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Sylvanian Families Children's Bedroom Set

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll House Furniture

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    3 Reviews
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      02.10.2013 11:20
      Very helpful



      Brilliant childrens bedroom set

      During the summer I decided to buy my four year old daughter a Sylvanian Families dolls house "Larchwood Lodge". The house did not come with any accessories so we had to buy the furniture separately, today I am reviewing the Children's Bedroom set which I purchased from Amazon priced at £11.97 (delivery charges may apply).

      The children's bedroom set came packaged in a cardboard box which displayed a picture of the product on the front. General information and warnings are given on the back. An age recommendation of 4+ is given, there are plenty of small parts in this set which could cause a choking hazard so it is important to keep this away from young children and it is advisable to supervise play for some children.

      Included in the set is bunk beds and a bookcase along with over 16 Accessories including bedding, teddy bears, books, pencils, posters and postcards.

      We bought this set for "Larchwood Lodge" which is open plan upstairs, this set fits well with plenty of room for a few other sets. Amazon give the following dimensions 15.2 x 12 x 6.8 cm. Weight: 100g

      The bed is plastic but made to look like wood, it can be used as bunk beds with one bed stacked on top of the other or separately as single beds. This set is for a brother and sisters bedroom, so there is a pink bed set and a blue bed set each consisting of a well fluffed pillow and thick quality patterned duvet. There is also a ladder so the figures can get up onto the top bunk, this does fall over easily so my daughter rarely uses it anymore.

      There is also a really cute bookcase, again with a "wooden" look, there are a few stickers which can be used to decorate the bookcase including a size chart. The bookcase is a great place to stack all the accessories and there are plenty of draws to put things in. My daughter does find it difficult opening and closing some of the draws, I also find them quite fiddly which can be a little frustrating.

      As you would expect with a Sylvanian Families set there are plenty of small accessories, A few of the small pieces have been lost or misplaced and I am sure they have all ended up in my hoover at one point. Still, there is no denying that they are all incredibly cute, have exceptional detail and are of a brilliant quality. All of the accessories are easily recognisable and my daughter knew what they all were and what they were used for. The covers for the books came on a sticker sheet and need to be applied with care.

      My daughter absolutely loves this set, I would say its one that she plays with most often. She loves putting the children to bed and ensuring they are all snuggled up under their covers with their bears before mum reads them a one of the books from the bookcase. She also sits her children around a coffee table (from a different set) and pretends they are doing their homework with the school books and pencils.

      All the items are made from strong plastic, which we have found to be very strong and durable, my daughter has dropped them all countless times but they have not cracked or split.

      This is a really sweet set which will fit well in most Sylvanian Families houses, I have no problems recommending it to other Sylvanian Families collectors so its the full 5 Dooyoo stars from me.


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        16.08.2012 10:53
        Very helpful



        great imagination toy

        When I was younger, I loved Sylvanian families. I had the canal boat and lots of little set to go with it.
        When I was around 7, I got this set for a Christmas present and kept it in pristine condition.
        This year I got out my box of Sylvanian sets to give to Hollie. She's 3 and a half and anything with little bits and bobs to play with and excite her imagination, she wants it!

        This set is still exactly the same as 15 years ago. There is one little change in that the blankets for the beds are different as mine are plain fabrics and this one is patterned.

        The bedroom set:
        The room comes with a set of bunk beds which can be separated to make 2 beds, a lovely desk drawer with real opening drawers and cupboards.

        The beds come with a pillow, blanket and mattress for each bed. The beds separate or put together by stacking them on top of each other and slotting the holes together. There is a little ladder for your Sylvanian animals to climb up and down when the bunk bed is together.

        The desk drawer has a large shelf at the top, a little cubby shelf underneath to the left and on the right, another little shelf and a drawer. Underneath that is 3 little drawers in a row which then leaves two pull down cupboards at the bottom which fit most of the items inside when storing away. On the right side of the desk is a little coat hook (which cannot be seen in the picture).

        The set comes with lots of items for children's school work. There is 3 work books made from card, 2 reading books made from plastic, a wall calender, 2 postcards, a book end and a pencil pot containing two pencils and a ruler. My set also came with a little satchel backpack but I'm unsure whether the new ones does or not.

        My set came with just one little teddy bear which is pictured sitting on the bed. I also was bought the duck family which had a mummy and daddy duck and three little baby ducks and they lived in this bedroom.

