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Sylvanian Families Rainbow Nursery

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll House

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2012 21:47
      Very helpful



      It won't cost an arm and a leg to get into this lovely nursery

      My daughter has so many Sylvanian items in her bedroom, and in fact scattered all around the house to be honest, many of the items she has received via gifts for her Birthday and Christmas, some she's even bought herself after saving up for a while, but she has done well in her now rather large collection of Sylvanian families characters, vehicle and buildings.

      But for those that have never heard of Sylvanian families I will tell you that the Sylvanian families is a range of small animal figures, such as dogs, cats, penguins and such with the family consisting of kids, a mum and dad and maybe some grand parents as well.
      The Sylvanian families live in a lovely, if imaginary, little village in some rather lovely buildings, such as a quaint country cottage, a working farm building or even a massive mansion. Travelling around the village in vehicles such as buses, cars, motorbikes and even boats along the river.
      In the village there has to be a school for the younger members of the families, with a nursery for those even younger ones, and it is the nursery school that I am going to tell you about today. The full name of this actually being the Sylvanian Families Rainbow Nursery.

      What does this nursery look like then..?

      On first sight it looks like a funky painted little cottage with a room in the loft, which, on closer inspection, it is indeed a funky painted cottage with a room in the loft.
      Looking at it from the front, there's just a door and a window, with a few tree like objects embedded into the plastic of the building itself.
      Right over the top of the whole building, still looking at it from the front remember, there is a lovely coloured rainbow, (hence the name), coming out of a couple of white fluffy clouds which seem to be embedded in a blue sky, this blue sky is in fact the roof of the nursery.
      The windows on the upper floor are shaped like a cloud, fitting in with the clouds in the sky on the outside design, and with the little veranda type panel also being shaped like a fluffy white cloud everything seems to fit into the 'cottage under the blue sky' scenery very well indeed

      Turn the little nursery around and you'll be presented with the inside, which as you might expect, isn't as colourful as the outside.
      The interior consists of two floors connected by a single ladder, yes ladder not stairs, with a second ladder being on the second floor which leads up to a little walkway so that the children can look over the rainbow at the views ahead. In fact, with the ladders, this is more an assault course nursery than a normal one, health and safety would force this nursery to shut down until proper stairs were put in place.
      There's also a door way on the upper floor, at the top of the ladders, which seem to lead out to no where, but they actually lead to a slide which gives you a quick way down to the ground. Although again, major health and safety issues here regarding the fact that there's no safety barrier across the doorway.

      The entire building is a nice neat size, being approximately 220mm deep, 270mm wide and 280mm in height, and inside there are two rooms, well three if you class the upper floor as two due to the fact that it has got a step up/down in the, but as it has no wall I'm going to say that the upper floor is in fact one room, with two uses.
      The rooms themselves are about the same size, although as I said the upper floor has that step which splits it in the middle, but both/all the rooms are pretty cramped indeed, in fact when there's a teacher, or a larger 'adult' figure then there's very little room for the actual children to play. Don't get me wrong, there's still some room, but not a lot.

      What extras do you get with this..?
      You do get a few things with this nursery, such as a lovely little table with a few chairs, which are a nice size, being just the right size for the smaller 'children' figures but a larger figure would certainly squash them if they were real.
      There's a few 'building' blocks which are for the children to build up, giving them something to do whilst at the nursery and a nice little cupboard for storing things in.
      You also get a piano and stool for the teacher to entertain the children, or simply for the children to learn how to play.
      Plus there is also a little stand with hooks for hanging coats up and a shoe rack to put all the dirty shoes.
      There are other little bits, such as stickers, scenery panel and holder and some little books, which all go to make this nursery as quaint as it is.
      Sadly though, as with many Sylvanian families buildings, you don't get any figures with this one, which is a bit on the mean side really.

      And what about the price of sending your child to this school..?
      Well, it's not going to be cheap, as this sells for anything between £20 to £30 these days, which, for me, is about right for this particular building as, due to the fact that it becomes pretty cramped when the figures are placed inside it, it is more for show than for playing with.


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