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Sylvanian Families Small Bathroom Set

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Brand: Sylvanian Families / Type: Bathroom dolls house furniture set

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 11:17
      Very helpful



      A small bathroom set for Sylvanian Families.

      My daughters birthday is in January, which makes buying presents for her a little difficult, usually she has already received all the main gifts for Christmas and I am then found scouring the January sales with very little money for birthday presents for her. Then half way thought the year she has grown too old for these toys and doesn't have much to play with. When she turned two I decided to just buy her a few presents for her Birthday and buy her a "big" present during the summer and this seems to be working out much better. Some relatives have also jumped on-board and we now receive Amazon vouchers instead of gifts to put towards getting her a summer birthday toy.

      This year I decided to buy my daughter the Sylvanian Families dolls house "Larchwood Lodge". The house did not come with any accessories so we had to buy the furniture seperatly. For the bathroom we bought the " Luxury Loo" which I reviewed yesterday and the " Small Bathroom Set" which I am reviewing today.

      I purchased the small bathroom set from Amazon, it was priced at £10.99, the item was delivered free along with the various other Sylvanian Families items I purchased. The item came packaged in a small cardboard box which displayed a picture of the product on the front. General information and warnings are given on the back. An age recommendation of 4+ is given, there are plenty of small parts in this set which could cause a choking hazard so it is important to keep this away from young children and it is advisable to supervise play for some children.

      The small bathroom set itself consists of a bath tub and sink basin along with 15 pieces including bathroom scales, a bath duck, soap, shampoo bottle, sponge, toothpaste, x 2 toothbrushes, toothbrush holder, bath mat, hand wash, bath caddy & towels. There is no toilet included in this set but one can be purchased separately for £5.00 ( Amazon).

      Flair claim that this set can be "fit into small spaces" and I have to agree with this, it fits perfectly in the corner of my daughters Sylvanian Families house and doesn't take up much room at all. Amazon gives the following dimensions: 18 x 15 x 6.8 (cm), along with a weight of 141g. It really is a super tiny lightweight set, but this is to be expected considering it is for use with the sylvanian families figures.

      All the items are made from strong plastic, which we have found to be very strong and durable, my daughter has dropped it countless times but it has not cracked or split. My daughter has misplaced a few of the small accessories, but more often than not they turn up inside my hoover!

      The bath tub is beige at the bottom which I think is made to look like wood panels, whilst the top and inside is white. There are two taps at the top and a pretend plughole inside. The bath caddy rests on the sides of the bath and can accommodate 2-3 of the accessories, my daughter tends to keep the "rubber" duck, bar of soap and shampoo bottle on hers. The caddy can be easily knocked during play which results in all these smaller pieces flying off, my daughter can find this rather frustrating and annoying at times.

      The sink is white in colour with a beige frame, again there are two silver taps at the top and a plug hole inside the basin. There is a small shelf area underneath where my daughter stores the scales, there is also a towel holder at the side. Attached to the top of the sink is a "mirror" which can be moved around a little.

      All of the accessories are very well made and have exceptional detail, most of them would be immediately recognisable to children. My daughter had no idea what the scales were as we don't own any in our house, I think she is still a little unsure as to what it is even though I have tried to explain it to her. She was also a little confused by the bar of soap as we use liquid soaps. We have found that because the accessories are super tiny they are easily lost or misplaced.

      This really is a cute little set and my daughter plays with it often. She enjoys giving her Sylvanian figures a lovely bubble bath and brushing their teeth before bed, it is fantastic for imaginary play and along with the other furniture we have purchased it keeps her busy. Amazons RRP for the small bathroom set is £21.23, but they are currently selling it for the more reasonable price of £10.99 (free super saver delivery is available). It can also be purchased for around £11 - £12 from other retailers such as John Lewis, Tesco, Toys R Us etc, so its well worth shopping around to find the best deal.


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        17.08.2012 01:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This set looks good in Cedar Terrace

        WHAT IS IT?

        A bathroom set for use in one of the Sylvanian Families properties.  It is a fifteen piece set but the two main pieces are a bath tub and a hand basin, the rest of the pieces are much smaller accessories such as a rubber duck, bar of soap and towels.


        The Small Bathroom Set costs £12.99 and comprises of the bath and sink plus 2 towels, a set of bathroom scales, a bath mat, a sponge, a bar of soap, a box of tissues, bath storage tray, a rubber duck, 2 toothbrushes, a toothbrush pot and a hand wash bottle.  The majority of these items are tiny and easily lost so I would only recommend the set for an older child and even then only if they have a Sylvanian building to put the set in.

        WHAT I THINK

        I think this is a beautiful set and Sylvanian Families have made everything very detailed.  My daughter used hers to make a bathroom inside the Cedar Terrace house that she was given for her birthday last year.  It fits in this house but the bath and sink unit are too big to look right in the smaller dwellings.