        My opinions:
        I never did get a house for my Sylvanian families sets. I ended up growing up and not playing with these anymore before another Christmas or birthday came for me to ask for a house.

        Hollie really enjoys playing with this now. I remember I used to love playing with it too. It brings out no much imagination and Hollie will sit on the floor playing for hours with these sylvanian families sets.
        I have bought her a cottage for Christmas to play with so I know she will enjoy putting this set inside it and turning a room into a little childrens bedroom.

        The set can now be bought for £10.44 on amazon and at the time I had it, it was around £15 in toys r us.
        £10.44 for this set is a real bargain. All Sylvanian furniture and sets are such good quality toys and are very sturdy for heavy handed children. If your children like playing with sets like this, this is definitely one to get.

        It doesn't come with any families, just the furniture and the little items that come with it.

        I give this set 5/5 for being such a brilliant toy and 15 years on, it's now being played with by Hollie and still in perfect condition.

        Thanks for reading my review.



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          09.01.2012 20:12
          Very helpful



          two beds and a cupboard for a tenner... only in Sylvanian world eh....

          A while back my eldest daughter fell in love with the Sylvanian range and has been collecting them ever since, from the smallest of pieces of furniture to the grandest of mansions to live in, including the vast amount of furniture that goes into those many many houses.
          And it is one particular piece of furniture that I am going to tell you about today due to the fact that, A, my daughter has bought a few of this particular types of furniture and B, it is one of those things that will fit into many of the Sylvanian Families houses without looking too out of place.
          This particular piece of furniture is in fact the Sylvanian Families Children's Bedroom set, which is, as the name suggests, a set of furniture designed to be used in a child's bedroom.

          Firstly though, before I begin telling you about this bedroom set, I will explain who and what the Sylvanian Families range is... especially for those people who have never heard of them
          Sylvanian Families are basically small animal figures, usual consisting of a dad, a mum and a child or two, who live in a lovely little village. In this village there are many many different things for the families, such houses to live in, furniture they sit on, gardens to play in and even vehicles to drive.

          As I said, my daughter has a bit of a thing for collecting such Sylvanian items, owning quite a few of them now, some big and some small, including this bedroom set, and when I say bedroom set I really do mean bedroom set.
          This set not only consists of 2 beds, which can be used as 2 separate single beds or as bunk bed, you also get everything to make the beds, such as 2 mattresses, 2 pillows, 2 sheets and two blankets so that the beds can be made and slept in, if you're a Sylvanian character of course. And to make it easy to get to the top bunk there's a lovely little ladder which is easily attached or detached.
          Also in the set you get a cupboard which has several shelves and opening draws and a small collection of items to go into the cupboard, such as tiny little books, a calendar, a couple of pictures, two tiny tiny little wee stuffed teddy bears and quite a few little bits of stationary such as pens and pencils.

          The beds are constructed very well indeed, looking quite realistic with the plastic resembling solid wood all carved and sanded, with protective guard rails on the sides of them for when they're in bunk bed form. And to give the beds more realism the designers have really pulled out all the stops with the little mattresses, sheet and pillows, almost making you want to dive into the beds once you've made them.
          The cupboard is constructed as professionally as the beds are, with it looking almost as elegant as a real cupboard. The little draws all actually slide out and can hold very very small items, and the shelves can hold just the same.
          As for the other items that come with this bedroom set, such as the calendar and the magazines, these just add to the set giving it more 'realism' in a Sylvanian way so that when this is all set up in the bedroom of a Sylvanian house it looks pretty homely indeed.
          And to add that extra bit of 'cutie' factor the two small teddy bears make this bedroom set a lovely thing to see when it's set up in a room.

          So, if you're either a collector or a player, it is well worth getting this bedroom furniture as it is well made and looks good in many of the Sylvanian families buildings. Although due to it's size, especially as a bunk bed, it may struggle, height wise, fitting into some rooms.
          As for the height, well the cupboard is about 150mm high with the bunk beds being about the same, and the beds are about 150mm long as well.

          What about the price for this Sylvanian item of furniture? Well, considering that it is indeed Sylvanian, which as any collector knows isn't the cheapest of hobbies to be involved in, this sells at a rather low price indeed, ranging around the £10.00 mark, which isn't too bad at all.


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