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Spider-Man Go Glow Pal

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Brand: Worlds Apart

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    3 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 16:20
      Very helpful



      my little boy is no longer afraid of the dark

      My nearly 5 year old little boy goes to bed at 7pm, during the darker months its pretty much pitch black by this time and so my little boy likes to have the bedroom door open for a little bit of light, he shares a room with his 2year old brother, with the 2 year old cost being closer to the door, meaning the light was shining on him which he hated. For Christmas I got my 2 year old a Leapfrog read with me scout dog that also sings lullaby's, so wanted to find something suitable for a slighter older little boy that also helped him at night.

      My sister works in boots, so while speaking to her in store one day I had a wander round the toy section and spotted this, it looked perfect and seemed like it would solve our open door/light problem.

      *****Price and Availability*****
      I purchased our Spiderman go glow pal in boots as part of the 3 for 2 offer. By itself it retails anywhere from £14 up to £26, at the time of purchase it was £22, but due to the 3 for 2 offer it only worked out at around £12. At the time of writing this its on sale on Amazon from £22.99 down to £16.99.

      *****What is it?*****
      Spiderman is a go glow pal. Recommended for ages 3+. He is a pal designed to keep your little boy/girl company. With its huge light up eyes your little one he provides reassurance in the dark. He also has suckers stuck to the back of his hands meaning he can hang from windows in the day time so is great for play in either the day or night time.

      *****Spiderman go glow pal*****
      Spiderman is in a red open style box, and was secured with the normal strong paper ties, there are many instructions on the back of the box, so caters for most nationality's. He requires AAA batteries but ours was already supplied with battery's. The battery compartment is under the back of the neck and located inside his head. There is a on/off/try me button. There is a picture on the front showing exactly what it does, the box also has a very handy little black picture where it also says 'as seen on tv' all you have to do is scan the little picture with one of the latest phones (iphone/Samsung etc) and you can watch exactly what this Spiderman does on your phone.

      Spiderman arrives in a open style box so you can see exactly what you are getting and get an exact idea of size. Spiderman is 12.5 inches high and 10.5 inches wide (at the widest point which is from hand to hand). Spiderman is very soft bodied so is great for your little one to cuddle up to at night time, he has a large face which as you can see from the picture is quite a bit larger than his body. He has his normal Spiderman outfit on that everyone recognises. His eyes are pretty big at 3 inches.
      His hands have the webbed effect with each handing 3 fingers, there is a sucker at the back of each hand (like what you have with bath toys). His legs are in a bent position to give the effect of him climbing a wall.

      Due to the fact that Spiderman can hold onto surfaces via suckers, he can either be stuck to any windows including bedroom windows or even car windows, the bonus is that he can also stick to any flat surface.

      On the main body of Spiderman you will see a black spider (as you would in the movie) if you press that down you will feel a little button under there, pressing down or cuddling Spiderman's body will then allow his eyes to light up, at 3 inches high his eyes will then turn to a bright white colour which is the light.

      *****In use*****
      My little boy being nearly 5 knew exactly how he worked and needs no help in using him, he will not cuddle him because 'he's too big for teddies' apparently so Spiderman is currently attached to his bedroom window, which is close to my little boys bed, so when going to bed at 7pm he will press Spiderman's belly then climb into bed, allowing me to close the door. Should he wake in the night to use the bathroom he will simply press Spiderman's belly again.

      In the day Spiderman will often come down to play because we also own Spiderman vs Goblin playset and a spiderman remote control car, so my boys will often make up new names and involve everything into play. My youngest was 2 in November and even likes to play with this Siderman, despite the large eyes which may look creepy to some, my youngest finds him very friendly and will often play with him alone or carry him around the flat while my eldest is at school.

