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Lalaloopsy Mini Floating Islands Playset

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Brand: MGA Entertainment / Type: Doll Playset

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2013 22:10
      Very helpful



      Good but not great

      ~*~ Lalaloopsy - Lala Oopsie Mini Floating Islands Playset ~*~

      The Mini Island Floating Playset is from the Lala-Oopsie range , this is another range from M.G.A Entertainment and is a kind of sister range to the Lalaloopsy.
      Lala-Oopsie are described as ballerina princesses who rule over a magical kingdom of strawberry rivers, giant teapots and orange skies.When released over here the advertisement used said;
      While walking down a familiar way, a fork in the road leads you astray to a secret door with a secret key open it up and inside you'll see a magical world where strawberry rivers flow, where islands and rafts and mushroom trees grow. This silly place, what could it be? The whimsical land of Lala-Oopsies.

      The playset's R.R.P is £34.99 and as it was only released this year, it hasn't reached the sales yet.

      ~*~ The Playset ~*~

      Firstly this comes in a massive box , so when wrapped makes a substantial sized gift .Once unwrapped you can see straight away thanks to the window front, what is contained in the set .
      The main playset is made up of 3 islands that connect together.

      The biggest of the islands and in the middle of the playset is the teapot island , this covers an area of approximately 15 cms across and 30 cms high. Heat shaped stepping stones lead up to the door which opens outwards, the teapot has a cute little window with working shutters and the back is open for play. The Teapot also turns around so the playing area is accessible on either side.
      Also on this island is a tall mushroom with ice-cream cone chimney, the back of this is open for play but is too small for a doll and is more suitable to the Lalaloopsy or Lala-Oopsie pets. The whole island except the mushroom tops is made from a sturdy plastic, the mushroom tops are make of a pliable rubber type material and can be squeezed. The island had another little mushroom for decoration and the island base has different patterns in the plastic.

      The smaller island on the right hand side at the front has a swing and spinning teacup. It connects with a wooden effect bridge this clips in and is sturdy. The swing is attached to a large mushroom and is also in the shape of a teacup. The inside is very clever in that they have put a piece of rubber with a cross shaped slip in , this means that the Lala-Oopsie dolls fit in perfectly , they sit in the swing and can be swung quite vigorously and still stay in.
      The spinning teacup is designed for the pets and can accommodate 2 or 3 of the mini pets.

      The other smaller island connects to the main island with a bubbly road, again this clips into both islands and is sturdy and secure. This island features a slide and shower. The slide is nice and wide so the dolls go down easily. The shower is a nice touch, take the little pink stopper out of the top of the mushroom and fill with water, on the underneath of the mushrooms are holes to allow the water through, a squeeze of the mushroom head and you have a lovely little shower.

      ~*~ Accessories ~*~

      Also with the playset come a Lala-Oopsie doll, Princess Lavender who is the princess of splashes. She is funny and always ready for a joke. She's perfect when it comes to turning a frown upside down and cheering up a sad friend. Lavender is also very bright and loves making a big splash.
      This doll is exclusive to this set and not available on her own . To date there are 4 Lala-Oopsie princesses plus this one.
      Also with the set comes a floating donut raft , again they have put the rubber in the middle with the cross cut so the dolls fit nicely in.

      ~*~ Playing on Dry Land ~*~

      The set works perfectly well as a normal play set. My daughter is quite happy playing with this on the floor or at a table , all the different mini dolls work with the set and there is lots of details and little things on the set that help with imaginative play.

      ~*~ In the Bath ~*~

      The Floating Island Playset as it says in the title is suppose to float. This was a an added bonus for us , my daughter had her eye on the set for the moment it can out and was lucky that her Grandmother bought it for her birthday. As I hadn't bought it myself I hadn't paid that much attention to what it could and couldn't do. It was only when taking it out of the box I realised it was supposed to be a bath toy . Great I thought, my daughter is still not keen on bath time so anything that makes that easier can only be a good thing.
      So does it float ... well kind of, it starts off quite well but doesn't last that long before it starts sinking. If you separate the islands the smaller ones work best in the bath and float quite well on their own.
      The floating donut however works perfectly and the mini dolls bob up and down in the bath much to my daughter delight.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      As a bath toy it's disappointing , not only does it slowly sink but if you were to keep it in the bathroom it does take up quite a bit of space. The drying of the toy is a pain too , left to dry by itself it takes ages and there is still drips coming from it days later. Even drying with a towel is hard work as you obviously can't dry the insides of the mushroom heads.
      As a playset it's great, it's pretty, it's bright and there is a lot of detail.
      There are less accessories that other Lalaloopsy playsets but I put this down to the fact it should of been a bath toy and the usual accessories are tiny and would not work in the bath.

      ~*~ Conclusion ~*~

      Nice as a playset but better to keep it out of the bath. Ours now lives in the front room as my daughter soon got tired of it in the bath , but plays with it all the time on dry land. It works well with other playsets and like I mentioned before will fit all the mini dolls and their pets.
      A nice addition to our Lalaloopsy world we seem to be creating , but if I was buying my first playset this wouldn't be my 1st choice.

      4 out of 5


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