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Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2011 20:49
      Very helpful



      Get your hands on an un-furnished hall and do with it what you will

      My daughter has a bit of a collection of Sylvanian family merchandise, which includes such things as tiny little animal figures to some rather grand looking manor houses.

      But for those people who have never heard of Sylvanina families they are toys, (or collectable pieces), which started their lives back in the mid 1980's, initially made by David Sylvian. He created many animal characters, such as dogs, mice, beavers and even hedgehogs, with even more animals joining the family throughout the years.
      These many animal families live in many different types of building, from a simple tent to some grand houses, and enjoy travelling around in such things as cars, bikes and even canal boats.
      The Sylvanian family collection hit a few highs and lows since its creation, from making it to animation status to actually stopping being sold in the UK in the early 1990's, but soon re-emerged on the shelves due to a company called Flair who re-created the Sylvanian families collectables once more.
      Since then, the Sylvanian families have rocketed in the sales department with many children, and some adults, wanting to collect the ever growing families of Sylvanian.

      Anyway, that's a brief history of the Sylvanian families and so back to my daughters ever growing collection.
      As I said, she has many many items from the Sylvanian land, with a mix of different families members and a mass of places for them to live in.
      Her latest offering is in fact a rather quaint looking, if a little small, building which has the grand name of Beachwood Hall.


      It's made of a sturdy plastic and is a nice shade of cream, or beige, with a red roof which has a slate effect for detail. It's not the biggest of the Sylvanian families collection, being 205mm by 650mm by 360mm when closed, sliding open in a 'triangular' motion to show the inside rooms.
      There are five rooms in all, the lower floor having two of the larger rooms, with a central floor connecting the two, this floor doubles as a grassed area for when the hall is closed, it just needs turning over. Then you go up a 'grand' staircase up to the second floor, these stairs are movable and are used on the outside when the Hall is closed, so that the figures can get to the balcony. The upper floor contains three smaller rooms, these upper rooms are connected by a lovely looking walkway, which has to be connected manually, with a rail to stop the Sylvanian character from falling off.
      There are many windows surrounding the property, both upstairs and down, with a double door leading onto the balcony upstairs.

      ** MY OPINION...

      When it first arrived in the box it came in a few pieces, with the two main pieces being either side of the 'hall' itself, which slot together on a couple of hinge type brackets. Then there's the other pieces such as the reversible floor/garden, the triangular piece of flooring and the staircase.
      But once it slotted together, which only took a few minutes, it resembled the image that was on the box itself.

      This Sylvanian Beachwood Hall has it's positives and negatives, which, in my opinion, many of the recent Sylvanian 'goods' have, with some having more negatives than positives.

      Firstly, the positives...
      It has some fine detail to give it that Sylvanian style that people, be it collectors or children, have come to expect. With the wooden 'slat' effect of the hall to the red salte effect on the roof. Then there's the nice detail on the railings, both inside and out, giving the Hall a more realistic look.
      It comes with two lights which actually work, although you do have to buy 2 AA batteries, but these lights can be moved around the Hall and give it that 'special' look when lit, especially when the Hall has things in it.
      The windows, although a little on the small side, do seem to look the part, with some of the windows having a bay window look.
      When it is open there is some fine detailing, such as a veranda with hand rails going around the top floor, with some lovely steps going down to the ground.

      Now for the negatives...
      All you get is the Hall itself, that's all, there is no furniture or even a few bits of added detail, such as a lamp or even a sink, it's just the shell, so do prepare yourself to end up buying some other items before hand. Such as a few bits of furniture, a rug or two and a few characters as well.
      Plus, it does seem a little on the small side for the larger Sylvanian characters.

      So, that's the main positives and negatives, with the pro's out weighing the cons enough to warrant buying this Beachwood Hall to play with, or even to add to your collection.

      I do like the way that the designers have managed to use the single staircase and the 'flip-able' flooring/grassed area so that they can be used both when the Hall is shut up or when it is open.
      The 'flip-able flooring/grassed area has a brown flooring design on one side, which is for when the Hall is opened, and, when flipped over, it has a grassy effect look for when the Hall is closed.

      Another thing I maybe should have added to the negative list was the actual price. Considering that all you get is a shell of a building and nothing else, apart from the staircase and a couple of floor parts, I think the price for Beachwood Hall is a little on the steep side.
      The price in fact is around the £65.00 region from places such as Amazon and the Toymaster group, which , as I said, is a little steep for what you get.
      But if it is something that you want to add to your collection, or your child wants to play with, especially if they have got other Sylvanian parts, such as families and furniture, then this should be a must have item.


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