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Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles

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Brand: Lalaloopsy / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2013 23:28
      Very helpful



      Silly, but stick to normal hair

      == Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles Doll ==

      Back in 2010 M.G.A. Entertainment released a new range of dolls called Lalaloopsy. These were rag dolls that magically came to life life when their last stitch was sewn and each had his or her own personality equating to the material they were made from. Jewel Sparkles was one of the original 8 dolls released, first as a normal large doll, then later in July 2011 as one of the first silly hair dolls. When first released the R.R.P was £29.99. My daughter received this for her 4th birthday in July 2011 when it has just been released .

      == The Box ==
      All large Lalaloopsy dolls come in large house shaped boxes and the silly hair in no different. The front of the box is a hard clear plastic and you can clearly see the doll and all the accessories within. The back is made of a strong cardboard. Cut around the selotape holding the front to the back and open up the cardboard back to cut any ties and you are ready to go .
      All large Lalaloopsy doll boxes have a very ornate handle with lovely button design to keep in with the Lalaloopsy theme. They are strong enough to carry the box , but not really necessary . As there is no reason to keep the packaging it does feel wasteful to bin the handle , but there is no other use for it .

      ==The Doll ==
      Jewel Sparkles was sewn on March 13th which is Jewel Day and was made from a real princess' dress. Her personality says she is very princess-like. She loves pink, dramatic occasions, and anything covered in glitter! She is normally nice and friendly to others, but can become a little bossy when things don't go to plan. She loves to dance and is known for being pretty and graceful. If there is a party in town Jewel will bring the tiaras.
      The silly hair doll is 33 cms tall, and like all large Lalaloopsy dolls she has a larger, heavier head then her body. Her arms and legs are movable and you can turn her head all the way round . Most Lalaloopsy dolls will sit , but she is not able to due to the extra weight of the hair . She will kind of slouch at an angle and is propped up buy the hair.
      She comes dressed in a removable dress and shoes, her pretty pink dress is full of lace and frills and is very well made. The material is a good quality and the stitching is excellent. Her little pink shoes and white ankle socks are made of plastic and have a slit at the back for easy putting on, and taking off.
      Both the dress and the shoes are still in excellent condition nearly 2 years on.
      Once undressed you can see she has very plain arms and legs , her arms are movable at the shoulders, not at the elbows, and finish with a mitten shaped hand . Her legs are similar in that they move from her bottom but not her knees ,and they finish with a simple angle to make a foot . The simplicity of the hands are feet are perfect for when undressing and taking off the shoes . The hands don't pull on the dress because there are no fingers to trap and pull the lace . After a few goes of putting the shoes on and off they do slacken a little so my daughter is able to do this herself now, but they have not become too sloppy in any way so are still totally secure once on.
      She has painted on white pants with her birth date on a little heart on her bottom.
      Her face is typical of a Lalaloopsy doll with large black button eyes and pink circle cheeks , Jewel Sparkles does have an added little beauty spot just above her cheek.

      == The Hair ==
      So down to the hair and the whole reason why this is different to the normal large Lalaloopsy doll.
      On each side of her head are 5 coil like plastic hair extensions . Each one is 20 cms when pulled straight but can curl to around 5 cms from her head, like she is in the picture . They are made from a strong plastic and are quite easy to move about and curl , and once in a position they will stay there .
      With the doll come 2 sets of hair clips , which clip on easily around the coil and stay on , and 3 set of what are like large beads that thread onto the coil , these also go on well and stay on , and my daughter is capable of doing both by herself. There is also a hair brush which is cute and good quality but is only for pretend use , as you can't brush the coils .

      == Her Pet ==
      With Jewel comes her own pet Persian cat , she also has the same coil for her tail in the same size only shorter, so all the clips will fit her too .

      == In Play ==
      What makes this doll different and more expensive is the silly hair , unfortunately this hasn't been a hit with my daughter. She has played with it , and put the accessories in her hair , but it was very short lived and 95 % of the time she is played with the same as the non silly hair Lalaloopsy dolls we have . Only due to the extra hair making it bigger and heavier than the other dolls ,which are already top heavy, she is quite cumbersome and not easy to carry around .
      But she is a great quality doll and very durable, she has been dropped and dragged along hard floors and played with in the garden , but again as a doll rather than the hair being played with. If she does get a little grubby then she is easy to clean with a light scrub with a scourer, she will be good as new and none of her marking have come off .

      == Conclusion ==
      This was our 1st silly hair doll, and is our only 1 to date . My daughter did express an interest in the new silly hair little sister dolls that have since been released , but then said, but the hair is a bit of a pain i'll have a normal one , and I think that just about sums the doll up.
      A great idea in theory but if your child isn't bothered by playing with the hair you would be much better off with a normal haired doll .

      It should really be 3 and half out of 5 but because you can't have that, and your child might play with the hair for more than 10 minutes , due to the quality i'm upping it.
      4 out of 5 .
      Good but not great.


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    • Product Details

      Though Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles Doll may have royal blood (she was made from a princess's dress after all), her hair is wild enough for you to curl, twist and straighten into any style you like. You can use the hair brush and clips to turn Jewel Sparkles' royal locks into something a lot more lively than the traditional Kate Middleton look. It might not go down too well at Buckingham Palace but it will certainly raise a few smiles. This 33cm tall doll comes with a cute Persian cat and is a great gift for Lalaloopsy collectors and wannabee hairdressers.

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