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Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House Playset

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll House

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 15:55
      Very helpful
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      Two thumbs down from me!

      My daughter received this present recently for her birthday (she's 6) and so far, this has got a bit of a mixed response; at least in our house. The set is a kind of fun-fair type arrangement that includes many of the things you might find at a funfair including a twisty slide, swings, a balloon that rides down a zip wire and a roller coaster. The set also comes with one Lalaloopsy doll to play with.

      The whole thing strikes me as being a bit cheap and naff. The roller coaster car, designed to look like a mouse, doesn't stay on the tracks very well and a mock pencil that holds the track up is forever coming out causing the aforementioned track to tip. Plastic pretzels that sit in the snack shack at the bottom are too easily lost behind the sofa, under chairs etc and though the whole thing looks fun, it doesn't really do....well, anything.

      This set is very colourful and the Lalaloopsy figure is quite cute but I totally fail to see the attraction in these toys in the same way that I never really got Zhu Zhu pets or whatever they are called. Even my daughter played with this for less than a few days before getting bored. I only hope that the relation who bought this didn't pay the full £39.99 the shops want for it!

      If you look on Amazon, of 14 reviews more than half score it below 4 stars. There is a good reason for that. This is overpriced and simply not worth the price they expect you to pay!

      I for one will certainly not be buying any more of the toys in this range and this set in particular comes very NOT recommended!


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        17.06.2013 16:03
        Very helpful



        Fun Fun Fun

        ~*~ Mini Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House Playset ~*~

        As you may be aware by now my daughter is a huge Lalaloopsy fan , this started when she was 3 and now at nearly 6 years old her love for them is still going strong . This playset was released last year, just in time for her 5th birthday luckily for her , as she has spotted it on the internet a few months before hand and had it on her birthday wish list.
        The R.R.P when it was first released was £39.99 . I admit I did gulp at the price but knowing how much my daughter would love it and how much fun she has had so far with her Lalaloopsy toys I would of paid it .

        However this price did quickly drop and I was able to purchase for just under £30 , and see that its been available on average around the £25 mark ever since.

        ~*~ What's In The Box ~*~

        Firstly the box is big , wrapped as a gift it certainly looks the part of a big birthday or Christmas gift . The box has a clear front so you can see the playset inside and a cardboard back .
        It was a pain to get everything out of the box due to the plastic ties that hold everything on and you will definitely need some scissors and a little bit of patience.

        Inside the box are the pieces to make the fun house , an exclusive doll Misty Mysterious with her pet, and 5 fun house accessories.
        The instructions were easy enough to follow to put the fun house together and it fitted together well .

        ~*~ The Fun House ~*~

        Fun house , its a whole lot of fun, with prizes to be won, it's a real wacky show where anything goes .....
        sorry I have had that in my head ever since I started typing :)
        The fun house measures approx 51 cm wide, 37 cm tall and has a depth of 24 cm.
        There are five play areas within the house :

        ~*~ Twisty Slide ~*~

        The twisty slide clips together in 3 parts , and has stayed together well . The best thing is it actually works pop a mini Lalaloopsy doll at the top and she will slide all the way down to the bottom without the need for any help.

        ~*~ Snack Shack ~*~

        This is very cute and full of detail , you access it from the back and the play space inside is plenty big enough for 3 or 4 Lalaloopsy dolls to sell the snacks at the fair. The menu on the front reads hotdogs, pretzels, popcorn and candy apples.
        The decoration on the shack is lovely , from the strawberry Twizzler roof ,pretzel guttering and popcorn chimney. There is even a special pet door on the side for the Lalaloopsy pets to go in.

        ~*~ Two Spinning Swings ~*~

        This is lovely , the frame is designed to look like a pencil and pencil sharpener with umbrella top, the swings are made to look like a doughnut and a colander . What I love most about the swing is they have obviously put some thought into the design , in the middle of the swings is a piece of rubber with a X cut into it this means that you can pop any Mini Lalaloopsy in for a ride and they stay perfectly .
        You spin the swing from the top and you can go quite fast without the dolls falling out .

        ~*~ Zip Line With Balloon ~*~

        This is for the Lalaloopsy pets to have some fun , the zip line is a small basket designed to look like an acorn , inside the pet sit and you use the balloon to move it along the plastic wire at the top.
        Again this is pretty sturdy , and you can put a couple of pets inside and move it along without them falling out.

        ~*~ Roller Coaster Track With Removable Car ~*~

        The roller coaster track fixes on the fun house at 3 different parts , the only part that has been a bit of a pain is where its attached to a pencil that is holding it up on a small green piece of land that clips to the underneath of the main part , this is seen at the front .
        If the fun house is left on the floor, or on a table and not moved around it's perfectly fine, but my daughter likes to move it about and then this bit would always fall apart .
        I have solved this with a dab of super glue , as the parts do nothing other than what they are supposed to do it has not spoiled it at all and stops my daughter becoming frustrated everything she moves it.

        The car is super cute , designed to look like a clockwork mouse , but with the same face as Crumbs Sugar Cookie's pet mouse who my daughter was already familiar with.
        The car is able to go along the track in both directions .
        Inside the car is a little pink seat with elastic seat belt.
        I find it depends on which mini doll you use as to how well it stays on the tracks. Some of the dolls with sticky out dresses make it a little top heavy and it won't go round on its own. However there is a little mouse tail handle at the back perfect for small hands to move it along the track.
        I have found if you use a doll in trousers rather than a skirt she sits further in the car making it more stable, then you can give a little push and it will go round and stay on the tracks about 80 % of the time.

        ~*~ Mini Doll and Accessories ~*~

        With the set comes the mini doll Misty Mysterious with her pet rabbit in a hat. This is an exclusive doll as she is wearing a bunny themed magician's outfit , and differs from the mini Lalaloopsy doll that is available on her own.
        Misty character is a charming magician she loves secrets and surprises and always has something up her sleeve. She is spectacular and loves putting magic shows for her friends.
        Accessories also include are a Pinwheel , Cash register , Character balloon and 2 Pretzels . All tiny but perfectly formed and add to the theme.

        ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

        This has mixed views on Amazon , but for my daughter its been a great hit and I recommend it.
        There are lots of different things to do and play with , add to that a bit of imagination and this set has hours and hours of fun .
        Its a nice size , big enough for all the activities but not so large it takes up half the bedroom, and its a nice set for more than 1 child as there's plenty to do .
        My daughter loves it and we have definitely had our monies worth in term of play , and the novelty has not worn off and ours is nearly a year old now.
        This is also very popular when my daughter has friends round to play , the colours and design are very appealing to her and her girl friends , and even most the boys want a go too .
        For the average price of £25 I think it's good value , and quality wise it's lasting well , nothing has broken or snapped off.

        It's not quite perfect so have taken a star off, for the roller coaster mouse as it could of stayed on better , but it is a small flaw and worth putting up with for the rest of the fun.

        4 out of 5


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