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Mattel Barbie & the 12 Dancing Princesses - Princess Genevieve

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Type: Doll

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    3 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 22:38
      Very helpful
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      Not a great idea for a toy.

      My daughter was bought this doll as a present from a friend of mine who saw them going cheap in Home Bargains for £10 instead of the usual £40 price tag. I had seen the toy advertised previously, and it looked really nice, and Barbie products are always high quality.

      The first thing that struck me about this toy was the size of it. The doll was quite a bit bigger than a regular Barbie doll, so not really compatible with other Barbie dolls or accessories, so basically, you can't dress her in regular Barbie clothes. Saying that, her dress is absolutely stunning, and really good quality, and her hair is thicker and better quality than average Barbie doll hair, making it very appealing for little girls.

      The idea of this doll is that it is an interactive "Dance with me" toy that interacts with your child. The doll comes with two wrist sensors and a leg sensor that the child straps to their body, which enables the doll to copy the child's movements. Although the doll can be played with like a normal doll, she has an electronic port in her leg that slots into a pink plastic base. Once slotted into the base, the child can play one of three games with the doll.

      1: The doll plays music and dances by herself.

      2: The doll demonstrates dance moves by moving her arms and legs and spinning on the base, prompting the child with verbal instructions to imitate her actions.

      3: The doll imitates the child and copies the child when she moves her arms and leg, or mirrors the child if you swap the bands around.

      The toy has a novelty value, but it wears off quite quickly. My daughter played with the doll for about 10 minutes in "dance mode" before geting bored of it. She preferred to just play with the doll by itself, away from the base unit, which means I may as well just have bought a regular Barbie doll. The music that plays when the unit is running is very loud and tinny and is very repetitive. The doll says the same phrases over and over. It is impossible to watch TV or listen to music if this toy is in the same room.

      The base unit that the doll slots into looks quite cheap and flimsy. It does not really look as high quality as the doll itself. The electronic port in the doll's leg is a bit unattractive, and reminds me a bit of the Borgs from Star Trek!

      Another problem with the toy is the amount of batteries you need to run it, although the batteries do last a long time once they have been put in. We have had the toy for about 3 years and the batteries still work! The toy takes 4AA and 6AAA batteries, as you need to insert batteries into each of the sensor bracelets as well as the base.

      My daughter does not bother much with this toy, and very rarely plays with it in "dance mode". The bracelets tend to get lost in the back of cupboards and toy boxes and it is quite hard to find all the bits needed to play the game. If she does play with it, it is just as a regular doll, as she loves the pretty dress and curly hair. This is a toy that sounds like a good idea, but in practice is not great and is not a toy that your child will spend hours playing with.

      Just invest in a regular Barbie.


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        15.08.2007 11:53
        Very helpful



        Barbie skirt light up dol

        Genevieve Barbie is another doll for the barbie collection.
        this doll was made after the DVD was made called barbie and the 12 dancing princesses.

        Bought from Toys'R'us for £16.99, it also came with a DVD learn how to
        dance like a ballerina. The doll was pretty much the same price in all the shops, but I didn't see any with the DVD other than Toys'R'us.

        I love the fact that you can buy a Barbie DVD and buy the doll, this just gives your child more imagination when playing with the doll.

        The doll came in a big box, which I found hard to open, in fact it took more than 10 minutes to get the doll out, once I got the doll out, all the little wire pieces were knotted, so made even more difficult to undo and the hair was sewn down, which once taken off, makes the hair look a mess, which is annoying when you have a very excited child wanting to play with it.
        The doll comes with the cat Jetty, Genevieve's best friend and is on a rope hanger so you can hang it on things, its not your usual small, thin plastic toy that you get as an added extra, it is quite tough and a fair size.
        This Barbie takes batteries, which the compartment is on the inside of both legs and can be opened with a very small screwdriver and takes AAA batteries, I tell you this as it does not explain this on the box, so like most people at Christmas we didn't have the right batteries and had to take them out of another toy just to make sure it worked, then go out and buy some :( I found this a bit annoying as most toys now a days comes with batteries or at least tells you, so be warned, if you buy this make sure you get some batteries.
        The reason this barbie takes batteries is the skirt lights up and spins round, the doll does not spin round with this doll, that is the more expensive doll. This is a fun feature to the doll as young children love silly things like this, it makes my daughter play with it more.

