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Sylvanian Families Pleasure Boat Playset

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2012 13:26
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      How the other half live...

      My daughter has a bit of a thing about something called Sylvanian families, and no it's not the name of the rulers of some far off land who own a fashion house in Zimbabwe. Sylvanian families are a collection of small, some people say cute, animal figures that live in a lovely little world full of imagination.
      The animal figures are quite small and come in the form of cats, dogs, penguins and others, who are mainly in family consisting of a mum, a dad, a couple of kids and some grand parents.
      These families have to live somewhere and they certainly do it in some style, having access to several lovely houses, cottages, mansions and even hotels for those breaks away. They also have to get around and they do so using such things as cars, motorbike and boats for those trips down the rivers and canals.
      And it is one of those boats that I am here to tell you about, a boat which my daughter has added to her ever growing collection thanks to the generosity of her many relatives.
      This particular boat is in fact the Sylvanian Families Pleasure Boat which is there for all the Sylvanian families to enjoy on a day trip on the river.

      The boat itself looked quite nice when I first saw it, with plenty of room on board for all those Sylvanian characters to have fun on. It is mainly white but has quite a lot of brown decking on the, well deck, and wooden slat panelling on the inside rooms.
      There's room on the bow for a couple, then there's even more room on the stern for more relaxing, taking in a bit of fishing with the rods which are attached to the sides.
      There's good sized gangways along both the portside and starboard so that the families can walk around the boat in safety.
      Then there's even more room on the top, in front of the pilots little cabin, which comes with its own little wheel.
      There are lifebelts attached to the sides in case anyone falls over board and the boats hull is surrounded my several portholes to see out of.

      But the best bit about this boat is when you actually open it up, showing exactly what it has to offer.
      The starboard side flops down, taking the starboard gangway and cabin side with it, then, with the roof folding over towards the other side, you then reveal the interior of the boat, which offers a couple of rooms, which are a galley and a bedroom/living area.
      Inside the bedroom/living area the bed unfolds to make a double bed
      The galley is small, so is the boat really, but the galley has everything in it that a family needs, such as a cooker, sink, worktops and plenty of storage area for all the pots and pans.
      The galley has had a lot of thought put into it, making it look like a smart little kitchen and preparation area, with enough room for the cook to move around without banging into things.

      In all this is a rather well thought out little boat which and the designers should be proud of their efforts with this one.
      It's a good size, being about 200mm in height by 200mm wide and a good 600mm long. There's just so much detail put into this boat that, for me, although not my daughter, this is by far one of the best little Sylvanian collectables I have seen.

      When the boat is closed up it looks like a lovely little boat indeed, one of those boats that you'd be happy to be on when floating down a river or bobbing about in a Lake, enjoying the scenery as the waters gently washes against the hull.
      But I particularly like the way that the boat actually open up, the side wall dropping and the roof flopping over, this gives you that essential room that any Sylvanian item needs. When the roof is 'flopped' over it can be used as a bit of an extension so that figures can use it to sit on, basically sitting on the underside of the roof, but every spare centimetre really does count in Sylvanian land.

      Sadly though you don't get any figures with the boat but the good news is that it does come with a few little bits and bobs, such as kitchen utensils, including a kettle, cups, plates, pans and more, plus a mop and bucket, some stickers to put on the walls and even a couple of fishing rods for when you want to relax and catch something to eat. Plus, which is probably the most important thing you require on a boat, there are a couple of life jackets so that any one who falls over board will stay afloat long enough to be rescued.

      As for the price of this Sylvanian Pleasure boat, well it is on the market for around £30 to £40, which may sound a bit on the high side but it is one of the better designed Sylvanian crafts and is well worth adding to your collection, or as a lovely little gift for a birthday or Christmas.

      As there are several smaller bits then this has an age recommendation of 3 years and above, but the boat itself, without any of the little pieces that come off it, can be pushed around by younger ones under strict supervision. They will enjoy what it has to offer.


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