      *****My thoughts*****
      I will start off by saying how impressed I was about the light. Before owing this we owned a Disney Cars nightlight (to match the bedroom theme) and we found that night light was perfect. It sat on the bedside table and left out a soft light which was just perfect. We then changed my boys bedroom to Jake and the Neverland pirates (they have since decided they want stripes like the living room....not impressed), so I scoured the net trying to find something none character like that worked aswell as the cars nightlight, I couldn't find anything, or what I did find seemed babyish and I don't think my nearly 5 year old would have been impressed so the search continued. This looked perfect in the shop and I have to say it is perfect for us. I was expecting cheap tat that did nothing and would soon be put on gumtree but I am wrong.

      We own a few Spiderman toys and a few that we have owned (either given away to friends little boys on or broke) have been dire, probably the worst quality we have owned (except this, and the playset) so I was very sceptical about buying this.

      The 'Light' is where the eyes simply turn white, allowing a very gentle subtle white glow, its not overly powerful but obviously we don't want it to be with my little boys sleeping. It illuminates the room allowing enough light for my little boy to see, the boys bedroom is aprox 12ft x12ft and makes the bedroom that little bit more light when Spiderman's eyes are on. I was pretty impressed because I thought the eyes would light up but it not actually lighting anything else up.
      It also has the added bonus of having an automatic switch off after 15minutes so you don't need to worry about wasting batteries.

      We own a few Spiderman toys and a few that we have owned (either given away to friends little boys on or broke) have been dire, probably the worst quality we have owned (except this, and the playset) so I was very sceptical about buying this.

      The suckers also hold very well, and have no trouble holding Spiderman's weight to the boys bedroom window.

      The size is also an added bonus, due to this younger kids can also use him, my 2year old has no trouble lugging him around the living room and will sit him in his ride on car with him. Its perfect for anyone scared of the dark with its glowing eyes and cuddly body. My youngest isn't scared of the dark at all and sleeps better if hes in the dark but if my eldest stays the night at nannys my youngest will have Spiderman in his cot with him cuddling up him and reading him a book.

      *****Overall thought's*****
      My eldest can now go to bed with his little nightlight on with the door closed without it affecting my youngest.


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        20.09.2013 20:50
        Very helpful



        My son loves it!

        ~*~*~ Spider Man Go Glow Pal ~*~*~

        Last Christmas (or was it the one before?) I bought my son a Go Glow Toy Story Alien toy which he loved, at the time, but now he much prefers Spider Man and has passed his Alien onto his little brother in the hope he would get something Spider Man related in return, I had already purchased this Spider Man Go Glow Pal ready for his birthday so all it took was a little bit of gentle persuasion for this to be handed over.

        He isn't afraid of the dark, or anything else for that matter - He informs me, I think he's fibbing as I am pretty sure he is afraid of some things! But I know that he does like the comfort of having the gentle glow from these toys in the night, especially for toilet runs.

        I didn't like to tell him the reason for him offering over the alien pal as I didn't want to ruin his surprise so I gave him a little keyring torch to keep under his pillow to use in emergencies!

        This Spider Man Go Glow Pal was purchased from Amazon sometime at the beginning of April and I do believe him to have been under £10 but checking now I can see that it has gone back up to a rather princely sum of £22.99! I know I certainly didn't pay that much for him!

        On my son's birthday he got a really mix of presents but a few bits were Spider Man and he was really pleased with what he had, this was the last thing for him to open as it was tucked at the back and he really was so chuffed with this when he opened it up. He likes to pretend he's braver than he is but I think he really does seek comfort from these in the night and he does like to have a cuddle too. He's only 6 but with two older brothers he tries his hardest to be 'brave' like them so that they leave him join in, but really he is just like any other 6 yr old.

        The biggest difference in this character compared to the other (apart from them being totally different characters of course) was that this one has those plastic window suckers on his hands which means you can stick him to things such as - Windows, wardrobe, headboard (if you have one - We have metal bunks so it doesn't work!) and any other flat surface. In the day my son sticks him to the window but at night he take him to bed.

        To activate the light you simply have to push his tummy and his eyes with glow a soft white colour this automatically turns off in 15 minutes. The glow isn't too bright but more comforting and relaxing.

        I have to say that Spider Man isn't particularly soft and squishy, he is well stuffed and quite a robust toy.

