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Mattel Barbie Tawny Horse

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2008 17:24
      Very helpful



      see review

      My daughter really loves Barbie, and has a lot of Barbie stuff. So I thought I would buy her this for Christmas. So I struggled to find one with it been so near Christmas. I eventually found one, I did want the show jumping one, but they had all sold out so had to settle for this one.

      The horse is around 10-12 inches tall; I am useless at measurements loll. With a long blond main, saddle, a brush and a feeding bucket.

      When my daughter opened it her little eyes they lit up, so I inserted the 4 batteries, just under the horses belly, and switched it on for her.

      As I have laminated flooring I thought it would be great, as I did think it might struggle to walk on a carpet. So the horse started clip clopping along the floor, it would stop then neigh, and carry on walking, that was if it did not fall over, which it did quite a few times.

      So now you want to know how my daughter liked the horse. Lets just say she played with it on Christmas day, and since then it's been in her toy cupboard, never played with. She soon got board of it, as I would say it is not really something that you can play with, but just sit and watch.

      The toy is quite strong, and I would not say it was easy to break; it's just a bit boring for kids. My daughter was quite disappointed with this, as the way it had been advertised on television made it seem a lot better than it was. It does do all the things it said it would, but my daughter just sat n watched it walk n neigh, she soon got bored of it.

      For the £25 I paid for it, this was not worth the money at all, then a few weeks later to find the show jumping one for the same price, to say I was gutted is an understatement. This also does not come with the doll, but I did buy one off Ebay for her thinking it would work just like the show jumping one, but it does not, the doll kept falling off all the time, my advise would be to stay away from these as your child will lose interest and you will have wasted your money.

      I know this is a short review but there really is not much to say about this product.


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        29.12.2006 16:04
        Very helpful



        A well advertised product which didn't deliver!

        We saw this so often pre Christmas, that it became one of those "must haves". There was a bit of confusion, though, because every time Little Miss saw the horse on tv, tawny came complete with her horse riding friend. not so...to keep the dream alive, it's necessary to buy the barbie horse rider seperately.

        Tawny herself comes in the obligatory large box with lots of those plastic ties to completely irritate on christmas morning. Once out, there she is in all her glory, ready to neigh and clop her way round the house...or so we thought.

        ~~WHAT IS SHE LIKE?~~

        Tawny comes in at just under 12", with a flowing blonde mane and tail...very silky. She sports the latest in pink bridle wear, and pink blanket which sits under her saddle, aand she comes with a well as a pink brush and little bucket for her food (not included). There are no stirrups on the saddle because Barbie would fall off, but rather, you have to push Barbie's legs through some leg holders!

        ~~WHAT DOES SHE DO?~~

        This is the bit which "sold" Little Miss on the idea. You insert 4 AAA batteries in the place under the saddle, and then without further ado, once you push the switch onto the "on" position, Tawny should make clopping and neighing sounds, and walk around the place. She can't walk on carpets, just hard floors, so is a no go area for anyone with a carpeted house.

        There appears to be no way to change the order in which Tawny neighs, clops and walks, she just does it. We saw the adverts on tv, and it did look quite sweet the way she walked steadily around the floor, with Barbie on her back

        ~~WHO MAKES HER?~~

        As with all Barbie products, Tawny is made by Mattel, or check out www.barbie.co.uk, which has lots of games and product information


        These come in at around the £25 mark, but will probably be reduced now that Christmas is over, and are available from toy shops and amazon

        ~~WHAT WE THINK~~

        We thought it was a great idea-we had the Barbie horse rider and the Tawny head, and it was a popular choice for Christmas.So, when santa very kindly left one of these, it was a pleasant surprise. Clever santa had even left the batteries, so once Tawny had been released from her packaging, it was all systems go. Unfortunately not. The batteries were inserted and the lid tightened, nothing, not a sound or movement.

        We re inserted the batteries, leaving the battery casing slightly open, and there was a clopping sound- very irritating but nothing else. So, another look at the instructions confirmed that the on/off switch just had to be moved to the "on" position for Tawny to do everything she was advertised as doing.

        This meant we had a dud! Not the end of the world, but disappointing.

        The concept is one which Barbie fans will enjoy; a clopping neighing horse which they can sit Barbie on, and watch as she walks around the house.

        However, the reality for us was that this horse does nothing she is supposed to. My own personal experience, therefore, means that I can't recommend this. It is having to be sent back to Santa Claus, and there appear to be no more in stock at themoment...I wonder if anyone else had a lame horse on Christmas morning.

        These products are not cheap for what they are, and i do think that they should be tested more rigorously to avoid disappointment.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela xx


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        Barbie loves her beautiful horse, Tawny!

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