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Mattel Pixel Chix Babysitter

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      29.02.2008 20:09
      Very helpful



      Another great pixel chix toy

      My daughter is pixel chix mad at the moment and saw the babysitter house to add to her collection. She asked her Grandad if he would buy it her for her birthday which was last Sunday. This game is available in green or yellow.

      Pixel chix are interactive electronic games. The pixel chix herself is a girl which you can do many different things with such as feeding, bathing, going out etc. You interact with the game by using the buttons on the front, which are as follows:

      * Arrows (left/right shaped arrows on either side of light): These are used to move the characters, selection arrows, menu items etc.
      * Yes (tick): Use to select an item from the menu
      * Menu (piece of paper): Use to bring up the arrows. Use the big arrows to scroll through the screen arrows. Press yes to select. An animation or game happens when item is chosen
      * Mobile Phone (picture of phone): Use to call the handyman for repair, He shows up in the room where the repair needs carrying out. Also use to call for ordering food (eg. pizza), games to buy, things to keep the baby happy, or to take fun snap shots.
      * Games (smiley face): This brings up games that are available.

      In this particular game there are 4 different rooms. You turn the knob on the right hand side of the house and the rooms change (the backgrounds which are 3d plastic items including sofa, cot etc depending on the room). The rooms are the living room, bathroom, kitchen and nursery. I think that this is a great idea as you get 4 rooms in one game without having a massive house.

      The idea of this pixel chix is that the girl is babysitting for a neighbour. You have to watch the baby closely and check that she doesn't get herself into any trouble! You earn money depending on how happy the baby is when its mum returns. Whilst babysitting, you must solve any problems that go wrong and call the handyman if he is needed with the mobile phone.
      To keep the baby happy you can give her food or play games with her. When you have succesfully completed 3 games, the babies happiness goes up (to view this you look on the book status screen by going to the living room and pressing the menu button, then selecting the bookshelf. You can also view money you have and secret codes you have bought from this option).

      There is also a red light on the baby monitor on the front of the house. If this lights up it means that there is something happening in another room. Look in the different rooms and the light will go off when you reach the room that something is happening in. Have a look around to see what is wrong. Maybe the baby is doing something it shouldnt or the handyman needs to be called? If the handyman needs calling, no games can be played in that room until he has repaired the problem.

      As with all other pixel chix, you can connect this game to the other houses or the car. You then simply press the games button on which ever house you want the pixel chix to go to. They then walk over and play with each other. If you connect to a car, the pixel chix will go out on a trip. Also you could connect to another friends babysitter house, and there will be 2 babies to play with and look after. There are 2 connection points, one on either side of the house.

      You can also get secret codes for this game from the pixel chix site (www.pixelchix.com). There is a whole section for the pixel chix babysitter. To get the secret codes there are games to play online to unlock 4 different codes for different games to play on your pixel chix babysitters house (one for each room).

      I think that this is by far the best pixel chix item my daughter has so far. There is lots of fun to be had in the 4 different rooms, and it is quite different from the other pixel chix. The buttons are easier to use and understand and the game is much more straightforward. As with her other ones, the more you play, the more levels you get through, meaning more items to play with and more games.

      The pixel chix babysitters house is £30 and is available widely online. My Dad purchased this from Tesco shortly after Christmas in the half price sale and at the time of writing, it is available in Argos for £18.74. It is in stock for delivery or availability for collection in your local store is easily checked online.

      Recommended age is 6+. My daughter has just turned 9 and loves it so you can get years of play from this particular toy. The toy is good quality and I think it will last for quite a while. I would highly recommend anyone with daughters around this age to buy one of these for them. The constant talking etc can get a little on the irritating side but I don't find this as bad as some of the other pixel chix my daughters owns. All in all it is an excellent toy.

      Written by me and also posted on Ciao under my user name lizngaz


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    • Product Details

      Each room unlocks a fun game when Pixel Chix does a good job. Learn how to be a good babysitter. The baby monitor lights up when the baby requires something and it's up to Pixel Chix to figure it out.

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