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Polly Pocket Tropical Splash Adventure Playset

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      Let Polly relax and chill in her own special hot tub.

      About a year ago my daughter suddenly changed from wanting to only play with her Ben 10 toys to wanting something a little more 'girly'. She did not want baby dolls or Disney princesses and after a visit to her older friend she came home asking if she could have some Polly Pockets.
      Now I remember Polly Pockets from when I was little and they were tiny and I do mean tiny. They were the size of a the top of my little finger and came with these cool, foldable houses etc. So, off I went to try and find some for Christmas. Well, I was very surprised to find that Polly was now actually quite big! She was bigger than my middle finger and the accessories that came with her did not fold up into my pocket!!!

      I thought it best to start with a few basic dolls and one or two accessories and this was when I founf the Polly Pocket Adventure Island Pack reduced to £9.99 in Tesco so I picked one up, wrapped it and then Father Christmas bought it.
      My daughter seemed delighted to get this and wanted to play with it straight away. Having opened to box and tipped it on the floor we then tried to assembly the product. I have to say it was quite fiddly to do and took a little while to make sure the pieces all stayed together in the correct place. Whilst assemblying this product we noticed that the plastic was quite flimsy.

      However, my daughter did like it and straight away started to play with it. She did add water to it and luckily the pack actually comes with a Polly Pocket as well.
      Anyway, time to talk about the actual product:

      The Product

      The set features the following:
      1 Polly Pocket
      Palm Trees
      Hot tub
      Table and chairs
      Mini cocunuts

      Once put together the set measures 2.4inches x 12.10inches by 10.10inches.


      As I've mentioned the set requires assembly as all the parts need to be put together. The first thing we put up were the palm trees but first we put on the leaf where the monkey spins. The trees have to be pushed in until they 'click' and once in they are extremely difficult to take out. We then put the arch up and this too has slots on the base which is the 'hot tub'. Unfotunately these are not as sturdy as the palm trees and once we attached the hammock they did keep falling down.

      Then at the front you can click in the dolphin. There is an area at the front of the hot tub to place the table and chairs.
      Then you are ready to go!

      Playing with the Set

      There are several features on this playset.
      1. You can place Polly and the monkey on each of the leaves attached to the palm trees and then spin them down the trunk. The dolphin apparently is able to tip towards the winner (although this has never worked in our set)
      2. You can place Polly in the Hammock and swing her in there.
      3. Polly can sit at the table drinking her cocunut juice.
      4. Polly can relax in the hot tub - you can add water to this.
      5. When Polly dips her hair into the hot tub it changes colour (this was the highlight for my daughter and she loved watching the hair change and then go back to it's original colour). The water does have to be very cold for the hair to change.

      Playing in our house

      Having now bought quite a collection of Polly Pocket items and playsets this one is quite poor in quality and in what you can actually do with it. At the moment my daughter loves putting her dolls into water and so this is used from time to time but only because it has a 'bowl' shape.
      When it was first opened my daughter did try the features explained but the novelty soon wore off and it was left in favour of other Polly Pocket accessories that Father Christmas had bought.

      She does still play with the doll and does really like the fact that the hair changes colour altough it does take a while for it to dry!
      We feel that this set lacks the quality that you would expect from Polly Pocket. The set also does not compact down as other Polly Pocket accessories do which makes it very awkward to store and to transport.

      The set is quite colourful and the characters are quite endearing. Polly wears a nice outfit and her hair changes colour. The added monkey is quite cute and is a nice extra in the set.

      The set is quite flimsy and a pain to fit together. We had to put quite a lot of force onto the palm trees to make them fit. The hammock arch and hammock keep falling off. The set does not fold away as you would expect from Polly Pocket as this was the main premise behind her - as a result the set is awkward and putting it away is a pain.

      Final thoughts

      I bought this in the sale for £9.99 and I think I was very lucky as it now retails at about £35 if you can find a stockist! I have to say it is not worth this price as at the end of the day it is quite flimsy and actually a little disappointing from the Polly Pocket range. I would suggest you save your money and buy something a strudier that will keep your little one entertained for longer.


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