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Sylvanian Families Meerkat Family

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      05.05.2012 18:30
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      cute little animals that you don't have to feed.... what more do you want?

      If you own a television, read newspapers or magazine, or even if you wander down the streets passed the many advertisements that are plastered everywhere, then you'll have seen those little creatures, nay animals that are advertising a certain car insurance. The animals in question are those little things called Meerkats which most people either find 'annoying' or 'cure', but either way there is a certain company that are relying on the latter to help sell a certain little family that they have brought onto the market.
      Yes. That's right, the Meerkat family are living in the Sylvanian world and seem to be living happy with the many other families that walk the Sylvanian land.

      Unfortunately for me I have had to spend a lot of money buying these families, and many other items in the Sylvanian world, including properties, car and more, due to the fact that my daughter has been an avid collector of Sylvanian collectable for many years now, and one of the families she has in her vast collection is indeed the Meerkat family.

      The meerkat family, or better known as the Spotter's, (apparently) with the mother Beatrix, who dons a rather fetching 1950's pink with white spotted dress and little apron, and there's Harry, the father, who wears a khaki coloured uniform for his daily work. Then we have the two children, Gail, who is dressed similar to her mother, and Alfie, who has more a casual look, for the 1950's anyway, which I can only call dungarees and a shirt to match.
      The clothes can be removed and are held in place by good old fashioned hook and eye, (Velcro), to keep the clothes in place

      The figures themselves are made of a plastic but have a more soft feel to them, as they are covered in what feels like fluffy felt or even fur, (but it's not really fur so don't be shouting about animals rights, although as they are animals then they are surely entitled to be wearing fur), and the arms and legs are moveable slightly. They are quite strong and quite well built, even though they do feel a little on the fragile side, so they can take quite a bit of 'hassle' without falling apart at the seems, so the little ears and tails will take a lot to fall off.

      They aren't massive, with the smaller one being about 40mm in height whilst the parents are about 60mm in height, so they all fit into most of the Sylvanian properties and vehicles. They don't even fall over either, as long as the legs are straight, so you can leave them standing on their own, although if you knock them they will fall over as they only have small feet
      Plus, as they're Meerkats, they are pretty 'cute' too with there 'ginger coloured head, fluffy tails, button nose and large black eyes.

      There are additions to this family in the form of the triplets and grand parents, but they do have to bought separately, which is a bit of a nuisance really as you'd think the whole family would come together.

      So what about the price for this four figure family that live in the Sylvanian world?
      They sell in the region of £10.00 to £15.00, which is not a bad price for what you get and the quality of the build.

      In all, a rather fine addition to the Sylvanian collection, or even a fine start to get your new collection going.
      And for me, although I don't regularly play with the meerkat family, (honest, I don't spend hours on end pretending that they are cooking, cleaning and generally having fun in the make believe world of Sylvanian), I can honestly say that I have a lot of, shall we say experience, in what they are made of and how long they will stand the test of time.
      And in my experience, and outright belief, that these little figures are well made and will no doubt last a long time if used in the manner they are designed to be used.
      They'll last even longer if you just buy them to add to a collection that you just want to exhibit for all to see.
      Well worth the money indeed.

      © Blissman70 2012


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        16.12.2011 12:38



        Lovely toy for meerkat or Sylvanian Families lovers

        With the huge popularity of meerkats at the moment because of sources such as Compare the Meerkat.com and so on, it is hardly surprising that the world of Sylvania have produced their very own meerkat family.

        A gorgeous four piece set including mummy meerkat, daddy meerkat, sister meerkat and brother meerkat, this family is perfect for any little girl who loves the magical world of Sylvania. The meerkat triplets come separately.

        OK, now for the price. I paid £12.99 fore my daughter's meerkat family from the Early Learning Centre. This is quite expensive, but, in true Sylvanian Family style, the quality of the figures is second to none. They have a slight furry feel to them, pose-able head, arms and legs, and their clothes are easy to get on and off and fasten using velcro. They even have ready made holes for their tails! They are easy to stand up as the bottoms of their feet are very even and flat

        The figures are solid, and robust feeling. The small features such as the tail, ears and eyes are stuck tight and you can sense that they will not come off. The clothes are really sweet, and are also tough. My daughter can be heavy handed, and has not yet managed to destroy the meerkats or their clothes.

        I would fully recommend this toy for any little girl (or boy) who loves meerkats and/or Sylvanian families!


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      Age: 3 to 5 years / Suitable for 4 years +.

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