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Lalaloopsy Littles 2-in-1 Rocker and Stroller

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Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2013 22:24
      Very helpful
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      Rocking fun.

      ~*~ Lalaloopsy Little's 2-in-1 Rocker and Stroller ~*~

      Yet another Lalaloopsy toy in my daughter's ever growing collection . The Lalaloopsy Rocker and Stroller is made for the Little Sister dolls and has a R.R.P of £24.99.
      When my daughter first spotted this on the internet I actually thought it was a child size rocker because of the price, and it was only on reading the description that I became aware it was actually for the dolls and thought it an expensive extra. I paid around £20 from Amazon and see that it is now available from thetoyshop.co.uk for £15 which is much better value.

      ~*~ What Do You Get ? ~*~

      The item comes in 3 pieces , the giraffe, the rocker which transforms into the stroller handle and the pet cart. On the cardboard backing it is set up in the rocker mode, and the pet cart is attached to the giraffes tail.
      Basically that is it , no doll comes with the set and the one pictured on the box is just a cardboard cut out.

      The giraffe is very cute, she stands 31 cm high from floor to ears , and 20 cm wide . She is bright pink and is covered in the same bright pink spots. Her eyes are the typical black button eyes that you see on lots of Lalaloopsy dolls and pets. Her 4 wheels are also button design. She has a seat fixed to her back the is not removable this is where the Little Sister doll sits. On the back of the seat is the slot for the handle to go in when converted to a stroller. Her tail is made of plastic but looks like rope and has a knot at the end for hooking the pet cart onto.

      The pet cart is designed to look like an apple , it has the same button wheels and attaches to the Giraffe by her tail . There is room is the cart for any of the Lalaloopsy pets and is approx 9 cm square in size.

      Any of the Little Sister dolls fit on the seat thanks to the elasticated seat belt that keeps them in place . Also the Large Lalaloopsy dolls will fit too.

      ~*~ As a Rocker ~*~

      The toy is set up as a rocker in the packaging so she is all ready to go or should that be rock. The giraffe sits in the rocker attachment with her button wheels and is easy to clip in and pull out again and my daughter can do this by herself .
      The rocker part is again made of plastic but has a wood effect to the molding. The cart can still be attached when rocking and stays on mostly. The Lalaloopsy doll sits on the rocker well, and it rocks smoothly.
      To take the giraffe out of the rocker attachment simply pull out .

      ~*~ As a Stroller ~*~

      To convert to a stroller you need to first remove the giraffe from the rocker. Then on the rocker are 2 small buttons to press which fold out the rocker to create the handle . The handle simply slots into the backpack on the back of the seat on the giraffe. To remove the handle you simple press the button that looks like a button on the backpack and out it comes.
      As a stroller the handle extends to 45 cms high from the ground and 37 cm from the chair on the giraffes back.
      The stroller pushes well over carpet, hard floors and outside on grass or concrete, and when being pushed the pet cart stays on .

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      At first I did think this was over priced for a dolls accessory but the quality is good , its very sturdy and solid and the plastic is nice and thick and chunky. The finish is excellent everything is smooth and safe for little hands.
      The fact that is actually takes both sized Lalaloopsy dolls is a nice extra and a trick they are probably missing out on , advertising it as a Little Sister toy rather than just a Lalaloopsy one.
      The age range is the usual Lalaloopsy range of 4 years to 104 years . My daughter who is now 6 loves playing with this , more in the stroller mode than the rocker as she likes to take it out in the garden . She was 5 when she received this and at first I was worried she was a little old for it as it does look more like a toddler toy as it designed for the Little Sister dolls, but those worries were unfounded and she is still playing with it now.
      The only sign of wear is a few scratches on the wheels from where she takes it outside.

      Obviously it can be used for other toys Princesses have been taken for a walk, as well as cuddly toys. It will even hold smaller toys and my daughter puts her mini Lalaloopsy dolls in (about 3 1/2 inches high) and can fit 3 comfortably on the seat , they stay put thanks to the elasticated belt ,and a couple more in the pet cart. This she particularly likes doing when it's in rocker mode as she likes to pretend they are on a giant ride at the fun fair.

      1 star off for the high R.R.P. but overall much better than expected and a hit with my daughter and her friends.
      4 out of 5


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