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Sylvanian Families Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sylvanian Families / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2010 18:49
      Very helpful



      One Of My Favourite Sylvanian Families

      I've been collecting Sylvanian Families for years now since I was a little girl, I don't get all that many brought for me now I'm older but if I see them cheap at a car boot or something I'll treat myself and my collection is getting bigger all the time.

      This Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family has never been my favourite family but now my sister is old enough to play with my collection they have been given a new lease of life and she LOVES these cute rabbits so much that I'm thinking of giving her this set for her bedroom.

      If you buy them as a set you get 7 little brown rabbits that make up the family, when I got my set there was only 5 but I managed to get hold of the 2 newer characters on Ebay. You can buy all these Wildwood characters seperately but it works out cheaper to buy the whole family all together.

      The characters in this set are Herb Wildwood (the dad), Ginger Wildwood (the mum), Ray and Tina Wildwood (big brother and sister), Rusty and Holly Wildwood (little brother and sister) and Juniper Wildwood (the baby). They all come with their cute little outfits on and you can take their clothes on and off however many times you want to without them ripping or stretching or anything like that.

      The Wildwood rabbits are mega sweet and all are very well made, like all of the Sylvanian Family characters I've got. They are exactly the same size as the grey and white rabbit families I've got so you can swap and change the clothes around. I'm a bit old for doing that but my sister is 3 and she's ALWAYS changing the clothes!

      Some of my Sylvanian collection I don't let my sister play with but that's only the white and very pale coloured ones, the Wildwood family are fine though because they have got a rich chocolate colour and aren't going to get dirty. Even if they do you can give them a quick rub with a baby wipe and that will get rid of any dirt, my set is years old but still looks brand new because I've looked after them and I always make sure my sister is very careful when she's playing with any of the families.

      The only one problem I've had with the Wildwood family is that the dads tail fell off one day, I know it deffo wasn't pulled off because at that time there was only me handling them so that's not very good quality. I used superglue to fix it back on but it worried me a bit because if it hadn't fell off where I could see it on the shelf I think the tail would have been lost because of it being so small.

      Like I said I display mine on a couple of shelves in my bedroom and get them down when my sister wants to play with them. She uses them for role playing games and as she is getting older she makes the rabbits talk to each other and plays more and more complex games. She used to play hide and seek with them as well but doing this she lost a character out of one of my other families so I stopped her hiding them because it's a big shame to spoil the set by losing any of them.



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        27.04.2010 15:44
        Very helpful



        For kids of all ages

        You might ask what a twenty seven year old who has no children is doing writing a review on a toy? Well the simple answer is my partner bought me them for my birthday.

        For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of the Sylvanian Families dolls, and my Mum probably bought me my first ones not long after they were introduced to the UK. I had quite a few figures and pieces of furniture, but over the years they disappeared probably sold at a car boot sale doubt along with the My Little Pony collection I had.

        So apart from one lone rabbit figure I had no Sylvanian Families to my name and lusted after them whenever I saw them in a toy shop where my other half was probably looking at Transformers. Children of the 80s? Us? Never!! Lol

        Roll forward to my birthday earlier this month, amongst the pile of presents from my partner were two boxes which he ordered me to leave until last. He also told me which one to open first, the smaller of the two which happened to be the Brown Rabbit Family. The bigger was a house for them to live in -something I never had when I was a child.
        The Brown Rabbit Family are known in the Sylvanian Village as the Wildwoods, and the set of figures I got is actually a collector's edition which was released in 2009.

        The set consists of seven figures, three more than the normal sets usually contain. Included in the set are father Herb Wildwood, mother Ginger, big brother Ray, big sister Tina, younger brother Rusty, younger sister Hollie and baby sister Juniper. One of my own pet rabbits is called Holly so I thought this was why my OH had bought them for me, but he hadn't even noticed lol!!

        On the back of the box there is a little biog on each of the animals which I think is a nice little touch, especially if you were buying this as a toy for a child as it would help with their imagination when playing with them.

        Each little figure is dressed in rather sweet clothing, the boys in dungarees, the girls in dresses and baby Juniper in a little romper suit. The clothes seem really well made and the material is nice and thick.

        All of the rabbits are flocked to give them a furry appearance and feel; this is probably my least favourite thing about them and other Sylvanian Families as it is a velvety sort of feel which makes my skin crawl. This is something which I've obviously developed later on as it didn't bother me when I was younger. Although as they were made by Tomy in the 80s and are now made by Flair it could be that they have changed this. It's not really an issue for me as these are more for display than playing with.

        The rabbits all have poseable limbs so that you can set out different play scenes with them and their paws are shaped so that they are able to hold accessories should you wish.

        I think that this family is a great addition to anyone's collection or a great set to buy if you are just starting out as it offers great value for money.
        The set costs £21.99 from the Sylvanian Families online shop and this also includes postage costs, I have seen it cheaper elsewhere but I'm not sure if delivery is included with this.

        You can also purchase the grandparents Smokey and Flora separately for £9.99 (pictured in the box as photos on the wall) and baby brother Barkley for £4.49.

        With this being a collector's edition I'm not sure how long you will be able to by the seven figure set for, but there is also a four piece family available (no Tina or Ray) which I'm sure will be about for a while yet.

        I would recommend this to anyone who collects these families or any child who loves to play with them.

        Sylvanian Families are suitable for ages 4+ (or 27 year olds).


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