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MGA Entertainment Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Ice Rink

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Brand: MGA Entertainment / Range: Moxie Girlz / Type: Ice skating doll

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2011 08:15
      Very helpful



      A good toy for ice skating fans

      My daughter thinks that ice skating is very glamorous and exciting even though she is yet to have a go herself. She is, however, a huge fan of Dancing on Ice so I guess it is from this that she has based her opinion. It was because of this that, when I was hunting for some likely sixth birthday presents for her, when I spotted Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Ice Skating Rink with Lexa Doll in Toys R Us, I was sure that it would be a big hit with her. This is because it is an ice skating doll with her very own ice rink to gracefully glide on!

      Everything comes in a huge box and I do mean huge. Believe me it took rather a lot of wrapping paper but big boxes do look incredibly exciting when you are six! (My daughter has yet to learn that the best gifts come in small packages!) There is quite a bit of cardboard packaging inside the box too that ensured that neither doll or rink got damaged.

      The doll is just a little shorter than a typical Barbie doll. She has long flowing curly dark hair and wears an attractive lilac skating costume. There is some nice attention to detail with this with tassels, glitter, shimmering tights and a double belt. She also, obviously wears ice skates with white boots. The costume can be removed which pleases my daughter as she always loves dressing and undressing her dolls. I am not sure whether it is possible to but other outfits for the doll though. There are other dolls in the series though so if you had more you could probably mix and match their clothes. The doll is made from plastic and is a graceful shape with moving (but not bending) arms, legs and neck.

      The ice rink looks like a big round plastic box that has a blue snowflake design on it. There is a circular hoop shape in the plastic which will rotate in two directions and on this there is are two small plastic posts on which to attach the doll. This is very easy to do (there is a small hole in one of the skates) and sturdy enough to ensure that the doll does not fall over. Once the doll is attached there is a small control panel which sets the hoop to start revolving and then before you know it your doll is skating! You can pose the doll with legs and arms outstretched so that she actually knows what she is doing! This is a bit limited as the limbs don't bend though and also because the only thing that the doll can do is to go round in circles - either backwards or forwards! Although I wish it could do a bit more, it doesn't seem to bother my daughter at all who is highly delighted with the doll and the rink.

      There was also some quite annoying music that you can play via the controls but this seems to have died out. I'm not sure whether this is due to the batteries running low (although they are still powering the rink) or some other reason. However there is an audio cord that you can use to plug in an MP3 player or such like and then play whatever music you like for the doll to skate too. Take That is definitely a much better alternative to what was supplied!

      Overall, this is a fun toy that has thrilled my daughter and kept her entertained for quite a few hours, albeit in short bursts. It's the sort of toy that she likes to show off when we have visitors to the house as it does have a certain novelty factor. However it does come with quite a price tag as it can currently be found on Amazon (through one of its sellers) for £48.45 (April 2011). I think that this is probably too much and I don't think I would have paid this amount (or if I had I would have been slightly annoyed!). I was lucky enough to buy it in Toys R Us in the Christmas sale and I paid about half that price which feels like a much more sensible price. Overall though, it is a good fun toy and my daughter loves it!


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