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Rosebud Village Tree House

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2 Reviews
  • Nice accessories included
  • Beautiful looking wooden tree house
  • Doesn't stay together as well as it could
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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2015 10:29
      Very helpful


      • "Nice accessories included"
      • "Beautiful looking wooden tree house"


      • "Doesn't stay together as well as it could"

      Lovely wooden tree house with dolls and accessories included

      We bought this wooden tree house from the Early Learning Centre for our 3 1/2 year old daughter's birthday. We had seen it in their before and really liked the look of it but at £40 we thought it was too expensive for what it was. But fortunately ELC had a sale that coincided with our daughter's birthday so we were able to this toy for half price at £20! At such a discount we thought it was definitely worth buying.
      The box the tree house comes in is actually quite heavy and large which I was surprised with. The toy is completely flat pack so you have to assemble it yourself. There are instructions but they are a little confusing and it did take a while to put together but once it was up I was very pleased with it. It is a lovely pink and girly design and my daughter loved it straight away.
      I liked that this is a wooden toy which includes two little wooden dolls, I always think wooden toys look a lot nicer than plastic ones.
      The tree house has a variety of accessories that are included with it (a swing, a slide, a rope ladder, a seesaw, a boy and a girl doll, a little hammock and a table and chairs) I think for £20 this is very good value.
      There are a couple of downsides to this toy, such as the ladder only slots onto the side of the tree house and easily comes away. Also the fact that the whole tree house slots together means it does come apart from time to time if my daughter tries to move it. The little fabric hammock I find very annoying as it only stays on by hooking over the hedge at the base of the tree house and does not stay on well at all. But this is only a very small part of the toy and does not take away from the enjoyment of it.
      ELC also sell coordinating toys in the same style so you are able to build up your collection.
      I have found that Asda do a similar wooden dolls house and a wooden dolls house furniture set that comes with a selection of dolls. These dolls are cheaper than ELC but look very very similar and my daughter plays with both lots of dolls in both her asda dolls house and her ELC tree house.


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      20.03.2013 17:06
      Very helpful
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      Lovely addition to the Rosebud collection

      Early Learning centre have a range of wooden dolls house toys called the Rosebud collection. My daughter received a huge number of these last Christmas from the main dolls house and accompanying house accessory sets to this tree house.

      --- Price and assembly ---

      The tree house is an Early Learning Centre product so can only be bought from ELC either in store or online and from places like Mothercare, Boots and Amazon that also sell Early Learning Centre products. It has a full price of £40 but can often be found on offer for half price at £20.

      The tree house comes flat packed inside a cardboard box that features a pretty, girly pattern and gives all of the product information. Inside the box there is an assembly guide leaflet, the pieces to assemble the tree house, two dolls and a table and four chairs. The assembly process is quite easy as it simply slots together, there are no tolls needed, no screws and no getting angry when it takes forever to assemble. I think it took me no more than five minutes to assemble it fully. The instructions are easy to follow step by step and it is pleasant to assemble and I experienced no stress levels rising like some other toys I've had to assemble in the past.

      --- The tree house ---

      The appearance of the tree house fits in with the rest of the Rosebud range really well as it is quite cute looking with being mainly cream, pink and pale green in colour with decorative flowers painted all around the tree house. The main design is good and it does look like a tree house with brown roots and trunk going up to the green leaves on the top. The actual house part of it makes up a good majority of the size, there is a rope ladder to get into the house then on the other side there is a slide to get down again. Around the base of the trunk there are little things that make it into a sort of playground with a see-saw, swing and hammock.

      The actual size of the tree house is quite generous and height wise, isn't much smaller than the main Rosebud dolls house my daughter has. It's approximately 50 centimetres high, 55 wide and 30 deep. The width measurement makes it sound absolutely huge but the slide takes up a lot of that size so it isn't as big as you might think.

      --- Our opinions ---

      The tree house is a nice addition to my daughters Rosebud collection. It's almost like a garden for the main house! It's nice to have somewhere else for the little dolls to go and play instead of being in the house all of the time and there are activities that they can do with the tree house too so it isn't only for looking good as it does get played with. The see-saw and swing get used a lot so it's nice that a playground element was included.