        The doll is very tough as always and the hair is tightly attached. so there is no fear of your child maybe chewing on it and getting it in their mouth, the clothes I don't think is that good because it looks tatty once taken out of the box, its the crinkle material and the ballerina shoes are quite lose and could snap quite easily if pulled enough.
        Instead of the arms and legs being full so you can only bend them slightly, this doll has pins on the joints, so they can be bent and moved around very easy.

        The DVD is brilliant, well for me it was, just watching my 4 year old in front of the telly copying the children on the telly dancing was lovely.
        It is an easy Dvd to follow, they have used children as young as I would say 5 doing slow movements, which makes it easier to follow and for the older children there are older children doing the dancing.
        They teach the very basics, like how to point your toes in the right way to where to put your foot when doing a spin.
        It really does teach them how to dance like a ballerina and keeps them amused, which in my box is a bonus.
        Dvd time is 45 minutes.

        The box says doll is suitable for 4+ and I would have to agree.


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          03.04.2007 01:04
          Very helpful



          Another Barbie!

          One of the Barbie and The Twelve Dancing princesses range; in fact, I think this one is the most important one...the one the other sisters look up to.

          Little Miss was especially looking forward to ownership of this one, as she was often advertised and did look rather lovely in her peachy pink tulle- what looked like layers of it, and she really did look as though she could dance. So, the long awaited dancer came into her posession.

          The doll itself is the same size as the other Barbies, and looks remarkably like them- long flowing blonde hair, perfect features and figure. Her dress is rather lovely, with a full flowing skirt and underskirt. She also comes complete with a little cat, Jetty, although what this does I don't know. However, he is genevieve's best friend so I suppose he has a right to be there. The only thing I can't understand is why he comes with a bit of rope attached; I tend to tell Little Miss not to hang things (obvious reasons I think) and then manufacturers produce a toy which can be suspended from things.

          Anyway, the doll requires two AAA batteries and mum needs a Phillips head screw driver to get the batteries installed. These go into her legs! Bizarre but when I thought about it, it was actually the only place the correct size and shape for batteries.

          Once you finally get the doll out, untangle all the wire fastenings and insert the batteries, then the doll is ready to dance. Press the button on her leg, and she will spin from the waist up and her skirt lightsa up rather prettily. Unfortunately, she can't stand on her own, so you have to hold her up and keep your finger on the button to get this movement.

          ~~Price and Availability~~

          Retails at about the £17 mark, and available from toy shops

          ~~Made by~~

          Mattel... those well known Barbie makers

          ~~What I thought~~

          Firstly, as with all Barbies, it was difficult to unpack- their hair always seems to tangle in all that wire! Then, unlike the normal Barbies, this one needed mum to insert the batteries before it could be played with.

          Little Miss found the doll fairly impressive for a short length of time, but after a while the novelty of the skirt lighting up and the very slow twirl did wear thin. Genevieve is now relegated to being a "normal" Barbie and is played with like the others. in fact, I do believe she is less important in our household because she can't even go in the bath (batteries).

          Her dress is a pretty one, but so are the other Barbie dresses if you like that kind of thing.

          For a short term novelty, this is quite good, but it doesn't last long; it would perhaps be better if she could standf or dance alone, because children tend to want to play with a few things, noit standing looking at one toy doing a repetitive twirl.

          As far as a normal Barbie is concerned, and for imaginative play, i would recommend it, because it has been well played with, but for the concept, it is fairly average.

          Thanks for reading.



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        • Product Details

          One of twelve sisters. Barbie doll wears a beautiful rose-coloured and dances!

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