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Sylvanian Families New arrival set

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Age: 3 to 5 years / Suitable for 4 years + / Model: 4333 New arrival set / Set includes mother Audrey Butterglove and baby Donna / a baby bath and lots of accessories including soap / shampoo / rubber duck and towel /

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2013 21:50
      Very helpful



      A nice addition to our Sylvanian Families collection.

      My daughter's latest 'thing' is Sylvanian Families. Sylvanian Families are toys which have been going for years, I have fond memories of playing with them as a child in the late 1980's/early 1990's. The toys come in the form of little animal characters (that wear clothes) which are made from flocked plastic. The characters began as woodland creatures (foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs etc) but now include other animals such as cats, elephants, meerkats and penguins. Sylvanian houses, cars and furniture are also available. There is SO much Sylvanian Families merchandise to collect.

      One of the latest sets to my daughters Sylvanian Families collection is 'The New Arrival'. The set comes in a nicely decorated cardboard box with a transparent plastic front, so you can see exactly what you're getting. There are a now a few different 'New Arrival' sets from different animal families - the title of this particular set doesn't specify what family it's from (it's simply called ' The New Arrival') but I can tell you that it's the Chantilly Cat Family's new arrival!

      The set consists of 8 pieces which include 2 characters (an adult and baby), a crib, baby spoon, baby bottle, baby plate, milk jar and powder pot.

      The 2 characters are very cute. They are both sandy coloured cats. The adult cat is the mother and her name is Myriam Chantilly. She looks like a real traditional mother and wears a lovely pink floral dress. The baby is a boy called Jacques. He looks just like his mother but a smaller version! He wears a blue romper suit with blue spotty cape on top (it secures with ribbon). They have tiny black eyes and little pink noses and ears. The baby has a small hole as a mouth, this allows my daughter to wedge the baby bottle inside to 'feed' him (she also uses Sylvanian dummies from other sets). The mother has cupped hands (the spoon can be wedged inside) and she has a big fuzzy tail. She stands independently and has movable joints, which allows my daughter to put her in different positions. Neither of them wear shoes, which is a relief as my daughter always loses shoes! Both of their outfits can be removed too which is a nice feature to have as my daughter enjoys undressing and dressing her Sylvanian Families characters (as well as swapping their clothes!).

      The spoon and powder pot are made from plastic and are really tiny. The milk jar is slightly bigger (but still very small) and has a removable lid. The baby plate is made from yellow plastic and is in the shape of a teddy bear head (good to use the spoon with). My 6 year old absolutely loves fiddly little toys and really enjoys playing with all the little accessories (although they are prone to getting lost!). The crib is very nice. It fits the baby inside with plenty of space. The frame is made from white plastic and is covered in a blue fabric with white polka dots. It has a padded mattress inside and a matching blanket - so detailed. There is also a hood over the crib, which can be put up or down. The crib sits on a white stand which has a rounded bottom to make the crib rock backwards and forwards! The stand can also be removed. Both the characters and all of the accessories seem like great quality and very robust. We've had this set for over 7 months and it's still in perfect condition. Unlike a couple of my daughters other Sylvanian Families sets, there are no stickers in this set. I hate stickers as they are fiddly to stick on and they usually end up peeling off! 'The New Arrival' is not suitable for children under 4 years due to all the small parts.

      We bought The New Arrival Set from Tesco for about £14.00 which is quite expensive, however Sylvanian Family merchandise is generally quite expensive but is usually good quality and will last for years (so you will get your monies worth). Sylvanian Families can be found in most toy shops, supermarkets etc. Overall this is a nice little set that my daughter enjoys playing with. It's very sweet and detailed, as well as robust. It's a nice addition to my daughters Sylvanian Families collection and is a set which she can often be found playing with. It can really encourage imaginative play and role play. Who needs noise, flashing lights and batteries anyway? The set would also make a lovely gift for children who are expecting a little brother or sister of their own!


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