        My son likes to cuddle him but me personally, I think he's a bit hard!

        A nice night light and great for any Spider Man fan.

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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          10.06.2013 17:51
          Very helpful



          Perfect for any Spiderman fan!

          My son is growing up so fast. I have noticed how his personality has developed and changed so much over the last year, especially since starting nursery. He has become much more confident, and has very specific likes and dislikes. Having two children, I try to plan a head when it comes to birthdays and Christmas and try to pick things up along the way in regards to presents. Due to my son now having a more diverse taste in toys and games, I bought him this item around 2 months ago from Amazon for just under £9.00 ( currently being sold for £14.40 ).

          Why did I buy it?

          I bought it because one of the things my son absolutely adores now is Spiderman. The cartoon, the toys, glimpses of the film, clothes etc. I thought he would really like this. Another reason for this is he tends to like something to cuddle, rest his head on while sleeping ( besides his pillow ), and the fact that parts of this toy light up I knew would be a good thing as sometimes hes abit funny when his room is too dark.

          What is it?

          This is a Spiderman ( more caricature of the character Spiderman due to having a big head and slightly smaller body! ) shaped 2 in 1 toy. His eyes light up which means he can be used as a night light, but also a soft/character toy to play with in general. His eyes light up by pressing the spider symbol on his chest. The light element shuts off by itself after 15 minutes.

          He has suckers on his hands so he can be placed on windows or smooth surfaces.

          His body is completely soft, his head slightly but there is a hard bit in the middle and this is due to the batteries being housed in this area.

          He is 12.5 inches tall ( he doesn't sit up by the way ), 10.5 inches wide ( this is taking into account his arms are in the open position.

          Suitable for 3 years and above.

          Comes with batteries ( 3 AAA ).

          How is it packaged?

          Cant comment on that as my kids ripped it apart as soon as they realised what was in it!

          What do my children think of this toy?

          I say children because despite this being bought for my sons birthday, his sister has taken a shine to it also. I have discovered over the last few months that no only does my son love spiderman, but his younger sister also. So when they both saw this there were many fights that happened as they both wanted to play with it.
          I think they both like the fact its more of a child like look of Spiderman ( big head, smaller body ), because its more fun and friendly and not taking itself too seriously.

          My daughter, and son, find it quite cuddly and my son every night has to have it in bed with him.

          I expected the eyes lighting up to freak my daughter out, but she found it fascinating. Not now, because shes used to it. When she figured out how to turn it on she was very proud of herself, so that function is very easy to use even for younger children.

          On a slight mummy note, the thing that shocked me the most was how bright the eyes lit up. The first night my son took this to bed, and the blinds and curtains in his room were shut so not pitch black but reasonably dark, I thought I would press the button as we had only done that with the sun streaming in the house so no idea how bright it was. The eyes are quite big ( roughly 2.5in x 1.5ins ), but the amount of light that came through was very impressive. It literally lit up the top end of my sons bed and hit a good proportion of the wall. I thought this was great if my son needed some comfort in regards to his room being less dark, and hopefully encourage him to turn this on rather than the main light and wake his sister up in the process!

          Any downsides? Obviously something you couldn't throw in the wash, but cant see it getting too dirty as its mostly kept and played with upstairs. After afew days being thrown around by both kids, my son decided to rip off one of the suckers of poor Spideys hand. I was annoyed he done this deliberately, but to be honest I didn't even realise it had the suction function when bought and wasn't very interested in it. The suckers are sewn on, so if my son can rip it off I guess any child could.

          I have noticed that little fine white hair looking type strands seem to be popping out through the fabric of his head, and afew from his body. Not something that is stopping the kids from enjoying and playing with him, but something I can see which is alittle annoying.

          Would I buy this again? Yes I would. Both my children love it, its fun and has a slight function to it in regards to the light up eyes. Its not too big, just the right size for a young child to hold and enjoy.

          This is a must for any Spiderman fan-boy or girl. If you can get it for the price I paid, you've got a good deal.


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