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Puppy In My Pocket Dreamhouse

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Brand: Corinthian / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2013 08:38
      Very helpful



      Hope loves it

      I bought this for Hope for her 3rd birthday earlier this year and she loves it. I think any little girl would really, it's pink, it contains cute puppies and it comes with lots of cute little accessories! I can see her playing with this for many years so I am glad that we bought it.

      We bought it from a seller on Ebay as new, it retails at £29.99 but we managed to get it for £20. I think at the moment Tesco have it on offer for a similar price. I do think it is worth £30 but for the price that we paid I think it is a very good toy indeed.

      Puppy In My Pockets have been around for years. I used to play with them when I was little and loved them but now the modern versions are a little more updated; they are fuzzy! This makes them very cute! Hope was bought a pack of puppies on their own for Christmas last year just before her birthday and she played with them so regularly that I thought this play house would go down well.

      What is it?

      It is basically a plastic house which has hinges so that you can close it once you have finished playing with it. The outside of the house has lots of detail so even when it's closed it looks very appealing; there's arched windows, a little fence, a balcony, outside lights, a post box. When you open it up it reveals the inside of the dreamhouse which is split across two levels. It has a lift, doors that open and close, stairs and pretty windows. It has a cardboard mat which you sit the house on and it looks like a garden with a pond and grass drawn on it. This basically extends the playing area which is nice. This cardboard does not fit inside the house afterwards.

      What do you get?

      As well as all the detail on the house itself which can provide enough to help stimulate a child's imagination there are various accessories that this comes with. It has 3 little puppies to begin with which are very cute, I can't help but think it should come with a couple more. There is also a sea-saw, a ferris wheel, basket, bowl, slippers, bones, hair brush, hiardryer and a few other items all meant to provide the puppies with a bit of luxury whilst they are in the dream house. They are all made from plastic and some items, particularly the hair dryer are very small so do be careful around younger children. With this in mind when you close the house up and everything is inside if it tips up then these small items could come out of the windows so be careful!

      Playing with it

      Well Hope loves this! She will set it up and line the puppies up and talk away to them for ages. She likes to use her imagination whilst playing with these which is good as I think at this age (3) it is important for children to create their own little stories. Sometimes I hear her acting out scenarios that must have happened at nursery. She will play with this for about half an hour before deciding she has had enough and the beauty of it is it's easy to tidy up and store- everything fits back in the house and then it's closed! She plays with it regularly. I like that it is relatively simple; yes there is lots of detail on the windows and so forth but it isn't a toy which requires batteries, instead children can play with it using their own imaginations without being over stimulated by music, sounds and lights.


      I think all toys are educational in their own right. This one helps children to develop their imaginations which helps them to become open minded and learn about the world around them which is important at this age. It also teaches children about caring for animals, not all animals need a hairdryer and brush but it is nice to see Hope taking care of them and looking out for them when she is playing. Because the items inside this are only small i do think it has helped her attention to detail and dexterity skills as she is able to play with such small items and also the lift requires some movement to get it to work.


      I can really see why this appeals! When it is sitting on Hope's shelf it looks so appealing with it's bold colours and lots of detailing on the house. There are so many toys which are like this (houses with items inside them) but I have never seen one with so much detail in it before and that makes me think that you are getting your money's worth. Hope will play with this regularly and the puppies she already had fit inside it too so she plays away really happily. I really like how it's easy to tidy away and that once it has been tidied it still looks nice. The cardboard garden doesn't fit into the house but this can easily be stored behind it. It fastens as well with a little clip which is very easy for children to open themselves.

      I think £30 is a decent retail price but if you can pick it up for less (I am sure I saw it in Tesco last week for £20) then I really do recommend it, it's great. It has provided lots of entertainment so far and I just know she will play with it for many more years to come. There are other puppy sets that you can buy, as far as I am aware this is the best so far but I can see us having to get more in years to come!

      It is all made from plastic so easy enough to clean, my only criticism is that some items are extremely small so easy to lose if you aren't careful. Aside from that I am really pleased with this toy and highly recommend it.


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