        I like the design of the sink because it has a shelf under it and a mirror that is the correct height for adult Sylvanian figures to stand in front of it.  They are made of plastic but the bath and sink both look like they are enamel with wooden detail, the toothbrush pot and tissue box fit on the edge of the sink and the bath tray is long enough to put across the bath without it falling off. The towels are very thin and slippy so don't hang off the towel rail very well. I like that the bath is big enough for the Sylvanian Family figures to go in even though my daughter seems to put them in fully clothed.

        I dislike Sylvanian sets that have lots of tiny pieces because they get lost and also pose a choking hazard.  I've had to talk to my daughter about the importance of making sure the tiny pieces are put away out of reach of her baby sister who will start to crawl in a few months.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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          10.05.2012 22:45
          Very helpful



          Even animals need to wash somewhere, so why not here

          Many years ago my daughter was given a few small things as a present, with these small things being a small building, a few even smaller little animal figures and several even smaller bits and pieces.
          Since then she has been an avid collector of these small things and has amassed what I can only describe as a massive array of these 'little thing', asking for different ones as presents and saving her money to buy other items to add onto her ever growing collection.

          These little things she has been collecting for many years now are called the Sylvanian Families and have now literally taken over most of her bedroom, making a little village as they go, with more and more Sylvanaina characters, building and bits & pieces being added at least twice a year, at least.

          Firstly, allow me to give you a bit of a briefing about this Sylvanian Families and what they are about.
          The Sylvanian Families are a mass collection of little animal figures, such as cats, meerkats, penguins, dogs, rabbits and others, with most families consisting of a mother, a father, a couple of kids and maybe grand parents as well.
          These families travel around the imaginary world of Sylvanian in such vehicles as cars, buses, motorbikes and even boats, so they have a lot to do and an lovely way to get there to do it.
          They live in some lovely little buildings ranging from quaint little cottages to massive mansions, staying at a grand hotel when they are feeling a little flush.
          And inside these many houses there has to be furniture to match, from lovely little antique tables in the older buildings to the most up to date television centres in the modern properties.
          But one thing that most, if not all properties need is a bathroom so that the Sylvanian families can stay clean and fresh all day long. And it is a certain 'small' bathroom set that I am going to tell you about here.

          So what do you get in this 'small' bathroom set then..?
          You get a roll top wooden effect bath, which has little taps on the end and a tray that goes over the bath to put little bits in, such as soap and maybe a sponge, which you do actually get in this set.
          Then there's a mirror which is sat above the sink, which in turn is on top of what I can only say is a small table.
          You also get such things as a set of scales, a mirror, a bathmat and some towels, plus the smaller items which you'd find in any good bathroom, such as a tube of toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, a sponge and, for added 'cuteness' you get a little rubber duck.

          Sadly though, for reasons that I can't work out, there is no toilet in this set which is a bit of a let down as you have to buy this separately, so you literally have to spend a pound or two to spend a penny.

          My opinion...
          When my daughter first took this out of the box it came in, with a lot of help from me and a large pair of scissors too, she put all the pieces out for show, and to be honest I wasn't that impressed with the amount of items that fell from the plastic packaging.
          But, on closer inspection I realised that it wasn't actually the amount of items on offer it was the quality of the good on offer, which once again I realised was up to the usual Sylvanian Families standards. You'd expect nothing less from the Sylvanian construction quality control brigade with every little piece probably having to pass through so many processes before being put into the packages and sold on to the public. The detail is top notch, so to speak, with the little taps looking like they could actually spill out water if you turned them, but they don't so I wouldn't try turning them. In fact everything is well detailed indeed, from the little mirror to the scales,
          even the little rubber duck is well made, giving the whole bathroom set that familiy friendly feeling.

          The main pieces aren't that small really, so don't misjudge the name in the title, 'small bathroom set', as when you put all these in a room they can take up some floor space.
          In other words, don't expect this to fit into the smaller rooms of those smaller Sylvanian properties, such as the cottages or even the caravan.
          But then again, when I've seen this set out in the larger properties, such as the manner or the hall, these can look a little lost without a few extra bits added in the room too.

          As with many Sylvanian families items you don't get any figures with this set but you can use any of the little animals in the bath, although some of them will stick out of the bathtub a little.

          What about the price of this bathroom set..?
          This entire set sells for around the £12.00 mark, which, for what you get, is not bad value for money indeed and will make a fine addition to any Sylvanian families collection.

          In all, it's not too bad, considering that it doesn't cost the earth to buy, but for me the powers that be in the land of Sylvanian Families should have thought about adding the toilet in with the set as most bathrooms consist of a toilet don't they.

          The reason for the four out of five stars is that this bathroom set should have had a toilet with it instead of making you buy it separately.
          A bit of a let down from the Sylvanian makers.

          © Blissman70 2012


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          Age: 3 to 5 years / Suitable for 4 years +.

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