      I'm a little disappointed with the slide that comes off of the tree house. It slots on to the side of the house really easily but that has a downside when it comes to playability as it is also extremely easy to come away from the house too so my daughter has to be careful when she puts the dolls down the slide. Another disappointment is the hammock. It isn't full attached in any way, instead it's a rectangle of material with two small loops on the end that you have to loop around the tree roots, when it's in place it looks pretty but as soon as a doll is placed lying down inside it, the hammock simply pings straight off the roots proving it useless to play with.

      The main thing I like about the tree house set as a whole is that it comes with two dolls already included. My daughter had the main house and this didn't include any dolls, the matching furniture sets didn't either so for this to include dolls was a huge surprise, but definitely a good one! The dolls are exactly the same design as the Rosebud doll's family so they all fit in together. There is one boy doll and one girl, the boy is dressed in red and blue and wears a red cap, this cap often falls off so my daughter leaves it in the wardrobe in the house! The girl has pretty blonde hair and wears a pink dress. They are both wooden and have ropes at the top of the arms and legs so they can be moved into different positions.

      My daughter finds it easy to play with the tree house, at the front there is a large door and window cut out so it makes it easy to move the dolls around inside the house without being restricted. She enjoys incorporating the other dolls from her family set in the playground play too and they often have a picnic using the table and chairs provided in the set. These table and chairs often get used in the house too; the possibilities are endless when it comes to the accessories which is what I really like about the Rosebud collection.

      The tree house set has an age recommendation of three years which I think is about right as some of the pieces are quite small and pose a choking hazard. Although my daughter is three and a half I still like to supervise her playing with all of her Rosebud toys just in case.

      If you can find this at £20, I would definitely recommend it, at full price of £40 it is on the expensive side. It has its flaws with the slide that comes away from the house easily and the hammock that is only good for cosmetic purposes but on the whole it is a nice accompaniment to my daughters collection.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance Lovely wooden Rosebud tree house and playground, and two lucky dolls to play with Features and benefits for Rosebud Village Tree House Lovely wooden Rosebud Village Tree House and playground, and two lucky dolls to play with.This wonderful Rosebud Village Tree House and woodland playground is the perfect setting for your child to enjoy creating outdoor adventures with the two Rosebud dolls. Your child can help the dolls climb the rope ladder, swing on the hoop, play on the seesaw and whizz down the slide. Your child can sit the dolls at the Rosebud Village Tree House picnic table for a tree-house feast, or bring them outside for a woodland picnic. The Rosebud Tree House set includes: treehouse, seesaw, slide, swing, rope ladder, picnic table, four stools, two dolls and a hammock for relaxing in too.Quick facts:??Wooden Rosebud Village Tree House with woodland playground??Comes with 2 dolls ??Seesaw, slide, swing, rope ladder, table, stools and hammock??Treehouse coordinates with all Rosebud village setsGreat for your child's development:This dolls' treehouse offers a fresh inspiration for your child to enjoy imaginative play. With the Rosebud Village Treehouse child can invent all kinds of outdoor adventures for the dolls, and imagine how they would enjoy playing in such a fun tree house. By bringing the dolls to life, your child will also build communication skills and improve their fine motor skills. ELC star quality:We love the Rosebud Village Tree House, because it is a child's dream come true ? who wouldn't love to have their own tree house to play in! Having one at home, with dolls to play with, is certainly the next best thing. It's a lovely natural setting for imaginative play, and is a lovely addition to Rosebud House.What you need to know:Pack contents: 1 treehouse, 2 dolls, 1 table, 4 chairs.Size: H51 x W53 x D32 cm approx. Self assembly information: The wooden pieces come ready to be slotted together. You won't need any tools to put this tree house together. Safety warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Playing tips:Wonderful playgroundLet's help the dolls climb the rope ladder, swing on the hoop, play on the see-saw and whizz down the slide. They can play hide and seek and lots more. Outdoor adventuresLet's sit the dolls at the table for a tree-house feast, or bring them outside for a woodland picnic. We can invent wild new adventures every day.Great for:Enjoying a woodland playgroundBringing the dolls to lifeClimbing, swinging, sliding and see-sawingCreating doll fairytalesPlaying alone or with a friend.

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