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Sylvanian Families Dress Shop

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Manufacturer: Sylvanian / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2012 17:26
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      If it's a dress you want then it's a dress you'll get.... sort of

      My daughter has a rather large, and still growing, collection from something called the Sylvanian Families range.
      Firstly, for those people who have never heard of the Sylvanian Families range then I will tell you that the Sylvanian families first hit the stores in the mid 1980's, becoming more and more popular as time went on, although there was a bit of a dip in the 90's, but not for long.
      Anyway, they are a very cute range of little animals, such as cats, dogs, penguins, hedgehogs, monkeys and other. The families usually consist of a mum, a dad, a couple of kids or more, and maybe grandparents as well.
      The little animals live in a range of houses, such as quaint cottages, farm houses and even mansions, with a rather grand hotel for those holidays away.
      Also in the Sylvanian range there are several vehicles which the animals travel around in, such as cars, buses, motorbikes and even a boat for those gentle day cruises down the river.

      So, as I said, my daughter has been collecting the Sylvanian range for a while now and has amassed a quite remarkable range, including several little characters, vehicles and buildings, and it is one of those buildings that I am going to tell you about here. The particular building is in fact a shop which sells some lovely little dresses, the actual shop being called the 'Sylvanian families dress shop'.

      What does it look like then..?

      As you look at the front of the little dress shop you'll see the lovely large display window to your left, which carries on around the side where there is a second display window to show more of the dresses that lay inside. Then there's a rather nice pink coloured frame door which seems to entice you into the shop itself.
      There's also a little advertising board on the right side wall but no window on that side, although around the corner there is a second door into the shop and a smaller window.
      The detail on the front is pretty good indeed, making it look as much like a quaint little shop as possible with the imitation pillars on the corners which seem to be holding the roof up.

      When you turn the shop around the first thing you'll notice is that there's no back wall and no ceiling, but for those people that have seen some Sylvanian buildings you'll know that a there's a few that are designed this way.
      The shops interior is pretty basic, with a wooden styled floor, a shelf with hook underneath it set inside a little alcove. But to be honest, once the little table and the clothes are put into it there's not a lot of room left for the actual customers to move about with out bumping into each other. The actual size of it being about 200mm high by 270mm wide and around 165mm deep.

      Do you get anything else apart from the shop..?
      Yes you do, in fact you get few things, which all add to make it more like a dress shop. You get such things as a large mirror, which is attached to the wall behind a curtain, this is in fact the changing area.
      There's also a bit of furniture such as a table, plus there's also a dummy to put clothes onto to show them off.
      You also get several accessories such as hats, handbags, shoes and clothes, magazines, papers, bottles of perfume and a few other dress shop items.
      Many of the accessories are quite small, such as the bottle and shoes, but they all go to give the shop that little bit of character, especially the little bags and outfits.

      In all, this is quite a nice little addition indeed, even if, as I mentioned earlier, there is not a lot of room in the shop itself, especially when the table is in there, so there's hardly any room for the larger characters to move around, but the detail and thought put into the shop make this another lovely little addition for any Sylvanian fan.
      It is put together as sturdy as any other Sylvanian building even though it is only made of plastic, so it should last for quite some time.
      For me though due to the fact that it has little room inside the shop itself I don't think this is really for those that just want to play 'shops' with it, so to speak.

      So what about the price..?
      Well, for this basic shop, with the many accessories you will have to pay between £20 and £30, which, is not too bad considering the lovely little things that you get with it, although you don't get any figures so you will have to supply your own.


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