colour is pink although to begin with she wanted to buy the 3 different colours that Tesco stocked but at £25 a time I did put a stop to that.

      ==The Range==

      I have seen the Lalaloopsy brand about but Sophie has never paid any attention to it before, it is not just a set of dolls but also a cartoon which is shown on Nickelodeon in America but doesn't seem to have made its way here yet. There are now 269 different dolls and accessories in the series and they range in price from around £15 up to around £50, some of the characters are only available in America so I have heard.

      The range was started by MGA entertainment on the 19th of July 2010 they were originally called Bitty Buttons but the name was changed to Lalaloopsy in November 2010. The starting range only had 8 dolls in it so the popularity has been astounding for the range to have grown so fast. Each character is created with a fictional theme to do with the day she was born, the fabric she is sewn from and her pet, the doll we have was born on the 24th of March. Apparently the aim of the range in the first place was to teach children that everyone is unique and that everything old can be revamped and made new again which I think is a lovely message to give.

      ==The packaging==
      The box is brightly coloured and has a fully plastic front so that you can see the doll inside and all the piece that come with her. Along the bottom there is a piece of cardboard with the logo on and it states for ages 4 to 104, is a choking hazard for children under 3 and there are 30+ pieces that come with the doll. On the back there are pictures of the 4 characters in this part of the range that are available and some little pictures to show you how the doll and accessories work.

      Getting the parts out of the box was a nightmare, firstly to open the box there is a 3 sides of a square shape that are perforated on the back of the box, the cardboard of the box is that strong that it is hard to get through the perforations. Once you get the box open getting each of the pieces of plastic hair out of the plastic it is encased in is really difficult and Sophie couldn't do it at all, I struggled with it and my fingertips felt sore after I managed to get them all out.

      ==The Set==

      The set has a small plastic doll in it which is rather cute, she is made of hard plastic and has pink hair and pink shoes with a little yellow bow on them. The dolls eyes are made from black buttons and she has a lovely little pink dress on which is made of fabric and has a frill and bow and is really cute, I can see why these dolls end up being collected they are very attractive and would certainly grab childrens attention. The dolls shoes and dress is removable and the shoes have L for left and R for right on them which I find rather sweet.

      The doll has what looks like 8 little horns coming from either side of her head however these are just where the pieces of plastic hair connect onto the doll. The head is huge compared to the rest of the body so she is top heavy so adding the hair on pretty much means there is no chance of the doll standing up although her legs are jointed so that she is able to sit down too. There is 27 pieces of hair that comes with the doll and you get either 2 or 3 of each different shaped piece, the pieces are twisted in all sorts of ways and then there are some zig zag pieces too.

      The set also has with it a cute little cats head and 2 each of 2 different buttons with it which go into the dolls hair for extra decoration. There is a little cardboard carry case with handle for putting all the pieces into so that they don't get lost which I think is a good idea just a pity the case isn't very good quality.

      ==In Play==

      Sophie was eager to play with her doll when we got her home so was disappointed at waiting so long for me to get all the pieces out of the box but once I did she was away and played for well over an hour creating different hair styles. The hair styles can be made up with as many or few pieces as your child wants to use and Sophie will often make a hairstyle then take a picture on her camera before adding to the style. The pieces are easy to click together for Sophie but her younger sister cannot manage it but they play nicely together with the doll as Emily will select which hair piece to use and Sophie will click it on the doll.


      As I have already said the packaging is a bit of a pain and I think the small box to keep the pieces in is pretty poor as it is made of cardboard which is too thin and only closes by slipping a cardboard tab into a slit so the cardboard weakens far too quickly. Another problem we found with the box is that the pieces actually all don't quite fit in it anyway, we have stored the pieces in a small Tupperware tub instead and that is much better.

      The doll is really cute and even Sophie's younger sister likes playing with her although she cannot clip the pieces into place by herself so she either plays with the doll with Sophie or she just plays with the doll and her zoo animals together instead. Sophie says she really likes her doll but she doesn't now want any more of them which isn't anything against the toy itself I don't think just really the fact that she doesn't go for make believe play. I can see Emily will want more of these dolls as she really does enjoy make believe play and everytime you get the doll out she is straight to it and telling you how cute it is.

      The doll and the pieces are all really well made and there is a lot of detailing on the pieces too, each hair piece has marks on it to make it look like twists of hair and even the shoes have a texture to them. The dolls are obviously great quality and with them being so top heavy the doll has fallen over many a times and there is no damage to her.

      From playing with this doll Sophie has asked to watch some of the television show about them, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available in this country so think we will be looking out for a DVD of the programmes for her.

      I would rate this doll 4 stars due to the problem with the packaging and the storage.


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    • Product Details

      Frilly dresses and shiny gems are Trinket Sparkles ' favourite things, so she's always raiding big sister Jewel Sparkles ' wardrobe. Lalaloopsy Littles dolls are the baby brothers and sisters of your favourite Lalaloopsy characters. At 18cm tall they're slightly smaller than their siblings, but they're just as cute. Each one comes with a cute pet , just like their big sisters, and they're made from the same plastic and fabric materials.

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